Beyond Haute Dogs at Hank's

Hank’s Haute personal-sized Chicago Deep Dish Cheese Pizza and Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese

If you’re a “Hankster” as Hank Adaniya, the man behind the now world-famous Hank’s Haute Dog calls his regular customers, you’re likely aware of his one-of-a-kind daily specials.

Each day of the week he offers a different and super-exotic Haute Dog, including Alligator Tuesdays, Rabbit ‘n Veal Wednesdays, Buffalo Brat’ Thursdays, Lobster Fridays, Duck & Foie Gras Saturdays and Kobe Wagyu Beef Sundays.

Yet he also throws in a few other non-Haute Dog, yet still Haute-to-trot dishes alongside them. Such as on Mondays it’s Italian Beef day, which while that may sound like a wild night out for the ladies, it’s actually a sandwich, served piled high with Italian Beef and Giardiniera Italian Pickles. That still sounds like a wild night out for the ladies. lol

Then on Tuesdays it’s Hank’s Burger Day, where on Twitter he says, “You’ve tried the rest now try the best!”.

Starting this month, Hank now features “Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Wednesdays”, which a reader of my blog boasted about to me in an eMail, so I was determined to try it out.

I heard these limited supply Chicago Deep Dish personal sized Pizzas sell out quickly, so I called to find out what was the scoops, to which they indeed told me to come early if you really want one. She said they had two models: Cheese for $6.95 and Italian Sausage for $7.95, of course recommending the Italian Sausage as the better and most popular of the two.

Well apparently the crowd beat me to it, because by the time of my 12:30pm (PEAK lunch hour) arrival, the Italian Sausage model had already been erased off the board. Gone. Zero. Zip. Nodda’. Nottin’. Bummers!

And not suprisingly, the place was almost as crowded as it had been on our last visit, being still hot-off-the-heals of their big debut on Triple D on April 5th, with quite a few reruns already having since followed that.

While that Italian Sausage would have been nice (that didn’t sound right), I’m fine with just Cheese, as you’ll soon see, it’s not “just cheese”.

Without further ado, here’s Hank’s Wednesday Special, the new personal size Chicago Deep Dish Pizza…

Hank’s Haute Dogs – Chicago Deep Dish Cheese Pizza (personal size). $6.95

In the usual Tasty Island fashion, we shall now “obsessively” analyze every possible angle of this “specimen”. starting with the dimensions…

This would measure exactly 4-1/4″ diamater at the base of the pizza crust. Now let’s see how deep is “deep” here…

Turns out measuring 1-3/4″ at the highest peak of crust and sauce from the base of the crust. Wow, now that’s DEEP!

It’s sized kinda’ like a little hand-held “cupcake of Pizza love”. I wonder if there’s someone out there who calls their husband or wife that in the bedroom? “Come here you cupcake of Pizza love, you.”

With all that, you gotta’ wonder what could be filling approximately 1″x3-3/4″ of void between the crust and the sauce. Well, let’s cut in half and find out!…

My-oh-my-oh-my. Would you look at all that melted mozzarella just oozing out of it like Kilauea on a good day. Awesome!

Looking at the back of it, you see the pan they were baked in did a good job browning the crust…

That pasta next to it is Hank’s Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese, which I’ll get to shortly.

The crust itself is fantastic, and comparable to the one I always boast about from North Shore Farms. It has just the right amount of glutenous chew and airy texture to it. While the browned surface from the baking process really punches out its “crustyness”.

The mozzarella was melted to just the right point where it didn’t go running out, but sort of just drooped as a “glob”. Deep dish pizzas filled with this much cheese certainly make it a fork and knife affair, unless you’re good at managing “cheese droop” by changing the “angle of attack” as you bite through it. Ya’ know? lol I prefer using a fork and knife anyway, as I can selectively decide on each bite’s “Crust-to-Cheese-to-Sauce Ratio”.

As for the marinara sauce, it was definitely house-made and not from a can or bottle…

It had good balance of acidity, with good depth like it had been simmering for hours, while there were plenty of herbs in it, along with hints of garlic. Guaranteed that Italian Sausage would have added plenty of life to this party, yet even as is, it complimented with the crust and mass of melted Mozzarella very nicely.

Summing it up, I give Hank’s Chicago Deep Dish Cheese Pizza an ooey-cheesy-gooey delicioso 3 SPAM Musubi. Throw on more toppings like, oh say, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives and Pepperoni or Italian Sausage (my faves) and it’d definitely be a 4 or 5.

Next we have Hank’s Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese, which is part of their everyday menu…

Hank’s Haute Dogs – Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese. $4.95

Diggin’ the toasty panko bread crumbs topping it. Let’s transfer it into another container so we can get a better look at it…

I appreciate how the cheese “sauce” ever-so-gently evenly coats the penne pasta, and doesn’t downright DROWN it. Especially after that “bomb” of a blast of melted Mozzarella Cheese I just devoured in the Chicago Deep Dish.

Let’s sample it…

The first thing that hits you is BUTTER. Very buttery. Then the flavor of the white and sharp cheddar kicks in, which gets smoothed out into a silky texture thanks to the Béchamel white sauce it’s based on. Very silky, buttery and kinda’ rich, but not so much where you feel bad eating it. You actually feel really good eating it as it’s freekin’ DELICIOUS!

Whatever the truffle oil did to enhance the 3-to-1 ratio White and Sharp Cheddar Bechamel Sauce, it did well, as you could pour this sauce over a rubbah slippah and it’d probably still taste amazing.

