Grindz of the Day: Chun Wah Kam, Blvd Snack, Korean B-B-Q Corner, Zippy's, Toru's and AC's

Starting off today’s “Grindz of the Day”, we have some onolicious dim sum from Chun Wah Kam, including steamed Charsiu Manapua, Pork Hash and Pepiao.

Let’s have a closer look…

Time for a filling check…

Well, that manapua looks a bit skimpy on the Charsiu, but not this one…

Let’s check another one…

and another one…

One more….

I must say, Chun Wah Kam’s Charsiu filling is excellent, and I like theirs better than Libby’s, but I still say Libby’s has the best steamed bun. It has the perfect texture. Chun Wah Kam’s baked manapua is excellent though. Especially if you get it fresh out of the oven.

Moving on, we have some tuna and california sushi rolls, along with a set of gyoza from BLVD SNACK on Dillingham Blvd., across the street from HCC…

These wonderful sushi rolls are just a $1 each! The sushi rice is prepared perfectly here, and they taste so fresh!

BLVD SNACK’s Gyoza set…

Next up, a Kalbi plate from Korean B-B-Q Corner in Iwilei, next door to the Suzuki motorcycle dealership…

A closer look at the banchan…

Also from there, a Korean BBQ Chicken plate…

How is it? I give the Kalbi plate 2 SPAM Musubi, noting that the Kalbi needed more sauce. It was reasonably tender though and had good char-grilled markings on it. The banchan was very good; especially the Korean style potato salad. “Yum” to that!

Diner A gave his Korean BBQ Chicken plate 2 SPAM Musubi as well, noting it also needed more sauce, while the chicken was close to the point of being overcooked, yet juicy and tender in some parts. Really good here, while not so good there, if you know what I mean.

Next up a mini no-bean Chili & Chicken plate from Zippy’s…

I don’t know why, but of all the “Grindz of the Day” dishes shown so far in this post, this Chili & Chicken mini plate photo is the one that’s making me REALLY HUNGRY right about now! Imagine this plate greeting you at the table after a long day out at the beach. Talk about CHOW TIME!

Moving on, this tray of Inari Sushi was made by our friend Toru, and I must say, while I’m not an Inari Sushi fan, this was probably the best example of it I’ve every had in my life…

The rice had an interesting mixture of “stuff” in it, which I don’t know what it was, but it tasted AMAZING. Especially with the Sushi Shoga (sweet pickled ginger; that pink stuff in the container). I hope he’s willing to give me the recipe for it.

Finally, we have this Strawberry & Whipped Cream Birthday Cake Diner AC made for a coworker several weeks ago…

Our coworker just turned 5 years old. I’ll be 10 tomorrow. lol!

The cake was delicious.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


22 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: Chun Wah Kam, Blvd Snack, Korean B-B-Q Corner, Zippy's, Toru's and AC's

  1. Pomai, was the manapua one with lot of filling from Chun Wah Kam? The pepiaos I rather get from Char Hung Suet since I could pick up mai tai soo with it. Are you going share the dessert recipe the photo of it look so ono.

  2. I always prefer the baked manapua instead of steamed. If possible, I always get a dozen or so before heading back to the mainland. I stick em in a couple of gallon bags and shove them into my carry on. That inari looks like it has fried rice inside. I miss my grandma’s inari…grandmas always make the best food

  3. Oh yeah…before they made a chili-chicken mix plate at zippys, I always used to have to order a mini chix with rice and then a small chili on da side

  4. There a lot dim sums and Chinese bakeries in Califoria. The nearest thing to manapua like is at Safeway in San Francisco found in frozen food bar b q pork buns.

    That inari look so much like the way my late grandmother made it Chinese style instead with lup cheong and dry shrimp , green onion in it.

  5. Pomai, was going to ask for recipe of dessert but thanks to Erica I will use for it. Will to see if there Korean Potato Salad recipe also.

  6. Only thing different in the siu mais from Chun Wah Kam is they use wrapper for it with more eggs in it that why is so yellow while other places regular one. I will try dessert recipe one from it so easy to make and photo look so yummy. I like to buy pepiaos from all over for places make it different everywhere.

  7. Pomai, love dim sums very much and can’t get enough of it. Cake look so awesome see recipe very simple to make. There film The Chef from South Pole or Polar on My to watch for free

  8. You’re making people on neighbor islands hungry for those Korean Bar B Q food. Large serving indeed. They always say people on Oahu so lucky. Too bad about the cake I can’t have dairy so maybe use cool whip instead. I love to cook and bake.

  9. Pomai, the Sam Choy recipe was great with family which Dad love very much.
    Now I will try your mom recipe and doc it up like you said. One time my cousin brought over potato salad which I didn’t know at that time was Korean potato salad with apple chopped up in it. Now I like it very much she got recipe online for it.

  10. Hi folks. I purposely took an unannounced hiatus from this blog, as I became entirely consumed with an ongoing home improvement project that ate up all my spare time, and continues to do so. But the rewards will be worth it. I got the hard part out of the way and should have more time now to go online and catch up with all ya’ all.

    To all of you inquiring about the recipe for Diner AC’s Strawberry Cake, here it is:

    Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake
    by Diner AC

    • 1 Angel food Cake or Chiffon Cake
    • 1 pk of strawberries sliced
    • 1/3 cup brown sugar
    • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
    • 1 container of cool whip or homemade whip cream (mine was homemade)

    Take angel food cake or Chiffon cake out of container and cut in half. Place bottom half back into container then spread on half of the whip cream or cool whip top with half of the strawberries, brown sugar and walnuts. Add top half of cake back on then top with remaining whip cream, strawberries, brown sugar, and walnuts. Chill until ready for service.

    Kalanimama, I’ll mention Takikomi Gohan to Toru. I think you’re right. His was packed with flavor, but not overbearing. It had good balance.

    Kelly, your “tita out” comments always crack me up. lol

    Kelike, when I have my brand new kitchen completed (my current project), Chicken Hekka will be high on my cooking list.

    Richard, I must say, Oahu sure has plenty of Korean eateries. I think they’re beginning to overtake the Japanese restaurants!

    Jessic, Patty and Erica, as you see above, I provided the recipe for the cake according to how Diner AC made it. Very easy.

    Amy, I seen those pork roll “Manapua” in Safeway in the frozen section! I’m most definitely going to buy a package and do a review of it here.

    DJMitcho, after recently trying a baked manapua at Chun Wah Kam that was made fresh and piping hot, I think from now on that’s what I’m going with from there. Otherwise I’ll stick with the steamed version down the street at Libby’s. As for Zippy’s Chili Chicken combo plate, I think like several other items on their menu, it came together due to popular demand and customer trends, just like their Saimin and Burger combo. Have you tried the Chili Moco yet? It’s a winnah!

    Renee, done. See recipe above.

    Kat, you must have had a very light breakfast to think that.

    Kimo, all those manapua came from the same box from Chun Wah Kam. That one with “choke” filling was the only one like that. All the others had less, yet still enough to be a manapua and not a bun.

  11. Gimme Zippy’s! I spent loads of time after school at the Zippy’s in Waipahu! Although I would stick with the saimin or da lunch plate! I’m kinda dim sum-med out, since i’m in HK. Nuthing like Manapua, but even betta at a hk joint here. I remember our Pearl City neighborhood had a truck that came around in the 60s selling Manapua, crack seed, and ice cream, remember dat?

  12. We have dose Cha Siu Buns in the frozen section of the local supermarket, not as good as the fresh stuff, but ok in a pinch, if i don’t wanna cook lunch.

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