More Ono Grindz at KCC Farmers' Market

This past Saturday morning I paid yet another visit to the always amazing KCC Farmers’ Market. Following are some of the onolicious grindz offered for sale that day. Enjoy!

Kabocha pumpkins and sweet Ewa onions…


These are much larger than regular green onion, the Japanese green onion called Negi…

Notice each bunch consisting of just five or six Negi stalks is as thick as that person’s wrist. Some ramen shops in Japan only use the white part of the stalk, and not the green part, so it looks like a small white onion ring when floating in the broth.

North Shore Farms Tomatoes….

Next we have the offerings from North Shore Cattle Company, including their own Portuguese Sausage and a Cheeseburger featuring North Shore Cattle beef…

Braised Beef Eggs Benedict, eh? Sounds interesting!…

If these sample plates look dried out, they were, as I didn’t get there until 10am, and they probably had these out since opening at 7:30am. Yet at least you still get an idea what they’re offering. I suppose their lucky dog or pet pig will get these at the end of the day.

Next up are the offerings from Hawaiian Style Chili Company…

This is the chunkiest Portuguese Bean “Soup” I’ve ever seen!…

Notice these products are by Tan-da-Dan Brand®, which “Tan-da-Dan” is a local Hawaii slang that means “Big Shot” or “Big Whip”. As in, “Whoah, howz braddah, come walking into da’ club acking all Tan-Da-Dan, laddat.” (Look at that fellah strutting in the club acting like a big shot.)

Next up we have Poi Battered Fish & Organic Salad from The Hawaiian Chef….

Hawaiian Vegetarian Kabocha (pumpkin) and Apple Soup and Hawaiian Scottish Fresh Fish Chowder “Cullen Skink”…

That’s a good deal for Fish ‘n Chips. If they’re there next week, I think that’s what I’ll try.Them Poi-battered fish sound interesting and look really ono!

India Cafe…

More breakfast plates, this time from Grandma G’s…

Here’s a couple freshly-made plates of Grandma G’s famous Fried Rice…

The plate shown above was prepared especially for me as a complimentary “sampler”, as the owners are readers of my blog and wanted my honest opinion of it. Well, putting me in the spot here, while I’m not a fan of Kim Chee Fried Rice, for what it’s worth, it had good balance, without the Kim Chee being overpowering, where you could still taste the “nuttiness” of the fried rice, and it was also perfectly seasoned. I definitely liked the Charsiu Fried Rice, which the grains of rice tasted like they were laced with a little shoyu, while being toasty outside, and tender inside, and overall moist and a little sticky as whole. Which is how I prefer my fried rice, and not loose and “granular”, if you know what I mean. Very tasty.

The thick-cut Loves Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast also was great, as was the Redondo’s Portuguese Sausage served alongside it, while of course there’s no question SPAM and eggs are gonna’ go great together . Overall I give Grandma G’s “Sampler Plate”  3 SPAM Musubi (very good).

Next we have more healthy, mostly sugar-free, Agave-sweetened pastries from StarPoint Cafe, including this full pan of scones….

Cinnamon Rolls…

Sorry, I didn’t get the name of this, but it looks ono!…

StarPoint’s Bread Pudding…

Fryin’ up some Beignets at Country Comfort Kitchen…

Beignets (pronounced bay’ney) and lumpia fresh outta’ the fryer, ready for a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar…

What I specifically came here for (besides to impulse shop), are the french rolls and Vietnamese style pickled carrots and daikon to make Banh Mi sandwiches from the (very big) Ba-Le Bakery booth…

Quenching my thirst while at the Ba-Le booth, I picked up a glass of their Thai Iced Tea…

While it may look like carrot juice, it simply tasted more like a subtly fruity and creamy asian style iced tea. Yet I don’t know what fruits and other ingredients it’s made of,  as none of the young Vietnamese ladies working the booth could comprehensively explain it to me due to speaking very little English.  What I do know is it was very tasty and refreshing, with them adding cube ices right before serving, making it extra cold and satisfying in the late morning heat. 4 SPAM Musubi on Ba-Le’s ice cold Thai Iced Tea.

Fittingly, KCC’s culinary students are at the KCC Farmers’ Market every weekend showing off their wares…

Hawaiian Heart of Palm…

Pat Arakawa of Pat’s Peanut’s is there every weekend serving up her awesome Spicy Garlic, kinda’ teriyaki style Boiled Peanuts!…

A chewy-meets-tender option to the much softer boiled peanuts are the “dry-boiled” style…

Like several other vendors there, Pat also serves SPAM Musubi, where one style also includes egg…

Where there’s peanuts, there shall be chocolate — as in the North Shore of Oahu’s very own Malie Kai Chocolates…

While farming’s most popular yield is food, there’s no shortage of non-edible, yet beautiful-to-look at flowers for sale at KCC Farmers’ Market…

That wraps it up. So what did I end up with on this KCC Farmers’ Market visit? Well first and foremost I wanted the French Rolls and Vietnamese Pickled Carrots and Daikon from Ba-Le Bakery so I could make homemade Banh Mi Sandwiches…

Super cheap too. Ba most excellent Vietnamese pickled daikon and carrots are just $3 for a good-sized container, and also excellent French Rolls made by Bale Bakery are just $3 for 4 rolls!

