Hawaii Food Blogs:

  • Eatizen Jane
    “My palate was developed in Hawai‘i, Ghana, the Congo, Jordan, Indonesia, Switzerland, and New York”
  • The Free Range Gourmet
    Free Range Thoughts on the Finest Ingredients, Cuisine and Fine Dining in Hawaii
  • Goo Grindz
    A quest to find the most iconic foods in Hawaii from all our different cultures, along with the stories, history and personal stories that accompany these classic foods
  • Lunch Time Grindz
    Local girl exploring the downtown lunchtime options to help you find new spots!
  • mā’ona
    Hawai’ian: Satisfied after Eating: to Eat One’s Fill
  • Ono Kine Grindz
    Onolicious Eats from Hawaii and Around the World
  • Seasoning’s the Key…
    A simple diary coming to you from the ruff, rugged, raw, hippyish (and sometimes smelly) town of Pahoa (da Big Island baby!!)
  • Sonia Tastes Hawaii
    Food Blog from Hamakua on the Big Island. Sonia Shares Her Love of Island Cuisine, with a Spin of Her Southern and Cuban Roots.
  • SOS Hawaii
    Thoughts on eating “local” and providing security for our islands

Beyond Hawaii Food and/or Misc. Blogs:

Hawaii Food & Diner Guides and Reviews:

Hawaii Food & Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors

Hawaii Real Estate:

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13 thoughts on “Links

  1. Aloha,

    Just wanted to introduce myself that Im a local boy from Hawaii and now currently living in New York City for a while now. I’ve been a fan of yourwebsite and wanted to get incontact with you guys somehow. Is there a email you wanna pass on to me? Let me know.


  2. 1/4/10

    Aloha, Macademia nuts with Spam:

    Hope you and your family is great. We lived on the Hamakua Coast for seven years. May want to request to be the contact in So. Ca.

    Mahalo Nui Loa,

    10525 Somerset Blvd., # 30
    Bellflower, Ca. 90706
    562/ 920-4240 res.
    ” 229-2266 cel.

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  6. Hey –

    Does anyone have a good Teriyaki sauce? I’ve seen a few recipes out there and would love to bring a taste of Hawaii to my cold DC home!

  7. fabulous website and information!
    this is my top 5 links!
    i recommend you should link up with serious eats website too

    keep up the great work!

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