Hinode Rice Man

That’s me and what I’ll be dressed as in costume tonight for Halloween in Waikiki.

In case you haven’t noticed, on the bag of Hinode Rice — Hawaii’s favorite brand — there’s a mascot. They’ve changed his design recently where “Hinode Rice Man” looks a bit more caucasian now, and he no longer is holding a pair of chopsticks. But I like the former mascot design better, as it looks more “anime” like, and the chopsticks give him so much more character, therefore that’s what I modeled my costume design as.

It’s probably going to be a pain in the you-know-what carrying that faux bowl of rice (with Ume in the center) around (which is made of posterboard and packing popcorn foam), so if I get tired of carrying it, I’ll probably just give it away or toss it. The oversized (for “anime-like” exaggeration) chinaman style hat is also made of posterboard, cut into a huge circle, slit down the back and shaped into a cone, being stapled together in back. The “anime” style eyes are made of white posterboard glued onto a pair of sunglasses, where my visibility is actually as good as, well, wearing a pair of sunglasses.

I thought of doing this on a last-minute whim, yet I think the results came out pretty darned good! Especially considering how quick and cheap it was to make. And I haven’t seen anyone do “Hinode Rice Man” yet, except for one crude costume (what may have been provided by the Hinode Rice vendor) that made an appearance at a local supermarket with Lani Moo mascot. By I have to humbly say, I like my take on “Hinode Rice Man” better.

Anyways, if you plan on hitting Waikiki tonight for Halloween (even though it’s a Sunday night, it’s going to GO OFF as always), look out for Hinode Rice Man and say hello. That’s me! See ya’ there!


13 thoughts on “Hinode Rice Man

  1. Oh, Hinode Rice Man, there are no words…Love the costume, especially the eyes.
    People will not know what to make of you tonight!

  2. Very impressive! We would like to send you some Hinode Gifts. We appreciate your support and love the costume!!! Please confirm your favorite rice and your shipping address and we will send you a HINODE THANK YOU PACKAGE !! You definitely get the LAHAYE OK !!

  3. Pomai, that was you in that get up??!! Great costume indeed. A Hawaii local style one. My friends want me to go as Godiva Chocolate worker when I was working there part time toward college. I still get free chocolates from mgr. there from time to time.

  4. Amy, Diner C once dressed as Lucille Ball in her roll as the chocolate factory worker. You know, the one where her and a coworker are on the chocolate assembly line, and the production conveyor belt is too fast for them to keep up, so Lucille ends up stuffing the chocolates in her outfit and mouth. Funny stuff.

    LaHaye OK, glad to hear you folks from Hinode like it! I’ll eMail you shortly. I have (what I think is) a great marketing suggestion for you.

    eleki (and everyone else who may ask), you know what? I ended up becoming photographer and took off the costume pretty early in the night. Yet for the short time I wore it, the reactions were pretty much “that’s cool!” to “that’s cool, but what are you?” lol Seriously though, in retrospect, had I worn it throughout the night and entered, I think I could have been in contention to win that thousand dollar cash grand prize at the Hyatt Waikiki Regency and Spa where we hung out at. But the guy who won it definitely deserved it (a HUGE fly). It was just awesome. Glad to see someone who makes a thoughtful, creative and unique costume win the prize vs. something done on the usual them of sex. Which there certainly was no shortage of this year. I’ll put up the photos I took throughout the night later this week.

    Diner E, yeah, it was much more practical to put the Hinode Rice logo on the hat, than to wear the bag on me. Carrying the bowl of rice around was already a chore, and what ultimately tired me out of wearing the costume. Since I wore it for such a short time, next year I’ll probably wear it again, except for my prop, I’ll use a flat cardboard cutout of the rice bowl instead.

    Molly, see my reply to Eleki on that.

    Again, the photos I took of Halloween Waikiki 2010 coming soon!

  5. Pomai, Cool costume. Mine was so what strange due to my girlfriend and sisters ideal. I went as victim of my girlfriend who wore a costume that was bloody looking saying Boy Beater. I of course was victim of Boy Beater.

    My friends in San Francisco said that Cost Plus World Market selling Turkey Brine at 5.89 a bag 22 oz. for 14lb turkey. I thought your is better and hope maybe you sell it on Amazon.com.

  6. That funny for last year Erica was Boy Beater with a bloody custume and I was all beaten up and bloody looking but then again it was real or well I lost memory of it. Your brine recipe was great and like it again for Thankgiving and Erica is making Poach Salmon with Holidaise Sauce.

  7. Hey, Lucy’s coworker was Ethel, Ethel Mertz, one of the all time great TV side kicks.
    BTW great costume, and cool photoshopping on the pic.

  8. I was down at Halloballoo on Saturday night… it was nuts. I wandered around for a few hours, ate a coupla times, checked out bands and costumes, then went and played a 12:30 am hit with my band Wavetrain at The Venue with DJ Logic. My costume… an overworked freelance bass player…LOL. Got a few hours sleep, then flew back to Maui for a Halloween show in Pa’ia at Charleys, which was packed to the roof. Pa’ia was cool, but I gotta say…. you guys know how to throw down over there!

  9. Boy Beater! I heard it got started in California by a chick who was so mad at what her then boyfriend. He cheated on her and she went after him along with her chicks friends and gave it to him. Now it hit Hawaii also. I went as a old Manapua Man in blue and white checker shirt. I did not look Chinese maybe wrong costume.

    Many people did not knew of Manapua Man and don’t get. I like your costume very much

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