The penne pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, and a welcome pasta shape over elbow macaroni used in commercial Mac ‘n Cheeses. While speaking of textures,  I especially the loved the crunchy contrast of the toasted panko bread crumbs sprinkled on it, wishing there were more of that!

Summing it up, I give Hank’s Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese a haute-to-traute oishilicious 4 SPAM Musubi. Let’s see Guy top that description! lol

Speaking of Haute, we go back to Hank’s dogs, where Diner C decided to try Hank’s Brat’ on this visit…

Out of the Haute Box…

Hank’s Haute Dogs – Brat: steamed with brown mustard and sauerkraut. $6.25

Well, you know what’s next…

So how is it? Diner C said it tastes predominantly like Chicken and/or Turkey, and doesn’t think it has any beef, pork or veal in it, which is what Bratwurst is traditionally made with. The casing had a nice “snap”, while the meat inside was very moist and seasoned nicely with what she thinks it just salt and pepper. No complex spices going on here.

The Sauerkraut and Brown Mustard worked surprisingly well with the poultry-tasting dog, yet she noted that sweet relish would have kicked it up a few notches. Which is again why I ask Hank to give us “Hankster’s” a self-serve condiment bar, onegaishimasu!

Overall Diner C really enjoyed it, giving Hank’s Brat a masarap-sarap 3.5 SPAM Musubi. Since The Tasty Island doesn’t have half-musubi points yet, being we always try look at things on the bright side here, I’m going to round that out to 4 SPAM Musubi. Ou’right!

Looks like Hank has a good sense of humor lol…

Accompanying my Chicago Deep Dish and Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese, I decided to try the evidently very popular Pineapple Ice…

Hank’s Haute Dogs – Pineapple Ice. $2.25

What’s it taste like? Exactly like a Pina Colada, sans the coconut cream and rum. It’s served out of a frozen drink machine, so it has that slushy ice consistency, while the pineapple juice in it tastes 100% with nothing artificial at all about it. Brain-freeze cold, refreshing and Pineapple-ee tasty.

Summing it up, 4 SPAM Musubi on Hank’s Pineapple Ice.

If desserts are your thing, Hank has that covered as well with these offerings…

Here’s the man, the myth, the legend, and most of all, the “King of Encased Meats”, Hank Adaniya…

Hank Adaniya of Hank’s Haute Dogs at his flagship Coral street eatery on 4/21/10

Folks get a photo in front of the now world-famous Hank’s Haute Dogs…

Once again, that would be Italian Beef Sandwich Mondays, Hamburger Tuesdays and Chicago Deep Dish Wednesdays. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? We shall see! In the mean time, don’t forget to add that STELLAR Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese to your Haute Dog order, and the Pineapple Ice, too!

Hank’s Haute Dogs
324 Coral Street  (right across from the Volvo dealership)
Honolulu, Hawaii  96813
Tel. (808) 532-HANK (4265)

Business hours:
Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm

Cash only, no credit cards.

Free parking on Sunday in lot behind (otherwise only street parking)

The Tasty Island rating:

(4) Excellent. Worth another visit or purchase. (Winnahz!)

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6 thoughts on “Beyond Haute Dogs at Hank's

  1. Folks, sorry for the deja vu here, but I had to delete the original post on our revisit to Hank’s and repost it again due to “technical difficulties”.
    Here are the comments left by everyone from the original:
    On April 22, 2010 Kat said:
    another couple more reasons for me to go back there thanks for sharing!
    On April 23, 2010, Aaron said:
    Pomai, wow crem bulee and pineapple ice sound great after a brat. Gota try it for never had a brat dog before. Now know where a chic dessert at that price is not bad. Yeah I was shock at the price for that pesto pizza at KCC Farmer Market for it. I thought farmer market is where people go for fresh and good deal on food. I guess it more of a chic market now days but I will still shop there it lot fun.
    On April 23, 2010, Pomai said:
    Aaron, I actually had intended to also pick-up the Creme Brulee, but got caught-up asking questions with the server, so I forgot to order it. The line was so long behind me, it was too late! Oh well, next time!
    Kat, do itashi mashite.
    On April 23, 2010, Julia said:
    A pizza cupcake is the best new marketing idea I ever heard! You should totally invent this; it’ll be a pizza revolution!
    On April 23, 2010, Chuck said:
    Pomai-san… definitely making a stop here on my way back to Kwajalein (got three days in O’ahu)! Keep on keeping on… you’ve got a loyal following out here on Kwaj! Domo arigato!
    On April 23, 2010, Pomai said:
    Chuck, I’ll be looking forward to your blog update when you arrive in Honolulu. Keep us posted on all the places you stop to grind at here on Oahu, including Hank’s! Tip from Yelp: everyone raves about Hank’s Kobe Wagyu Beef Dog, so try go there on Sunday when that one’s available.

    Julia, you know what? I think you’re right! Simply put the pizza dough in a cupcake pan in individual servings, fill it with cheese and marinara, and pile it high with toppings so when it’s done cooking, it looks like a cup cake! Or perhaps cover the top with more crust so they’re like little Cupcake Pizza Pockets! Genius!

  2. That looks amazing! It’s a nice creative and delectable upgrade from your ordinary pizza. I’m definitely going to have to stop by and grab one!

  3. Kelike and Michael, I think Hank is constantly evolving his menu based on customer feedback. Shoot him an email with the request. It all sounds good!
    Haein, remember, it’s “Deep Dish Wednesdays”.
    Chuck, by now you must have just arrived in Honolulu. Enjoy your stay in “Waiks”!

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