Zippy's Ham, Portuguese Sausage & SPAM Breakfast Omelette Sandwiches

OK, I probably sound like a broken record by now with this being the third time reviewing a Zippy’s menu item within a month. But I promise I have no affiliation nor family or friends who work for the company (that I know of). I’m just a loyal regular like many of you who happens to really dig a few of their classic favorites.

Another one of those (actually three now) is their Breakfast Omelette Sandwich featuring a buttered Portuguese Sweet Bread Bun. Yes, a sweet bread bun, which is what sets these apart in taste compared to, say an Egg McMuffin or Breakfast Jack.

As always, let’s have a closer look, starting with Zippy’s Ham Omelette Breakfast Sandwich…

Notice the molten gooey “lava” between the eggs. That my friends is melted Cheddar Cheese. This is what also kicks this hearty breakfast sammy up notches unknown to Hawaiian ‘kine grindz.

Portuguese Sausage is a popular breakfast meat option (to bacon, SPAM, ham or breakfast links) on the menu at restaurants and in home kitchens throughout Hawaii, including of course Zippy’s, where you can have it paired with a soft and supple buttered Portuguese Sweet Bread bun, Omelette and Cheddar Cheese like this…

Hoo, da buggah’ look ono, eh?!!!

Finally, just when you thought you’ve seen it all with them Macadamia Nuts with SPAM Classic Flavor, we have Zippy’s SPAM Breakfast Omelette Sandwich…

Now let’s cut them up so you can get a better look at the third most important “ingrediment” of all, the molten’ ooey-gooey good cheddar cheese!…

That was the ham. Now here’s the Portuguese Sausage version…

Last but certainly not least, the SPAM…

Now I don’t think I need to tell you that an omelette combined with either ham, Portuguese Sausage (my favorite of the three) or SPAM and ooey-gooey, oh-so-yummy melted cheddar cheese is gonna’ ROCK.

Then you have that super fresh, soft and supple buttered Portuguese Sweet Bread Bun (I know, that was the the third time saying that) complimenting all them “there went my New Years Diet Resolution” good stuffs in between. The end result being that magical savory-meets-sweet sensation where it’s like “My, my, my… winnah, winnah Breakfast Sandwich Dinnah!” Err, breakfast that is.

Of course if it were available (breakfast at Zippy’s ends at 10:30am daily), I could just as well enjoy this any time of the day. And at a relatively thrifty $1.95 each, shoots, hit me up with all three!

Zippy’s. Gotta’ love them.



15 thoughts on “Zippy's Ham, Portuguese Sausage & SPAM Breakfast Omelette Sandwiches

  1. Pomai,well the cheese seem a bit too much or rich for me . But still need it to hold the the egg and sausage together. I still prefer with rice on a plate breakfast type.

  2. Aaron, I don’t think they put too much Cheddar Cheese. Just enough to compliment the other stuff. Even if they did, personally I wouldn’t mind it, as I’m a certified “cheese-a-holic”.
    Now let’s talk Burger King and Jack in the Box, where depending which one you frequent, sometimes on their burgers they put WAY TOO MUCH Mayonnaise. Bleck!

  3. Pomai, on the go is for me . I now want Sampan Jook after last entry. Went to Hee Hing Restaurant for but it big size bowl at 8.00 with lot of seafood in it. Wonder shere else have it for more less cost. I like Northern Chinese Green Onion and Little Village Noodle House is great.

    The Zippy Sandwiches remind me of Chnese Baked Pork Buns.

  4. Pomai,

    Keep up the onolicious food reviews on The Tasty Island, brah! When I get back to the land of the round doorknobs (ahem, ‘civilization’) during my home leave from Kwajalein in July I’ll be havin’ me a total food orgy out in Honolulu! (We hardly get any good Hawaii kine grindz out here less ya make ’em yourself!). Hopefully I won’t get an involuntary stay at ‘Lucky Charms’ (Tripler) or Queen’s! 🙂

  5. Aww man, I mistakenly thought the sandwich included all three meats in one omelette, now that would be be the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

  6. I remember when the sandwich first came out it was only 99¢! It was the only thing my son would eat from Zippy’s and it was available all day long from the take-out or restaurant with no price difference.

  7. Diner A, IIRC, before it was increased to $1.95 each, it was $1.45. Perhaps Zippy’s should come with a One Dollar Zippy’s Value Menu promotion and put these on it, along with their Apple Napples. That would probably be a big draw.
    Imuy, I never thought of that, but great idea! They should come out with one that  has all three meats!
    Chuck, Nate used to make all kine local grindz that he used to post on his blog when he lived in Okinawa. More local kine stuff than I eat right here in Hawaii! lol
    Michael, what exactly is in Sampan Jook? I imagine it has seafood in it.
    Nate, lovin’ it. No need fan or AC. Wish it would stay like this all year long!

  8. Pomai, well it can be found in San Francisco and Hong Kong where it was all started name after the Hong Kong Sampan boats in the harbor. It most popular food stalls jook . It contain shirmps fishs slices, scallops, jellyfishes ,roasted peanut top it off. Whatever seafood chef like in it. It not easy to find it in Honolulu so far Hee Hing not bad but price kind of high serve in big bowl for 2 people to enjoy.

  9. Like Diner A, I also remember when these were only 99 cents, but even at nearly $2.00, not tooooo bad for what you get.

    Like you, Pomai, I love cheese. For me, the cheddar cheese on these things really makes the sandwich. So much better than American cheese (not saying I’m un-American!).

  10. That sounds like “whatever is in the fridge, bra” but oh that looks good. So good. I remember in the 80’s when Zippy’s tried doing omelets in pita bread. Those were good.

  11. Jerry, good choice. Can’t go wrong!
    John, what is ‘Zip’s’ all about? I imagine it’s also a diner.
    Wasabi Prime, I hear they sell Portuguese Sweet Bread Buns in the mainland under the name “Hawaiian Buns” (or bread or rolls). For whatever that’s worth.
    Brian, with the mood of the depressed economy, I still think Zippy’s should do a DOLLAR menu, and include these on it. They’d still make money on collateral orders (like drinks, coffee, etc.) with the droves of customers coming in for the deal.
    Michael, thanks for explaining that. I’ll keep an eye out for Sampan Jook next time I venture through Honolulu Chinatown. I’d love to try some!

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