Foodland's New 'Musubi' Hot Cold Bag

Hot off the heels of Foodland’s new ‘Musubi’ Eco Reusable Bag, we have here its sibling, the ‘Hot Cold Bag’, adorned in the same whimsical ‘Musubi’ illustrated design. Now we can both literally and figuratively say this bag is “Very COOL!” Or, umm, “That bag is HOT!” I wouldn’t have even noticed there were two different types of Foodland ‘Musubi’ themed bags on display in the store, had it not been for the fantastic readers here, so big mahalo to all you folks who mentioned it.

Both the limited edition Eco Reusable Bag and this here also limited edition Hot Cold Bag have identical “Pidgin to da’ Max” style musubi illustrations on all four sides, while dimensionally, they’re also both identical.

Yet for just $1 more (Maikai price), the hot cold bag is much more functional, as this comes complete with an insulated interior and a (matching color) dual-zippered lid to help keep your grindz and/or beverages at their ideal temperature, while also helping to keep them nasty pests out.

As for the insulated liner, it’s a very thin mylar-like material (like them foil baloons) that feels like it tears easily, and it’s not in one piece, but stitched in from several sections to fit the interior, so don’t count on this bag being water-proof in case you decide to put ice cubes in it. If adding ice, keep them in Ziploc® bags, or better yet, use them “Blue Ice” bricks. Underneath that mylar-like liner material it feels like an also very thin layer of insulating foam, which should be more than adequate to maintain the interior temperature for the time it take you to transport da’ grindz back home from the store, farmers’ market, or to the potluck.

From manufacturer Planet Earth Bags, here’s the official specifications:

Our thermal hot cold bags are a necessity for any heat sensitive product. Hot foods, cold or hot drinks, stay warm in this reusable grocery bag that can carry it all. The bag’s thermal properties allow fresh and freezer products to make it home without losing temperature. Customize our reusable hot cold grocery bag and make it a part of your next grocery store visit.

•12″w x 8.5″g x 13.5″h
•Reinforced 20″ handles

Materials & Construction
•Premium non-woven polypropylene multi-layered thermal insulated polyester fiber and coated lining
•100% recyclable, wash in cold water and line dry
•Zippered Opening
•Hemmed Opening

•Available in 4 vibrant colors

•Up to 4 spot color and 4 color process screen printing

According to Juliet Garcia, Community Relations Spokesperson for Foodland, their first food-themed reusable bag was their “Local ‘Kine Favorites” which came out in 2008. Then after that they released the slang bag, with pidgin phrases like “bumbye, hele on, kuleana, whatevahs, bambucha”, etc. To continue promoting reusable bags (and recycling), Foodland’s in-house creative department (like what I do for a living) will create 2 new bag designs every year.

The cashiers at both the Beretania street and Aina Haina location told me these bags are FLYING off the shelves. So much that they’re constantly having to restock the display racks. They said lots of folks are coming to get them as gifts; probably for folks like many readers here who are off-island.

I’ll be pairing this Hot Cold Bag with the Reusable Shopping Bag as the giveaway prize when I decide what to do. There’s already some great contest ideas submitted by you folks, so big mahalo for that!

On that note, once again, these Foodland ‘Musubi’ Eco Reusable Shopping Bags and Hot Cold Bags are available for a limited time only, while supplies last, so get ’em while they’re cold… err… HOT!

What? ‘Musubi’ Hot Cold Bag
Where did you buy it and how much did it cost? Foodland, $2.99 each Maikai member price
Big Shaka to: Very catchy, clean and whimsical illustrated design and color choices. Some clever, never heard of musubi ideas. Bag is well constructed with a non-porous, easy-to-clean exterior and insulated interior to keep food and beverages at their optimum temperature during transport. Matching color dual-zipper flip lid helps keep the pests (and hungry “musubi snatchers”) out, while also making access to contents easy. Get 5 cents off your Grocery bill when you use  your reusable bag.  Foodland also has a ‘It’s good to be green!’ stamp card, where every time you use your reusable bag, Foodland will stamp the card. Turn in a completed stamped card (10 stamps) and you will receive a FREE bag of Back To Nature nuts (Select Varieties, 7.5-11.5 oz.) on your next visit.
No shaka to: n/a
The Tasty Island rating: 5 SPAM Musubi Hot Cold Bags!

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P.S. Just thought I’d let you all know that The Tasty Island is the featured blog today on CNN’s Eatocracy website!…

Sarah LeTrent — Eatocracy’s Associate Editor — contacted me several weeks ago, eager to add The Tasty Island to their blogroll to represent Hawaii, and voila, here it is up on their home page!

The picture montage I submitted to them features the following (from left to right, top row, then bottom row): Your Truly, a trio of SPAM Musubi, Tulip Musubi and Treet Musubi, Portuguese Bean Soup (made by yours truly), Manapua, Pork Hash and Chow Funn from Chun Wah Kam, Saimin (made by yours truly), Ahi Poke from Ono Seafood, a Hawaiian Plate from Poi Bowl in Kaneohe and Shave Ice being served at the Okinawan Festival.

I also provided a brief summary of this blog on that page. I see now there’s also a few “interesting” comments, which is to be expected, especially on a national news site. Braddah Alan, Sam and Roy need to get in a few words there!

