New University of Hawaii 'Throwback Jack' Rainbow Warrior Antenna Ball

Jack in the Box Hawaii debuted the University of Hawaii ‘Throwback Jack’ Rainbow Warrior Football Helmet Antenna Ball recently on Thursday, September 2nd, on the day of the University of Hawaii Warrior football season-opening game against the USC Trojans at Aloha Stadium.

Speaking of which, many speculators anticipated our Warriors would take a severe beating against 14th ranked USC. Yet we ended up doing better than expected, with a final score of the Trojans topping the Warriors 49-36, making that a 13 point spread, undermining the 21 points that were in favor of USC.

This would hopefully be a sign of good things to come this season for our Warriors football team, and it has. For today Hawaii got the first “W”, beating Army on the road 31 to 28, with key plays and a turnover happening in the final 3 minutes of the game. The Warriors will remain on the road, taking on on Colorado next Saturday.

Anyhow, this year Jack in the Box decided to go retro with this cool new ‘Throwback Jack’ UH Football Helmet Antenna Ball. Donna Yano, Vice President for Jack in the Box Hawaii says, “Although the university retired the old logo in 1982 after nine seasons, it still resonates among longtime UH supporters.” Indeed many UH fans, especially the “old timers”, still shout out “Go ‘Bows!”, as they prefer to honor the team’s former name ‘Rainbow Warriors’, hence the now classic logo design you see here.

Notice on the poster at Jack in the Box, the face cage is black, yet thankfully they’ve since updated the production run and gave the ‘Throwback Jack’ a GREEN face cage, which is exactly how the actual 1976-’81 season UH football helmet was issued.

On the down side, also notice the paper-based sticker doesn’t conform well to the curvature of the tiny helmet, crinkling-up on the edges. This also means the sticker won’t last long stuck on there should you decide to actually use it as an Antenna Ball on the outside of your vehicle. A couple windy trips up and down the Likelike or Pali highway and it’ll probably be “Aloha Oe” for Mr. Rainbow Warrior sticker. It’d be nice (and much more durable) if they made the sticker out of vinyl, or better yet, screen print it directly on the soft foam helmet material.

One cool new addition this year is the ‘Eye Black’ anti-glare markings under the eyes…

Here’s a look at last year’s ‘Warrior Jack’ Antenna Ball, where you see it didn’t have ‘Eye Black’ anti-glare markings…

The new ‘Throwback Jack’ UH Football Helmet Antenna Balls are available at Jack in the Box’ Hawaii locations for a limited time while supplies last, FREE with purchase of any LARGE Combo Meal. Some locations are also selling them separately for $1.49 each. We visited the Dillingham location, where the cashier told us they were they were only giving them away with large combo meals, and weren’t being sold separately without a meal. So we ended up eating there just to get our first ‘Throwback Jack’…

This here is their new REALLY BIG CHICKEN SANDWICH Combo for $3.99, which when “jacked-up” to be a LARGE combo for an addtional 90 cents, comes out to $5.11 cents, including tax. Which I suppose is a really good deal considering you’re getting the ‘Throwback Jack’ — a $1.49 value — thrown in the deal. Doing the math, that makes the price of that HUGE chicken, bacon and cheese sandwich, gigantic pile of Seasoned Curly Fries and the equivalent of almost 4 cans of soda in one cup just $3.59.

Or is that REALLY a deal? Well, depends what you’re counting: volume of food to fill up your stomach, or volume of fat and sodium to coagulate and boil your blood stream. Looking at Jack in the’s nutritional statistics, (literally) get a load of this:

Jack in the Box Nutrition Information:

Really Big Chicken Sandwich
Two crispy chicken patties topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo onion sauce on a toasted bun
Serving size: 1, Calories: 748, Calories from Fat: 395, Total Fat (g): 44, Saturated Fat (g): 9, Trans Fat (g): 0, Cholesterol (mg): 85, Sodium (mg): 1834 Potassium (mg): 471, Carbohydrates (g): 56, Dietary Fiber (g): 2, Sugars (g): 4, Protien (g): 30

Seasoned Curly Fries – Large
Serving size: 5.99 oz., Calories: 584, Calories from Fat: 303, Total Fat (g): 34, Saturated Fat (g): 3, Trans Fat (g): 0, Cholesterol (mg): 2, Sodium (mg): 1279, Potassium (mg): 728, Carbohydrates (g): 63, Dietary Fiber (g): 5, Sugars (g): 0, Protien (g): 7

Fanta Soft Drink – Large
Serving size: 44 fl. oz., Calories:321, Calories from Fat: 0, Total Fat (g): 0, Saturated Fat (g): 0, Trans Fat (g): 0, Cholesterol (mg): 0, Sodium (mg): 26, Potassium (mg): 0, Carbohydrates (g): 87, Dietary Fiber (g): 0, Sugars (g): 87, Protien (g): 0

Good Lord! It’s no wonder Jack looks like this…

Thankfully the Jack in the Box Kapiolani Boulevard location (on the corner of Kapiolani and Ward; across the Blaisdell) were selling ‘Throwback Jack’ Antenna Balls separately, and I didn’t need to subject my body to anymore “large combo torture” just for the sake of getting a few more antenna balls.

Specifically I wanted a few more to add as a bonus prize to my fun new Foodland Musubi Bags & BONUS UH Football Antenna Ball set giveaway contest. Learn more about that and enter to win yourself by checking out my previous post on Musubi-ya Iyasume here!

What? New Limited Edition University of Hawaii Football ‘Throwback Jack’ (circa 1981) Antenna Ball
Where did you buy it and how much did it cost? Jack in the Box’ Dillingham Blvd. location, FREE with purchase of Large Combo meal. Also purchased separately for $1.49 each from Jack in the Box Kapiolani Blvd. location.
Big Shaka to: “Retro cool”. 1976-’81 season Rainbow Warrior Football Helmet logo is accurate. Green colored face cage is accurate. New ‘Eye Black’ anti-glare markings. Includes suction cup base, spring head mount and thorough instructions on how to assemble it. lol Available for purchase separately (at certain locations only?), saving my body from unnecessarily high amounts of sodium and fat intake. Fans who still prefer to cheer “Go ‘Bows!”
No shaka to: Paper logo sticker doesn’t conform well to curvature of helmet. Dillingham location not selling ‘Throwback Jack” antenna balls separately (you must abuse your body with a large combo meal).


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