Costco Eats: Macadamia Roca

From the makers of the original Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee, we have here today Macadamia Roca. Incidentally, this arrives at The Tasty Island hot on the heels of the now infamous Macadamia Nuts with SPAM Classic product, which has proven to be a big hit both literally and statistically among readers of this blog.

Not to fear though, as this time around I won’t be making a musubi out of it. But hey, who’s to say Brown & Haley, the manufacturer of this product won’t come out with “SPAM ROCA”? Brah, now THAT’S scary!  LOL!

Here’s the whole story behind Macadamia Roca, as told by B&H…

Looking over the ingredients, I admire that there aren’t many where I need to be a chemist in order to properly pronounce and understand what it is.

Also notice the Coscto sku #430430. Beep. Which to note I was just in the Iwilei Costco a few days ago and didn’t see this around anymore, so it must have sold out. Unless they had it “stashed” in some unrelated aisle I didn’t walk through. You know, sometimes they do that  just to mess with us. “Oh look what I found parked next to the paper napkins and plastic utensils. It’s Macadamia Roca.”. Punks. lol

Keep in mind, eating just three of these lil’ bad boys will be almost the equivalent in fat of eating one 6″ Subway Sandwich without cheese or mayonnaise, yet with much less nutritional value…

Although of course considerably more “Yum Value”.

Let’s open the lid and see what’s inside…

Just like the classic Almond Roca, they’re individually-wrapped in foil, except while the AR is wrapped in gold, these are in silver with the name clearly printed on them.

Inside the wrapper they clearly try to remind you that Macadamia Nuts (like Pineapple) are synonymous with Hawaii by saying “Aloha”…

Let’s check out the goods…

Unlike the original Almond Roca, these don’t have bits of chopped Macadamia Nuts coating the exterior of the chocolate. Notice the swirls of chocolate also became just a little cosmetically damaged from the foil wrapper as they bump into each other in the container while in transit. No biggy. As long as it tastes good.

Let’s try it…

The chocolate coating is quite creamy, while tasting semi-dark, semi-milky. Really good. As for the Macadamia Nut, even though there’s a few chunks in the buttercrunch toffee core, the buttercrunch itself pretty much dominates the flavor. Not that I have a problem with that, as that stuff is AWESOME!

Yet if you ever watched Iron Chef, you know it’s all about the “secret ingredient”. Therefore if this were an Iron Chef battle, and the secret ingredient was Macadamia Nut, this “dish” would easily lose the battle, as you don’t really taste Macadamia Nut. In this case it’s all about the chocolate and Buttercrunch Toffee.

Had they coated the chocolate exterior with bits of Macadamia Nuts like they do with Almonds in the Almond Roca, that flavor would have likely shined through much more, and this just might win the Iron Chef Macadamia Nut challenge.

Do I like these here Macadamia Roca? Oh “hayle yay-ah”! They’re awesome! Just think of the Macadamia part of it as more of a novelty than main feature and enjoy them for what they’re worth… a mighty fine morsel of buttery crunchy toffee ‘n chocolate delight.

What? Macadamia Roca
Who makes it? Brown & Haley
Where did you buy it and how much did it cost? Costco; this was given as omiyage (gift), therefore price is unknown
Big shaka to: buttery crunchy toffee could make a rubbah slippah taste great. Semi Dark chocolate coating is nice and creamy, with just the right amount of salt and sugar. Chocolate swirls add some texture to the eating experience.
No shaka to: The main ingredient – the Macadamia Nuts – are overpowered by the super-flavored buttercruch toffee. Should have put finely chopped Macadamia Nuts on the exterior of the chocolate like they do with Almond Roca. Just the thought that one day we might see “SPAM ROCA”. lol
The Tasty Island rating: 3 SPAM Musubi


8 thoughts on “Costco Eats: Macadamia Roca

  1. Pomai, I grew up on Almond Roca and received it for Xmas a lot. Wow now Mac Roca. Got to send some to friends and family in CA. Yes I like to travel alot to CA and head there to Tahoe for ski trip with cousins too.

  2. Kat, or as I’ve been saying lately, “yum-num-num-num”. lol
    Ann Sly, nice blog you got going there. I’ll add you to my links page. Mahalo for the link on yours!
    Amy, I’m guessing the Macadamia Roca will be distributed to retailers nationally and not just regional or exclusive to Hawaii. At least, that’s my impression from their website.

  3. Hi Pomai,
    I picked up a box at Don Quixote about 2 weeks ago while in Honolulu-good stuff. Yesterday, I just talked to the Brown & Haley reps at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show and they said that this Mac Roca version is exclusive only to Hawaii. They had none at the show to sell to folks at this trade show. Enjoy!

  4. Alyce, good to know! Well, I guess that’s one more reason to plan another vacation back here in Hawaii. Just for the exclusive only-sold-in-Hawaii food products!
    That also is encouraging to know, as we can send them away as omiyage (gifts), knowing it will be a unique item those abroad can’t get in their neck of the woods. We’ll also have to include a canister of them Macadamia Nuts with SPAM Classic Flavor. lol

  5. OMG. I literally have saliva dripping down to the keyboards right now. Good thing they don’t sell those here; I can see myself blowing my entire month’s paycheck on these things!

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