"Triple D" Stops By Poke Stop Tonight!

Catch tonight’s episode of Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives with Host Guy Fieri on the Food Network, where the theme of the show will be “Homegrown and Homemade“.  One of the three eateries featured in this episode will be Chef Elmer Guzman’s Poke Stop in Mililani. Yay! The other two places will be The Farmer’s Shed in Lexington, South Carolina and Mulberry Cafe in Lackawanna, New York. The show will air tonight, May 3, 2010 on Oceanic’s regular cable (channel 60) Food Network station at 7pm Hawaii time and repeat at 10pm.

I asked Chef Elmer why Triple D chose the Mililani location to tape at, and he said because it’s much bigger than the Waipahu store (shown above). One of the “rules” for being on Triple D is that the establishment can only have one location, but apparently they’ve made exceptions for Poke Stop and Hank’s Haute Dogs, which both have two locations. Chef Elmer tells me that he has a Poke Stop location in Japan currently in the works as well.

As featured here previously, Chef Elmer made a bunch of special T-shirts in honor of the show, with each one featuring the dishes Guy ate. Once again here they are…

Chef Elmer Guzman…

Here, Chef Elmer shows a map he put up that will pinmark customers from abroad who were lead to Poke Stop via Triple D…

Once again, tonight, Monday, May 3rd on the Food Network, catch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ “Homegrown & Homemade” episode, featuring Poke Stop!

Visit the Food Network’s Triple D “Homemade & Homegrown” episode webpage here.

Check out past Tasty Island coverage of Poke Stop here and here.


3 thoughts on “"Triple D" Stops By Poke Stop Tonight!

  1. So what did you folks think?
    After watching the segment on Mulberry Cafe, I sure could go for some good Lasagna right about now! And after watching the segment on The Farmer’s Shed, I could sure go for some good Southern food right about now! I think a visit back to The Soul Patrol is in the works this week!
    But damned, I sure could go some of that O’io Poke right about now too! I am so getting some of that on my next stop at Poke Stop. Interesting how Chef Elmer presses the O’io flesh through the colander like that. Guy mentioned having a Tortilla chip to use as a dipping chip for it, which is a great idea, except I’d use fried wonton chips.
    The funniest part of the Poke Stop segment was how Chef Elmer used several “punchlines” from Guy and Emeril, and he also wore an armband like Guy. To which guy scolded Chef Elmer in a lighthearted way, suggesting something about “settling issues”. lol
    The next Hawaii eatery to be featured on Triple D will be Murphy’s Bar & Grill, which will debut on May 17th, and Rainbow Drive In, which will debut on June 28th.

  2. I was amazed that Braddah actually tried the opihi! Esp for someone who is squeamish with tako! But that lasagna did get the culinary gears grindin’ – multiple proteins… GENIUS! And I for one (IMHO) believe that collards and mustards don’t need to be simmered until the consistency is like canned spinach. Luau leaf needs longer cooking until the oxalic acid is denatured (chelated), the other greens don’t need that treatment. Now to get the smoker fired up for the perfect brisket nirvana is attained… with a glass of Syrah of course!

  3. I can’t really react, seeing how we don’t get “Triple D” in this part of the world. (Our cable company carries “Discovery Travel and Living”, so it’s more Bourdain, Lawson, Blumer, and Oliver – and no Fieri.) But, hey: those shirts are so darned cute.

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