Kapalama Eats: Chuck E Cheese's

Last weekend we were invited to a friend’s keiki birthday party at the newly relocated Chuck E Cheese’s at City Square Shopping Center (the DMV place) in Kapalama. This, from their former location in Aina Haina Shopping Center where they previously called home for more than 25 years.

As mentioned in a previous write-up, Aina Haina Shopping Center is currently undergoing major changes, including tenants, and Chuck E Cheese’s was one who the powers that be decided to get “chucked”. Oh well. At least they have a more centrally-located and bigger place now.

I was always curious how this new Chuck E Cheese’s location in the heart of Kalihi looked inside, so I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to check it out under circumstances that it’s exclusively designed and themed for, which is a child’s birthday.

That birthday on this visit would be for our friend’s son, Kailikea, who just turned three years old. Very cool name, “Kailikea”. Never heard that one before. According to his mom Lisa, Kailikea means the “The Fair One” in Hawaiian, as in “light-skinned”. This was often referred to Kanaka Maole who had a fair complexion.

Anyhow, here we are at the new Chuck E Cheese’s, where we’ll start with, what else? What get fo’ grind! lol…

Prices seem fairly reasonable. I don’t know what the party packages or per-head rates are and include, but I heard from Kailikea’s parents that it’s a pretty good deal and makes planning and holding a child’s birthday party a no-fuss, no-muss snap.

The only drawback is you’re “on the clock”, as in 1 hour at the table, then the next party moves into your spot. Fortunately our party was last at the place for the night, so we didn’t have to go anywhere and stayed put for well over 2 hours.

They also have a 1-trip only (not all-you-can-eat) Salad Bar…

Can’t have a keiki (child’s)  birthday without Cotton Candy and balloons!…

Getting right to it, I must admit and am rather surprised by it being how “commercial” it seems, but Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza is pretty darned good!…

The crust has a tasty ‘n toasty flavor with a nice chew to it…

The sauce, cheese and toppings are also very tasty ‘n fresh as well.

Yeah, I know, it may look like “Digiorno” or God forbid, Costco’s, but it’s way better! And I like (from frozen to baked rising dough) Digiorno, so there went my credentials for critiquing Pizza. lol

No, but seriously, their pizza is really good! Enough where I think Chuck E Cheese’s should consider doing delivery… complete with a guy or gal dressed up as ‘Chuck E Cheese’ that delivers it to your door. Wouldn’t that be cool? Or would that be scary? lol

Along with Pizza and salad, they also have a few other stuff, like these Mozzarella (star) Shapes ‘n fries…

Sorry but I didn’t try these, so can’t tell you how they tasted. Darned it. I hate when that happens! lol

OK, enough eating, at least for now anyway. Let’s check out the place, starting with a few Chuck E Cheese mascots around the place, including this infatable Chuck E Cheese…]

As if a blow-up Chuck E Cheese isn’t enough, they also have an animatronic Chuck E Cheese in front by the “staging area”…

Now I don’t know about you, but to me? This looks pretty scary. lol True story: my niece went to a Chuck E Cheese for a friend’s birthday in the mainland, and she said some guy there got kicked out because he kept yelling (very loudly) at this very same Chuck E Cheese animatronic mascot, “You ruined my life Chuck E Cheese! You ruined it!”.  He was probably trying to be (stupid) funny, but I guess the staff didn’t think so. LOL!

One thing to note about the animatronic “entertainment” is that, unlike the former Aina Haina location, the new City Square location doesn’t have the entire “Chuck E Cheese Band”, but only Chuck E Cheese “himself” as shown above.

If blow-up Chuck E Cheese and iRobot Chuck E Cheese isn’t enough to make the party fun, there’s also a  LIVE Chuck E Cheese!…

“Live” Chuck E Cheese comes out and sings a special Chuck E Cheese version of “The Happy Birthday Song” to each and every birthday party table, including here where he’s performing for Kailikea’s. Cute yeah? It is!

And the kids really get into it!..

Man, never mind Farrell’s, if I was kid, I’d wanna’ come here for my birthday! Nah, but Farrell’s was awesome and fun too with the “Fire Alarm Honolulu Zoo” ice cream trough. Can’t forget that! Plus now get Shakey’s too! Ho, da choices on Oahu now fo’ trow (throw) one keiki (kid’s) birthday!!! lol

OK, quickly let’s go back to eating, where here we have Kailikea’s 4th Birthday Cake…

To note, in sticking with the “Chuck E Cheese theme”, Chuck E Cheese’s doesn’t allow any outside food, entertainment, decorations or party favors. But they do allow outside (unrefrigerated) cake. Which this one is from “outside”, although I forgot to ask where exactly the got it from.

Here’s Kailikea just about to blow out his 3 (plus 1 for goo luck) birthday wish candles, with mommy Lisa by his side for encouragement…

Tutu (grandma) serves his slice..

Handsome young man…

You know what? As much as I don’t like cake (I much prefer PIE), just like Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza, this cake (not bought from Chuck E Cheese’s) was really good too!…

Very, very moist, with a delicious guava-flavored glaze in the center. The only thing I don’t eat is that frosting stuff on top. Bleck. Barf.

As you see, Chuck E Cheese provides all the dishware and utensils…

Now a look around the place, where you see the party area is quite sizeable…

So is the game room arcade area…

The game room arcade prize redemption counter…

Speaking of prizes, Kailikea has plenty of birthday presents to open!…

And that pretty much wraps up this 3rd birthday visit at Chuck E Cheese’s new location at City Square in Kapalama, Kalihi (God’s country).

Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza’s really good. I mean, REALLY good. And obviously the place is lots of fun, especially if you’re under 10 years old, or under 10 years old at heart. Now you just have to decide whether it’ll be Farrell’s, Shakey’s, Rascals or Chuck E Cheese’s for your next keiki’s birthday!

City Square Shopping Center gets its name from Satellite City Hall (DMV), who is one of the anchor tenants (next to Young’s Fish Market and now Chuck E Cheese’s)…

Chuck E Cheese’s
City Square Shopping Center (Kapalama, Kalihi area where Grocery Outlet used to be located; there’s also another location in Pearl City Shopping Center where Don Quijote is)
1199 Dillingham Blvd Spc A103
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 851-7400

(3) Very Good. Considerable of another visit or purchase. (Supah’ Ono!)

P.S. Here’s Kailikea with his mom Lisa and dad Daniel saying “mahalo” for coming to celebrate his 3rd birthday!…

Dad is Irish and German, and mom is Japanese, Okinawan and Hawaiian. Such is the kind of mix you can only find in Hawaii. 🙂

Mahalo you guys for inviting us. Omoshiroi!


4 thoughts on “Kapalama Eats: Chuck E Cheese's

  1. Pomai, well when I was a kid my aunt and uncle in California took me and cousin to a Chuck E Cheese. I like then but now my taste have change. The one in South San Francisco just have pizzas and drinks only but that long time ago. Wow Kapalama branch seem great for famly with small children still. More food and stuff there.

    Shakey is one for me now.

  2. Amy, Hawaii didn’t have any Chuck E Cheese’s when I was kid. Farrell’s was the place for kids “back in the day”.
    Rowena, yeah, after the birthday, I wore my Chuck E. Cheese hat while walking down Kalakaua avenue in Waikiki, and some tourists stopped and gave me tip money! lol!

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