And the Winners of the Musubi Bag Giveaway Contest are…

Earlier this month The Tasty Island held a giveaway contest where two lucky winners would each win by drawing a limited edition Foodland Musubi Eco Shopping Bag and Hot Cold bag. A bonus prize limited edition Jack in the Box University of Hawaii Football ‘Throwback Jack’ Rainbows Ball and ‘Warrior Jack’ Antenna Balls would also be awarded to contestants who submitted an original Haiku poem on the subject of ‘SPAM Musubi’.

In total, 80 of you entered the contest either by comment or via private eMail, all making the required statement, “I want those SPAM Musubi Bags!” A good majority of you also submitted a Haiku — many of which were quite entertaining, and some HILARIOUS! Kudos and mahalo to everyone for the creativity and effort. A+++!

As I said I’d do, I videotaped the prize drawing for complete transparency. The winners were strictly chosen by LUCK OF THE DRAW, as I did not peek nor do anything to “juice” or personally hand pick the winners.

Without further ado, here’s The Tasty Island Musubi Bag Giveaway Contest video!…

There you have it. The lucky winners are:

Annamal (from?) and Patty (of Maryland)!

Annamal submitted a SPAM Musubi Haiku that goes like this:

Yum spam musubi
Bumbucha or manini
You make me happy!

Fantastic! I love it! For that, you win the two bonus UH Warrior Football Antenna Ball prizes.

Patty didn’t submit a Haiku, so sticking with contest rules, she only gets the Musubi Bags, yet I think she’ll be more than happy with that.

Mahalo once again to everyone for entering and submitting such creative and entertaining Haiku poems. I wish everyone could win, but that’s the way it is.

Congratulations once again to Annamal and Patty! I’ll be contacting you soon to get your mailing address. You two will now have those SPAM Musubi bags!


15 thoughts on “And the Winners of the Musubi Bag Giveaway Contest are…

  1. I glad you got two winners of contest.

    Musubi musubi I know you’re the one
    making it is so much fun.
    I’m not why but now I got to say goodbye.

  2. I just checked your blog and can’t believe I won! Thanks Pomai! Also I live in Massachusetts now, but I was born and raised in Honolulu! πŸ™‚

  3. I took my insulated musubi bag to the Whoopie Pie festival! Apparently it fits 12 whoopie pies and a pound of sweet bologna. I looked very well-traveled… thanks for the charade!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your prizes!
    Thanks Pomai for the opportunity. I hope there will be other contests on your blog in the future.
    Keep up the wonderful work you do and for sharing so much information about the great eats in Hawaii.

  5. Loved the Okinawan music on the video! Congratulations to the lucky winners. I had fun trying and connecting with my poetic nature. Only on this unique blog will you find odes to Spam! Looking forward to more of your humorous outlook on food life from our beloved Hawaii.

  6. Jan, glad to hear you enjoyed the Okinawan music. That’s from the ‘The Best of Shoukichi Kina’, which is a great album! Every song is good! Also glad to hear the good sportsmanship. Lots of folks here had connected with their poetic nature, and it was all wonderful to read in their own unique way!

    vegas, mahalo to you too for being such a good sport. I’ll definitely have more contests in the future, as I already have one up my sleeve I think you folks will really enjoy playing (it’s more like a game).

    Liz, for a second, I got ‘Whoopie Pie’ confused with ‘Whoopee Cushion’. LOL!

    Annamal, CONGRATULATIONS! WOO-HOO! You certainly deserve the bonus prize too, with that super clever Haiku entry you submitted, the way you combined “bambucha” and “manini” into a 7-syllable second line. Very nice!

    Kelike, what does the last line of your poem mean?

  7. Aloha Pomai!! Mahalo for choosing me! I LOVE the video and the music!! I will use the bags with Hawaiian pride in my little hometown in Maryland! I’m sure heads will turn when they see the Musubi!!! MAHALO for the blog as well, LOVE IT!!!

  8. That was a fun contest. Know they’ll love the bags as I love mine! Hilo relative sent them to me. Loved the cute video. Let the games begin!! πŸ˜‰

  9. Debbie-chan, I believe the instrument Shoukichi Kina plays is called a Sanshin (Japanese = Shamisen).

    Patty, mahalo for the Penn state goodies! I’ll email you shortly. πŸ™‚

  10. Christine, I was just in the Aina Haina Foodland Farms yesterday, and they were SOLD OUT of ALL musubi bags. NONE in stock. Yet the cashier told me they’re supposed to be getting more in a few weeks, which is smart, as they’ll make great Christmas gifts for local folks transplanted to the mainland.

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