Food Rules

Well, food does “rule”, figuratively speaking, as it’s one of my favorite subjects. Yet literally there are Food Rules we should follow in order to live long and thrive.

If that last catch phrase sounded familiar, it’s Kaiser Permanente’s new slogan used in their latest ad campaign, which goes “May you live long and thrive”.

With that, I was at Kaiser Permanente’s Moanalua hospital yesterday visiting someone, when I decided before leaving to check out their ‘Sunshine Cafe’ cafeteria, where they had this FOOD RULES board up at the entrance in the hallway.

While much of it may sound like common sense, we all need to be reminded of these great tips every now and then so we make healthy choices in the kitchen, at the grocery store, or when going out to eat. Besides, if it’s posted in a hospital full of doctors and health care professionals, it’s gotta’ be sound advice.

Although you can enlarge that photo and read it from there, I’ll retype it here so you can easily copy and paste it and make your own poster that I would recommend you put up in your kitchen. That way it will be “in your face” every day, and you and your family members will live a happier life through proper diet. I already made my own FOOD RULES poster with these tips that I put on my fridge.

by Michael Pollan

• Eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re bored.

• Eat all the junk food you want, as long as you cook it yourself.

• Eat your colors.

• Treat meat as a flavoring or special occasion food.

• Avoid food products containing ingredients that a 3rd grader can’t pronounce.

• Eat mostly plants. Especially leaves.

• Shop the peripheries of the supermarket and stay out of the middle.

• Spend as much time enjoying the meal as it took to prepare it.

• Avoid food products that make health claims.

• Buy smaller plates and glasses.

• Do all your eating at the table.

• Treat treats as treats.

• Buy your snacks at the farmers market.

• Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.

• Eat meals.

• Eat food (as opposed to eating edible, food-like substances).

May you live long and thrive.

Not stopping there, I’ve come up with more Food Rules, with a little bit of a local Hawaii twist!

Poke Stop’s Deep-Fried Whole Moi with Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water and Ponzu sauce, Mesclun Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette and Brown Rice

by The Tasty Island

• When ordering a plate lunch, opt for brown rice instead of white. (see plate above)

• When ordering a plate lunch, opt for tossed greens with a light dressing instead of macaroni salad. (see plate above)

• When ordering a plate lunch, opt for fish instead of meat; preferably grilled, baked or steamed, and not deep-fried. (unlike the plate depicted above lol)

• If the above options aren’t available, don’t order a plate lunch and get a salad instead. If that isn’t available, go somewhere else!

• Instead of regular, order the mini-plate.

• Choose water instead of soda or sugar-sweetened juices.

• Treat SPAM as a treat, and not a meat.

• Go easy on the shoyu. (sodium)

• Go easy on the mayo’. (fat)

Not to sound like a hypocrite, personally I know for a fact that I don’t always follow those rules, yet I know I should and I do at least try to.

Besides, I like leev’ one supah’ long time an’ ‘trive, laddat! (I want to live a super-long time and thrive!) lol


7 thoughts on “Food Rules

  1. Pomai, my sisters went on small eating diet and lost in a month 15 to 20 llbs. They ate what they like in small plates many time a day. Did workout also. Time went by and they learn not to load on lot food to plates and like small serving now.

  2. I like both your rules and Michael Pollan’s. I usually order the mini, and I actually prefer taste of brown rice. With so much yummy fruits in HI, I like the “buy your snacks at Farmer’s Market” rule. Man, the mangoes in HI are out of this world good! My biggest problem is eating while bored… darned desk job… haha

  3. Julia, while our office always has a steady supply of chips, cookies and other “decadent” snacks, lately I’ve been bringing apples and bananas to snack on. I feel much better and alert after eating fresh fruits, as compared to sugary or oily snacks. I also mostly drink water, pretty much having given up on soda and coffee, and rarely drink sweetened canned juices.
    Jean, as you may know, brown rice has all the nutrients (especially minerals) and dietary fiber that white rice gets robbed of in the milling process.
    Kelike, wow 15 to 20 pounds weight loss in a month is VERY impressive, although that sounds a little extreme. Did they have a special exercise program as well, or was that only through diet?

  4. Pomai, my sisters went on this diet exercise program right after New Year and kept at it. We brought also a Gazelle from EBay and whole family use it . I use it and so my parents rain or shine it great. It very quite also.

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