Kaka'ako Eats: Stage Restaurant

If shopping for an Armoire gets you in the mood for Foie Gras, or perhaps a double dresser and night stand bed suite has you craving fine sweets, then your best bet in our fine town of Honolulu would be Stage.

There’s probably no where else on the island that you’ll find such an abundance of  finely-crafted furniture and food, all under one roof. In fact, a selection of that fine furniture from sister store Honolulu Design Center, where Stage is situated within, is exactly what you’ll dine on and enjoy as a key part of its decor in this boutique restaurant-within-a-boutique retail, uber-chic hot spot.

Let’s have a walk through…

I must admit, this place certainly invokes the “metrosexual” side of me that I never knew existed before. lol

So since there’s so much eye candy in the form of luxurious, admittedly “ornate” furniture and overall over-the-top, under-the-bottom (literally) decor theme going on here, hows about the food? Let’s check it out, starting with Stage’s dinner menu…

My-oh-my, what a spread! All created with Executive Chef Ron de Guzman at the helm…

Let’s check out what we ordered, starting with the wine, which 7 times out of 10, we usually go with Cabernet Souvignon, with this one a 2007 from Buehler Vinyards…

Following that we have an assortment of hot, fresh-baked house dinner bread…

Stage’s Pumpkin Roll was splendid, indeed…

For Act One, we began with this absolutely melt-in-the-mouth presentation of  Hamachi Sashimi adorned with a Radish Salad, Japanese Cucumber, Togarashi, Yuzu-Mustard Vinaigrette and Soy reduction…

and Ahi Poke with Avocado, Marcona Almonds, Orange Tobiko, Chives, Yuzu-Olive Oil and Wasabi…

Time for a “palate cleanser”…

Now for Act Two, we have Herb-Crusted Seared Ahi with Shiitake Mushrooms, Sake-braised Spinach and Nori Butter Sauce…

and Spanish-inspired Clams with Garlic, Butter, Spinach, White Wine, Grape Tomatoes and Croutons…


So far, everything’s so over-the-top ONO!

Let’s cleanse our palate once again with Raspberry Sorbet…

Now it’s time to close the curtain and change the set ever-so-momentarily for Act Three, where here, next, we have Chef de Guzman’s Grilled  Colorado Lamb Chop with Marcona Almond Crust, Parsley Potato Puree, Honey Dijon and Red Wine Demi Glace…

As great lamb chops should always be cooked, to medium-rare PER-FEC-TION…

I  must also note that the Potato Puree “swipe” on the side was silky-smooth in texture and seasoned nicely, while the Red Wine Demi Glace complimenting the lamb had an intense savory edge. Just incredible.

Also featured in Act Three is the Pan-Seared Salmon with Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus, Fennel, Oven-Roasted Tomato and Whole-Grain Mustard Butter Sauce…

Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus and top-shelf fresh Salmon that’s pan-seared to perfection on the same plate? Plus a complex and earthy butter sauce to “glue” it all together? Are you kidding me! This was AH-MAZING! “O-M-G” again!

The Salmon entree was also accompanied with Stage’s ever-so-silky and wonderful mashed potatoes…

Then we have the Pan Roasted Muscovy Duck Breast with Charred Brussel Sprouts, Potato Puree and a Port Reduction…

While I’m not a fan of Duck, again, this was cooked to medium-rare inside, seared-0n-the-edge perfection, with all the right flavors in place.

Up next, Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Caramelized Onions, Mascarpone Herbed Mash Potatoes, Grilled Waialua Asparagus, Red Wine Reduction and Hollandaise Sauce…

“WOW!” and “Food of the Gods” is all I have to say. Especially when pairing this finely-prepared cut of beef with that most excellent bottle of Cabernet we selected.

Time for the finale, starting with Stage’ Trio dessert…

Vietnamese Style Coffee Flan, made with Monjari Chocolate Crunch, Coconut Sorbet, Chocolate Sauce and Candied Hazelnuts…

Wrapping it up, in honor of my wonderful girlfriend’s birthday, Stage’s ‘Asian Sundae’, made with Green Tea Frozen Custard, Coconut Tapioca, Whipped Cream, Kinako-Walnut Caramel and Mixed Yuzu-Berry Compote…

For curtain call, we send a big shoutout to our most excellent server, Scott…

As well as Chef de Guzman and all the supporting kitchen staff, tonight’s dinner was a masterpiece!

Stage Restaurant
Honolulu Design Center
1250 Kapiolani Blvd, 2nd Floor (adjacent to Amuse Wine Bar)
Honolulu, HI 96814

Tel. (808) 237-5429

Stage Restaurant lunch and dinner menu (pdf download)

The Tasty Island rating:

(5) Superb. Worthy of repeat visits or purchases. (Broke Da’ Mout’!)


20 thoughts on “Kaka'ako Eats: Stage Restaurant

  1. Pomai, there one thing my family love is fine dining at a chic restaurant and seeing you photos all wanted to go there now. Dad like to try the lamb and mom seared ahi. All like foie gras with their meal so big party soon headed there.

  2. There one or more thing I like and it truffle in any dishes and this misoyaki butterfish. Asian Sundae sound pretty good also. I will have with spinach casare salad. Any dishes with truffle I will order. Last time with duck I had Chenin Blanc

  3. Pomai, my girlfriend like to try this place and I do like lamb with French Bordeaux or Merlot. The De Jour Dessert Sample seem good too. The Surf and Turf look so good making it hard to decide till I am there.

