Zippy's Chili with Everything

We’re back at Zippy’s, where we have more menu items smothered in their famous chili. This time in the photo above a burrito that has been claimed by the stuff, along with melted cheddar cheese and a token really HOT yellow chili pepper to kick it up a notch. BAM!

Then we have Zippy’s Vegetarian Chili piled on Spaghetti pasta noodles, which substituting for ground beef are loads of Mushrooms, which I LOVE with pasta!…

I don’t think the garlic bread matches well with the chili though. Keep that for Marinara-sauced spaghetti. I’ll take Mac’ Salad with Chili next time, thank you very much.

While those two version of chili above may not be that unusual, thinking further outside the box, you may remember a past post here on (Zippy’s) Napoleon Bakery’s limited edition Chili Napple

Then there’s the “Oki Dog”, which is a fusion mix of American/Mexican/Okinawan influence consisting of a flour-based soft tortilla wrapper, a hot dog, Zippy’s Chili, Rafute (Okinawan Shoyu Pork) and lettuce…

My favorite of all though has gotta’ be Zippy’s fairly new offering, the Chili Moco!…

The most genius part of Zippy’s “duh, why didn’t they think of that sooner” Chili Moco is the “Mac’ Salad Sauce” spread between the hamburger patty and the rice. BRILLIANT! It truly makes the dish go from “pretty good” to REALLY ONO!

Which leaves one to ponder, what else would taste good with Zippy’s Chili on or in it? Chili Manju? Chili Gyoza? Chili Wonton? Chili Manapua? Chili Pizza? Chili Lasagna? Chili Ravioli? A King Size Bed filled with Zippy’s Chili perhaps? lol

One last note, have you seen the film Julie & Julia yet? It’s a parallel biography of Julia Child and Julie Powell, who as you know the former is a pioneer of television cooking shows. While Julie Powell is a food blogger (yay!) who shared with her readers her endeavor in cooking every recipe in Julia Child‘s cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Pretty good “chick flick”. I enjoyed it.

Well, since I’m already well into it, I’ve decided at this point that I shall blog EVERY DISH Zippy’s offers, both in their restaurant and takeout counter.  Although I’m not guaranteeing I’ll achieve that goal within one year (365 days) like Julie Powell did, as I have enough deadlines at work as it is.

If the same item is available at either the takeout or dine-in restaurant (not all items are) and I’ve covered it, consider it done from either side. Also, I won’t be covering the catering portioned items, as I nor the immediately folks I work with obviously can’t eat 21 pieces of fried chicken, 7 pounds of Chili or a whole barrel of Macaroni Salad and Rice all by ourselves. lol Lastly, to finish my “disclaimers”, note that I said “blog” and not “eat”, so the menu item may or may not have been consumed by myself, but one of my peers.

Zippy’s menu items already blogged on The Tasty Island include:
Chili Moco
Chili & Chicken Mixed Plate
Chili Burrito
Chili Napple
Spaghetti Chili
• Zip Pac
Mahimahi Plate (with fries)
Teriyaki Meatloaf
Zip Min
Wun Tun Min
Fried (Saimin) Noodles
Portuguese Bean Soup
Portuguese Sausage, Ham and SPAM Breakfst Sandwiches
Teri Beef Bun with Regular Saimin Combo
Apple Napple

I’ve got a long a ways more to go, so wish me luck!


14 thoughts on “Zippy's Chili with Everything

  1. Oh man, and I love Zippy’s (but am on the mainland)!!! Wow, that Chili Moco looks absolutely yummmmmy!! I also like chili omlettes with rice on the side. It sounds like you have made a good challenge for yourself, I wish you luck…and I wish I could try the same challenge! XD Once again…you’ve managed to make my mouth water!!

  2. Good luck on your quest to blog the menu at Zippy’s! I’ll be looking forward to reading about it. That chili moco sounds like something I gotta try!

  3. It’s better to eat it than have to cook it! Sounds like a fun project. Don’t forget any “Daily Specials”. Just sayin… 🙂

    I look forward to reading more, can you give me a heads up when you get to the bakery items.

  4. hapabento, uggh, you had to remind me . The bakery items. I SOOOO don’t have a sweet tooth, so that will certainly be the most challenging “department”. To make things go smoother, I think what I’ll do is order one Napoleon’s Bakery item as dessert with every main dish. Oh, And I’ll get the “Daily Specials” as well, so no worries, no stone will be unturned!
    Jean, the chili moco rocks. Especially with that “mac sal’ sauce” spread between the burger patty and rice. That’s the secret right there!
    Kat, the Chili Napple was a toss-up for us of being either “eh, it’s ok” to “hey, not bad!”. But nothing that really wowed us. Not nearly as much as the Chili Moco.
    Ann, quite honestly this challenge is simply CONVENIENT, as Zippy’s is within walking distance from my office, yet I figure why not? Could be interesting!
    Dave, don’t forget the brown gravy! (that didn’t sound right). lol

  5. Genius — I make homemade chili all the time but it never occured to me to make a chili moco!

    Looking forward to reading about all the Zippy’s items, Pomai, but now I really do think my keyboard is in danger from drool-damage.

  6. i remember you did one on the corn beef sandiwch from zippys too. you forgot to add that to your list. I live on the mainland so I get the grindz when i read your blog! you forgot, but i remember for you! 🙂

  7. I was born and raised on Oahu, currently living in Georgia. I have only two words for this site…food porn! Before you ask, Pomai, “Yeah. I hungry!”

  8. That Chili Moco reminds me of one of my SoCal comfort food favorites, Huevos Rancheros. The Chili Moco looks like an island version. I’m not sold on the mac sal in there though — seems like a wild card.

    BTW, I love to check your blog before I go out to eat — to see if you’ve reviewed where I’m going. I’m a little too Leeward though. You should try out The Alley at Aiea Bowl if you’re ever in the area — best garlic fries ev-ah! I also had a supah ono omelet at KCC Farmer’s Market thanks to the guys at Blue Lotus (shorter line than the pizza guys and fantastic potato mac salad too).

    Good luck on your Zippy’s quest — I’m definitely looking forward to that.

  9. Kristin, keep mind the mac sal part is just the mayo-based “sauce”, and not the macaroni noodles. It adds this interesting creamy twang to it. It sounds gross, but once you taste it, I think you’ll agree it really adds great flavor to the party!
    Speaking of  The Alley in Aiea Bowl, my girlfriend and her friend just had lunch there this past week, which she raved about. She really enjoyed the food. Recommended I get there to blog it.
    eleki, it’s all “G” here. lol
    hiyn_boy, ah, forgot about Zippy’s PILED HIGH corned beef sandwich. I’ll add that to the list later.

  10. Wow…. I am so jealous !!! I live on the mainland and seeing all the good grinds …… I miss it!! Zippy Chill , my fav ….. I save the plate lunch pictures on my screen saver…. LOL

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