Hau'oli La Makuahine!

Just want to wish all the wonderful moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

With that, I’d like to share these flower arrangements my lovely and talented girlfriend made last night that she’ll be delivering today to all her “mommy” friends. She worked as a florist for many years on Maui, and these arrangements show that she’s still a master at the craft. All them fancy ribbons are made from “scratch”. Amazing.

Ask me to do this and fuhgeddaboudit! I wouldn’t know where to start! I’ll just help carry them. At least I can do that. lol

Check ’em out…

Da’ odda’ side (the other side)…

Da’ odda’ side (the other side)…

Da’ odda’ side (the other side)…

Da’ odda’ side (the other side)…

Absolutely gorgeous. 10 SPAM Musubi!

Speaking of which, being this is a food blog, gotta’ have something to eat, right?. Well, now that we have beautiful Mother’s Day flower arrangements covered, let’s once again check out an Edible Arrangement!…

Once again, Happy Maddah’z Day!


10 thoughts on “Hau'oli La Makuahine!

  1. Pomai, my mom is such a nature person. She prefer flowers and plants still in pots so they live longer. She in turn today give me some roma tomato plants because she saw your entry of Fried Green Tomato and soon these plants will have tomatos coming out for me to harvest green.

    She saw on web mini watermelon smaller than one in supermarket. It size of a grapefruit. Planing to order seeds for her garden. Mini fruits and vegetables grow faster due to size.

  2. Pomai, I miss out in getting the centerpieces gourmet carving kit to make fruit carving. Now many people are doing it as business. As you see I planing to be in food business one day and is researching a lot of things for it.

  3. Pomai, you have a very talented and generous girlfriend. (But you already knew that, right?) Is this the first 10-Spam-musubi rating you’ve ever awarded?

  4. Number 1, give the significant other some good lovin’. Period. Number 2, repeat number 1. After years of soul (food) searchin’, where Mom wants to go is where Mom wants to go. Took Mom to Chili’s Kahala yesterday (after Costco and before Whole Foods). She loves deep fried and Margaritas so who am I to complain? But if the significant other makes a beautiful bouquet (my Mom would would actually rather see chili cheese fries), I (WE) all applaud her!!!

  5. Kenani na pua! It just took my breath away, flowers and ribbons are so
    pleasing to the eyes…glad to see your summer/wkend job became a great skill. Lucky friends, emkd still get’um…mahalo for sharing!

  6. Maui Ohana, yup, she still get’um! She should open her own shop!
    Marcus, indeed.
    Ryan, thanks for the suggestions! lol I bet you weren’t exactly overjoyed to go to Chili’s. You seem more like a Le Bistro (Niu Valley) kinda’ guy, which I’m sure you’ve already been.
    Jenny, yeah, I guess you can say in this case that 10 SPAM Musubi award is biased. lol But actually no, it wasn’t the first. I’ve also given 10 SPAM Musubi to Roy’s in Waikiki!
    Carol, indeed.
    Kelike, I really admire those Thai fruit sculptures, where they turn fruits and vegetables into flowers, animals and other creations of mother nature. Awesome stuff.
    Amy, my mother is a green thumb as well. In fact, if she’s not watching TV, you can often find her tending to her plants in the yard. That grapefruit-sized mini watermelon sounds interesting. There’s a farm on the big island of Hawaii that grows Watermelon that has yellow “meat” instead of pink. And it’s really sweet!
    h, my favorite is the one with the big Sunflowers.

  7. Beautiful flower arrangement. Thats what you get for working in the shop since 4th grade to high school.10 years experience. Way to go girl.

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