  4. I was at Stage Restaurant just a week ago for their special prix fixe menu – 3 course (appetizer, entree, and dessert) for $29.95. Our server told us that this special is running all through October; especially to introduce people who have not try their restaurant yet. I have to say that it was a great deal! My girlfriends and I were very impress with their delicious food and awesome service. In fact, we were talking about going there again before their October special ends. BTW, I forgot to mention that everything is done from scratch – from their dinner rolls to their desserts.

  5. Pomai, this is strange my friend like to read your blog is having a cousin from San Francisco visiting and want him on a blind date for me. She told him to take me to Stage and now with this Oct. special it sound great to try this place.

  6. Pomai, now I want to go there for the special set meal. Erica also wanted it too. Those bread made my mouth watered just from looking at photo. Is it all you can get with the breads? I do like fresh made in restaurant breads.

  7. It was great when Jon Matsubara opened the place and continues to be great with Ron de Guzman. I like the unexpected flavors like lilikoi-chili water palate cleanser or graham cracker crusted calamari… also doesn’t hurt that Kubota Manju is usually served with raw fish item

  8. Pomai

    Call me a rube, but I like when you write about local food. That fancy-schmancy stuff just doesn’t stir my taste buds.

  9. It about time you wrote of a nice place to dine. There a lot of mac salad take out eateriers out there as is. Special occasion where local people like to dress up and go there. The regular restaurants is fine for casual dinning. Like birthdays. anniversaries or special holidays this is great.

    When I purpose to my now over 40 years of marriage wife I took her to a fancy restaurant in Waikiki and she still love it every year for anniversary. My kids would to take me and the mrs. to this one soon. Oct. special deal is the time.

  10. Pomai, how sweet you were to your girlfriend to take her to this very nice place. All I had was some mac salad local average place for my birthday so he now history. Now got a really nice guy that like to treat me and other people well. He also read your blog so Oct. seem such a good deal not to pass will try it for sure.

  11. Pomai, that was so romantic of you to take her there. All women would love a guy like you to do that for them too. No local regular place for that special occasion .

  12. I heard so much about Stage when it first opened, but not much lately. I was wondering if it was even still around, so I checked last month with my cousin, who lives in that tower of the Moana Pacific, and she said it was still going strong.

    Wow! Looks like you guys had a great meal. That Vietnamese coffee flan looks especially good!

  13. Pomai, the decor. remind me of my vacation in Italy. Enjoyed Stage very much now to try Morimoto of Iron Chef fame in Waikiki.

  14. pomai!!! bruddah your girl is lucky to have you!!!! and i guess you’re lucky to have her too!!! 🙂 this review of this restaurant? RIDICULOUS!!!!! love the pics…mouth watering!!! glad to see the islands have VERY FINE cuisine going for it with a decidedly local bent too 🙂 excellent 🙂

  15. Raph’, for a special occasion, based on the STELLAR food and service on this visit, I highly recommend Stage. Indeed pricey, but worth every penny! Even better with their discount promotions as mentioned in these comments!

    Nina, Morimoto’s Waikiki continues to garner rave reviews on Yelp. I MUST GO HERE SOON!

    Debbie-chan, the Coffee Flan was excellent. I was at first skeptical about the powdered chocolate, thinking it would taste artificial and candy-like in an artificial way, but when mixed with the gelatinous coffee-flavored flan, it worked out quite well! I must admit though, I liked the Asian Green Tea custard the most.

    Gina, my girlfriend is equally as generous, so it works out well.

    Vickie, hope he got the hint!

    Richard, yeah, them hole-in-wall spots started making seem “cheap”. lol Seriously though, when looking for your next fine dining spot in Honolulu, give Stage a consideration. Highly, highly recommended!

    Fat Fudge, I like “cheap” places too. As long as the food’s ono (and safe to eat), that’s all that really matters in my book!

    Rachael, fancy furniture and decor, that’s for sure. I think the dishes though really connect to the casual local palate, and aren’t overly “fu fu”.

    Ryan, I’ll have to ask our friend who works there about this “Kubota Manju”. Sounds oishii!

    Midge, indeed, the theater-themed menu is very appealing, catchy and unique.

    Aaron, if you take Erica to Stage for dinner, I can almost guarantee you’ll be 100% a better man in her eyes than you were previously. It’s that good.

    Marcus, wassup up in Maui!

    Patty, we’re also going to take Stage up on this October special. Good deal!

    Kimo, do it! With someone special of course.

    Deanna, I’m surprised our friend didn’t remind us about their $29 Prix Fixe special. Then again, he works next door at Amuse, so maybe it wasn’t top-of-mind for him.

    Michael, it’s ALL good. I really don’t think you can go wrong with ANY choice on the menu. As long as Chef De Guzman is there cooking it, of course.

    Amy, is there any truffle dishes on the menu? I don’t recall seeing that. I will say that our friend turned us on to some exquisite and very expensive Truffle Oil he had in his pantry and WOW! I swear, you could pour that stuff on a shoe and it would taste good. Gotta’ get me a bottle of that!

    Kelike, actually the photos I took at Stage came out blurry, where I was kinda’ bummed out about it. What the heck was in that wine?! lol

  16. did you say morimoto?! haha there’s one in Napa here in the SF Bay Area….my coworker celebrated his wife’s birthday there y’day. it has garnered many a great review–you would probably have a grand time there!!! in fact…that’s your next assignment!!! 🙂 hehehe my 2 year wedding anniversary is on 11/1……i think my wife and i shall just go to the mitsuwa foodcourt in torrance….haha 🙂 or maybe i should research a fancier place…..:D

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