A Banh Mi sandwich wouldn’t be complete without the greens to provide that snap and refreshingly healthy taste. So of course I had to pick up a fresh bunch each of sweet Thai Basil, Cilantro (Chinese Parsley) and Mint…

These very generously-portioned bunches of very fresh, flavorful and GREEN Thai Basil, Cilantro and Mint were just $1 each! There are certainly some killer deals at KCC Farmers’ Market, you just need to hunt a little for them. I could probably make 20 Banh Mi Sandwiches from just $3 worth of these herbs.

I also had to sample Teixeira’s Pastele and Mexican Rice mini-plate straight from Waimanalo…

How was it? The Mexican rice had too much cumin and/or paprika (or whatever spices they put in it), making it overly robust and earthy. While the Pastele’s banana masa, olives and pork were all there for the party, yet suffered by being  a bit on the dry side and not seasoned enough.

Back to the rice,  I much prefer the Puerto Rican style (flavored) Gandule Rice with my Pastele over Mexican rice.

With that, I’ll give this Pastele mini-plate 1 SPAM Musubi (average).

If there’s one dish I NEVER leave KCC Farmers’ Market without a slice in my hand, is North Shore Farms’ “totally off the hook, in-it-to-win-it” Neapolitan Pesto Pizza…

I took a slice of this to my aunt, and she was FLOORED by it, agreeing with me that this was easily the best Pizza she’s ever tasted.  Its simplicity, fresh-made and locally-grown high quality ingredients and super crust all come together making it perfection in a pie. 5 SPAM Musubi. 10 SPAM Musubi. You name it. This should be on the new Food Network show, ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate’!

Finally, I also picked up a bag of Pat’s ichiban oishii Spicy Garlic “teriyaki style” Boiled Peanuts…

I like that last “ingrediment” listed on there: Peanuts, Salt, Peppers and Aloha.

Very nice! That should be a required ingredient for all products made in Hawaii.

See you next Saturday at the KCC Farmers’ Market!


19 thoughts on “More Ono Grindz at KCC Farmers' Market

  1. Pomai, got to get my shopping ready with what my parents and sisters want. Sisters also will come along and trying to get parents out it good for them too. They saw your entry and plan what good to shop for but sometime is hard everything so good. Uncle and aunt from mainland came to visit us and love the KCC Farmer Market it like a festival to them.

    Shopping for lot of made in Hawaii items. Make great gifts for them to take back home.

  2. pomai! once again a great post! i wish i had access to all that fresh amazing food! I wanted to comment on the thai iced tea though, in all the times i have had it it is always just a steeped black tea with either coconut milk or sweetened condensed milk topping it off! YUM~

  3. Pomai, I got my pesto pizza last week at KCC Farmer Market. It was yummy Next time I get a whole one to take home. I love corn chowder but do not like bell pepper in it so didn’t get it. The herbs and seasoning I got were use for pesto salmon.

  4. Pomai, now I must get pesto pizza a whole frojm North Shore Pizza or from the KCC Farmer Market. I would vacume seal it freeze the rest for later. I love pesto on pasta and French bread slices and make my own too.

  5. Pomai, man I wish I saw this post before I went on vacation. Just got back from Oahu last Wednesday. Went to the KCC farmers market the Saturday prior. Didnt stay too long since the haole wife got burnt and wasnt in a good mood. Tried the abalone but I think I prefer it raw on sushi. Had the loco moco from the northshore guys. Pretty disappointed that the dept of health requires the burgers to be cooked well. Burger was tough. I missed the boiled peanuts and definately would have picked up the kim chee furikake. The wife loved the cheesecake and cinnamon rolls.

  6. Patty and Amy, looking over North Shore Farms ‘Big Wave’ menu, they don’t include a price for whole Pizzas, but only by the slice, which is $6.50 each. Doing the math based on 8 slices per whole pie, that comes out to $52 a pie. Ouch! This Saturday I’ll ask if they offer whole pies at a “bulk” price.
    Chiemi, I understand one of the ingredients in Thai Iced Tea is Cardamom. Could that be giving it the bright orange color?
    Kelike, I find the “experience” (because it really is one!) strolling lazily around the grounds at the KCC Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning very, very therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. It just has this really good vibe there.
    I sincerely hope you can “drag” your folks out there to check it out. The only challenge will be finding a parking stall due to the popularity of it, but once you’re there, it’s so awesome. I think they’ll want to go again and again and again.
    It’s like having a Costco,  a bunch of fine dining restaurants,  a bunch of plate lunch joints and a picnic with your  friends and really cool strangers all rolled into one. Best way I can describe it!