What next? Oprah? Food Network? Travel Channel? Hey, one can dream!


18 thoughts on “Foodland's New 'Musubi' Hot Cold Bag

  1. Congrats Pomai:

    The eatocracy site is fast becoming one of the more popular sites on CNN (i read it practically everyday). To be featured on there is a big honor and one that i believe you whole-heartily deserve. Keep up the good work!


  2. Congratulations!! What an honor! I’ve been a faithful reader for awhile, and love reading your reviews. I’m a huge fan of your love of food – especially tasty food – and your friendly, unpretentious way of writing. Please keep writing 🙂

  3. After reading about the Limited Edition/ Limited Availability I had to call mom up and she went out today and grabbed us a bunch of bags again. She picked up another hot cold and 4 of the regular ones. lol. I reminded her of last year’s bag with the local favorites. We bought the one and she went back and there were none to be found, so we learned the hardway and what with musubi being one of our favorite handheld foods, we HAVE to have these bags. She went to the Pearl City location again and said there were A LOT. As if no one is buying them. HA! Maybe she’s the only one. I’m thinking I might ask her to get a few more so I can give them away as gifts with a musubi maker, a can of SPAM, and some nori… they’re on their own for the rest of the stuff. Thanks again for your initial post on the bags.

    And Congrats on CNN. I consider Hawai’i my second home and love reading your food blog.

  4. Congratulations on your inclusion in the Eatocracy site. Methinks someone posting repeatedly in the comments section is a bit jealous…I had to laugh because I think he doesn’t know the meaning of “democracy,” the word from which the blog’s title and concept is derived from, lol.

    Did you check out the Summer Festival at the Pacific Beach Hotel by any chance? I was wondering if the matsuri food was any good.

  5. Your blog is da best especially for those of us who have ties to Hawaii but don’t currently live there. It is good to see you getting some well deserved national recognition as all the time and effort that you put into your blog really shows. Keep up the good work brah!!!

  6. Congratulations Pomai,

    You deserve it!. Your content and passion for all things Hawaii really shine out!

    Yours is the only food blog that I have to check up on each day.


  7. Pomai, wow! Now you got to have a luau for it. Any where in mind? Too bad Foodland do not to make t-shirts or other things for sale so people have make it themselves that the reason so it really not KnockOff at all but if you want it so very much you got to make yourself to have.

  8. Congratulations on being awesome! The longer I read your blog, the more it cements my desire to live in Hawaii. Plus, you are one handsome bruddah!

  9. Congrats on the CNN article! Nice seeing a local boy in the national media!

    My wife picked up a couple of the insulated musubi bags yesterday at Foodland Pukalani because she said there was only one rack of them. But she said they had LOTS of the reusable bags in stock. So maybe they’re slow sellers here on Maui?

    We’ll definitely put the insulated bags to good use. We usually take a small soft cooler with us when we go food shopping but sometimes it’s not big enough…or we forget it at home!

  10. David, mahalos. I used one of the Musubi Shopping Bags once last Saturday at the KCC Farmers’ Market, and a few Nihonjin folks were pointing to my bag and whispering to each about it. So it definitely gets noticed. How can miss a big ‘ole graphic of a SPAM Musubi?!!!

    Liz, mahalos. I’m glad you still feel that way, regardless of Opah’s opinion.

    Marvo, you deserve the recognition as well. Only issue might be the profanity. Yet I believe a great blog is done by people who are REAL and stay true to themselves. Keep doing what you do. Big time HILARIOUS stuff!

    Erica, there’s a whole thing going with other readers about taking the photo of the bag and reproducing it at a copy shop. I won’t get into that. What I would do is eMail the folks at Foodland and ask THEM to make ‘Musubi’ hats and t-shirts! I’ll start by eMailing them myself.

    Debbie-chan, domo arigato gozaimasu.

    Sean, what an honor. Mahalos!

    Russ, I’m very this blog has a big following with expats wanting to stay in touch with “da aina”, as folks like you are the ones who email me most often with questions about this or that. Glad to hear it’s a good information tool for you.

    Kyle, good one! Mahalos!

    Raph’, your response to this “certain person” on CNN was spot-on. I couldn’t have said it better. Better you than me though. Big, big mahalo for backing me up, brother!

    Molly, your comment on the CNN site is hilarious! Good one! As for the Matsuri at Pac Beach Hotel, sorry to say I missed it. I’ve really been bogged down, time-wise because of my kitchen renovation, and haven’t much time to go out and enjoy myself.

    Dina, there’s already a number of people selling/hawking these bags on eBay. If they start disappearing off shelves at an unusual rate, it could possibly be these people hoarding the shelves to build-up their own “inventory” of what will eventually not be available in stores; hence increased bottom line for them in the long term.

    Shayna, will do. Mahalo!

    Kat, domo!

    Danny, mahalo for the kind words. I need to dig through Eatocracy more myself and get a “feel” of the site. There’s just so many sites like it that are out there now.

  11. no prob pomai 🙂 the guy was quite a prick to begin with–his tone softened up a little bit in the responses, but man, he could use a few manners. i know what he was going for, but it was just not in the right spirit. it’s all good, a little controversy always brings in business (and readership!) haha keep up the great work pomai !!!!!! 🙂

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