Hau'oli Makahiki Hou 2010!

“Hau’oli Makahiki Hou” means “Happy New Year” in Hawaiian. Also just to let you know if you’re not from Hawaii, “Mele Kalikimaka” means “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian.

When it comes to food, a popular tradition in Hawaii originally introduced by the Japanese  is the eating of Sashimi on New Year’s Eve, which is believed to bring prosperity in the new year.

Personally I eat sashimi as often as I can. Love the stuff. The highest quality Ahi tuna can sometimes sell for nearly $30 per pound during this high demand season in Hawaii, but thankfully supply was plentiful this year, so the local market prices were a little more reasonable.

Well, sort of. The sashimi on that plate is from top-grade Bigeye Tuna (according to the butcher who sold it to me), which I fortunately scored today (last minute) on New Year’s Eve at the Kapahulu Safeway (of all places). It came at a still-hefty $24.99 per pound, so that .54 lb. portion rang up at $13.49.  I tried to get my sashimi from Ono Seafood on Kapahulu, but when I got in there, found out they were only serving phone orders on the eve, and not walk-ins. Bummers. That’s OK though, the quality of the fresh Ahi I got from Safeway was comparably top-notch, and as long as I got some, I’m happy to hopefully be prosperous in 2010!

Let’s dip a slice in the wasabi shoyu and sample some cuz’…

OMG, once it hits the mouth, it just melts like buttah! So silky-tender and fresh-as-can-be, raw ahi delicious! Yum, yum, yum.

When I eat Sashimi, I always prefer it be served on a bed of finely sliced cabbage, which adds a fantastic crunchy texture contrast to the raw tuna…

Mmmm… so ono! More…

I tell ya’, if I could eat this every day, I would. My mouth surely is feeling the prosperity here. 5 SPAM Musubi, easily. Nothing beats top-grade ahi sashimi. It’s probably one of the simplest, yet best foods in the world.

As for the sauce, I CHOKE da’ wasabi in my (Yamasa brand) shoyu. My late Japanese calabash aunty scolded me once for doing that, saying I’m drowning out the delicateness of the ahi, but ah, nevah mind. No hold ’em, choke ’em! lol

Oh, the sashimi paired perfectly with the Primo Beer. I love their new  lager brew. Very smooth. That’s also probably one of the best beer label logo designs ever. Classic.

Well, I just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with love, happiness, good health and prosperity. Looking forward to sharing a lot more good eats in 2010 here on The Tasty Island.


~ Pomai



9 thoughts on “Hau'oli Makahiki Hou 2010!

  1. Ahhh, a very good tradition indeed. When I was little, my dad taught me to appreciate (good quality) sashimi and the New Years tradition. That is some mighty fine looking cuts of ahi for sure! Primo beer? When did they start making that again?

    Happy New Year to you and your family! And thank you for bringing so many great articles throughout 2009, keep it up!

  2. What beautiful pictures! We also love this Japanese tradition. Nothing beats good sashimi! We’re happy that it’s plentiful this year.

    I enjoy all your tasty posts this year! Looking forward to 2010! Happy New Year!

  3. That’s so onolicious! We get some decent deep sea fishing out here in Kwajalein, and one of our rabid fishermen loves to make ono sashimi! Mighty tasty! When I get to Honolulu on my ‘parole’ from Kwajatraz I’m gonna have me a sushi and sashimi orgy!

    Looking forward to more of your blog posts!

  4. Deanna, glad you like the photos. Actually, Sashimi is harder to shoot than you might imagine, as you have to get the color balance, lighting and post-Photoshop tweaking just right, or it will look either artificial or “dead” so to speak. Making the ahi sashimi look “alive” and fresh as it was in person on digital “film” was kinda’ challenging. I don’t think I nailed it, but came pretty close.

    Tony, the presention is decent, but it also could have used a Shiso leaf and some julliened daikon and carrot. That would have been even “prettier”.

    Ann, Primo Beer was resurrected in 2007 by Pabst Brewing Company. It’s not the same “cheap stuff” it used to be, and now much more sophisticated in flavor and bottling. Good stuff.

    To all of you, big mahalo for the kind thoughts and wishes. Right back at ya’!

  5. Pomai, had sashimi with other food in New Year Eve party. We made a sukiyaki buffet with skillet in center of table and many type of meats and seafood , vegetable , tofu, kanabukos. Had kanten and suhis, tempura also. Got to have mochi too.

  6. did you also have ozoni on new years day??? thats always been the tradition in my family. this past year though i spilled my bowl and burned my leg with the hot mochi! OWW!! not sure is that is a sign for the rest of the year or not… hopefully NOT! ahi looks beautiful though 🙂 also one of my cats is named sashimi! i have a girl cat names sashimi, a boy named musubi and my mom’s dog is Sushi!

  7. Chiemi, no I didn’t have Ozoni on New  Year’s Day as I didn’t get around to making it. As for your “omen”, I’d be at least a little concerned. Just look on the positive side. Your pets are named Sashimi, Musubi and Sushi? Cool! Very cool.
    One of my former coworkers had a cat named ‘Mochi’.
    I don’t think I’ll be naming a pet ‘SPAM Musubi’ though. lol The best is a neighbor’s pet pig named ‘Kalua’. Classic! lol

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