  7. Kobi, sorry to hear NSCC’s Loco Moco burger patty was overcooked.  You should have stood by the guy at the grill and told him specifically that you wanted yours leaning on medium-rare.
    As for the Kona Abalone, all they’re doing is taking fresh, cleaned Abalone and slappin’ ’em on a grill with no seasonings at all, heating them until just cooked-through, but not searing them. I think if they were to put something like (sweetened) Mirin on them, that would give a tasty, blackened and caramelized edge. Otherwise, I see where you prefer them in raw state on Nigiri Sushi. I’m on the same boat.
    I’m guessing your wife got her pastries from StarPoint Cafe, where they use Agave (also used to make Tequila) as a featured sweetener.

  8. hi! i’m a kcc culinary student and a big fan of your blog!

    one of my good friends, also a student, works at the farmer’s market and you got a picture of her! as i was scrolling through this entry i was thinking, “i wonder if pomai got a picture of her…”

    haha! i told her (along with a lot of other friends) to check it out…(she thinks she looks stupid)

    anyway, thanks for your awesome blogs, especially your great pictures! thanks again for supporting the farmer’s market 🙂

    ps you should come eat at our restaurant some time… 🙂 we do lunch and dinner Tuesday-Friday.

  9. Pomai, well in that case I will make my own since I do have pizza crust recipe and hope Patty does the same. Ready crust is also in supermarket even more easy to make.

  10. Thanks Pomai and Amy for tip on making own also. I will use Thai Basil more stronger taste for pesto and Pillbury refrig. pizza dough and cheese.

  11. The poi-battered fish and chips sounds like it could be great — please report back if you try it!

    I went to the Kailua Wednesday evening farmers market last year and loved it (especially the li hing mui corn on the cob). Although I guess it’s only a fraction the size of KCC, it too had a certain “vibe.”

    Too bad I have standing Saturday morning plans when I visit!

  12. Wow, so many wonderful food in this entry. The price for that pesto pizza seem pretty steep to me will follow other blogger recipe own pesto pizza and it so easy with Thai basil is indeed much more flavor to it. Will try Pillsbury pizza dough also.

  13. Wonderful read as always. Curious about Pat’s boiled peanuts. I tend to like two styles; either soft and mushy, or those that literally explode with well seasoned (star anise, sea salt) liquid when you bite into them. Spicy Garlic sounds interesting. Mahalo plenty Pomai.

  14. Paki, for the ones that “explode with well-seasoned star anise and sea salt liquid”, look no further than the onolicious giant-sized Virginia Boiled Peanuts from Alicia’s Market in Kalihi Kai.
    Yet I think Pat has one-up on Alicia’s as far as flavor with her Spicy Garlic Teriyaki style Boiled Peanuts. If you hit the Farmers’ Market, be sure to pick up a few bags!
    Aaron, never heard of Pillsbury Pizza dough. Will have to check that out online.
    Debbie, I tried the Li Hing Corn-on-the-Cob from Kahuku Corn and didn’t really care for it. Neither does Li Hing powder match on popcorn, which I also tried. But yes, I will certainly keep ya’ posted if/when I try that Poi-battered Fish ‘n Chips!
    Patty, I find the Thai Basil I got from KCC this past weekend has hint of sweetness to it.
    Cheryl, I  heard great reviews from friends who have eaten at KCC’s Ka ‘Ikena restaurant. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll put that on my soon-to-do list!  Glad to hear KCC culinary students such as yourself enjoy this blog. What an honor!

  15. Glad to see stuff like this, with various enterpreneurs selling their products. Being home from too long, this is the kind of stuff I want to know about and get involved in/with. Poi battered fish? Give me two.

  16. John, I didn’t see The Hawaiian Chef booth at KCC this weekend. I’ll have to keep checking the KCCFM website to find out when they’ll be there again. I really wanna’ try that Poi Battered fish too!

  17. Beautiful pictures! You really captured the spirit of the market.

    We love KCC on Saturday mornings, too! Please check out our Facebook page (!/pages/Honolulu-HI/La-Tour-Bakehouse/136563483042498) and Twitter ( to see what other items we sell at the farmers markets and where we sell them.

    Sorry for the confusion and multiple identities – Ba-Le Bakery is our old name, and we’ve recently relaunched under the new name La Tour Bakehouse.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Beautiful pictures! You really captured the spirit of the market.

    We love KCC on Saturday mornings, too! Please check out our Facebook page (!/pages/Honolulu-HI/La-Tour-Bakehouse/136563483042498) and Twitter ( to see what other items we sell at the farmers markets and where we sell them.

    Sorry for the confusion and multiple identities – Ba-Le Bakery is our old name, and we’ve recently relaunched under the new name La Tour Bakehouse.

    Thanks for sharing!

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