Grindz of the Day: Alicia's Ahi Sashimi & Tofu Poke

Alicia’s Market – Ahi Sashimi sampler, $3.85

What a busy day yesterday. So much traffic too. Ack! I barely had time for lunch, yet I managed to make a “pit stop” at Alicia’s Market in Kalihi Kai and snapped-up a pre-packed plate of that Ahi Sashimi shown above, as well as this Tofu Poke…

Alicia’s Market – Tofu Poke, $3.85

The Ahi Sashimi, served over a bed of sliced cabbage with the protocol Shoyu/Chinese mustard dipping sauce gets a solid 4 SPAM Musubi for freshness, quality and affordable price at  just $3.85 for that.

The Tofu Poke also gets a solid 4 SPAM Musubi for having an exceptionally delicious, well-balanced poke marinade of shoyu, mirin, ginger, garlic and Hawaiian Chili Pepper. While the ogo, maui onions and green onion garnish added a fantastic flavor and texture contrast to the dish. The cubes of tofu were dried-out of all their water and fried on the edge, which gave them a nice “meaty” texture”. If you’re a Tofu fan, when you go to Alicia’s, get this.

Of course I couldn’t resist dipping one of my Ahi Sashimi in the Poke marinade for a sample…

Yum! Taste like… like… like… like Shoyu Ahi Poke! duh. lol Well, OK, not exactly as the sashimi cut makes a difference versus if it were cubed how Ahi poke is cut. Shucks, I forgot to try dipping the Dried and Fried Tofu cube in the Shoyu/Chinese Mustard sauce, which surely would have tasted good as well.

That rather simple and healthy lunch of fresh Ahi and tofu was a winnah!

P.S. While I was off doing my business, Diner A & E (not the TV channel) ventured into Mapunapuna for another lunch wagon hunt, this time sampling the truck located across the street from Joe’s Lunch Wagon

The sign on the truck advertises “Homemade Lasagna and Spaghetti with Meatballs”. That sounds interesting and probably what I would have tried. Otherwise, they have your usual plate lunch standards, including Diner E’s requisite Hamburger Steak…

According to Diner E, the lady said they were short one patty (only had TWO, when there was supposed to be THREE), so she substituted a piece of Teriyaki beef for that.  Wow. All that for $5.50.

He said the brown gravy was deep and hearty, while the hand-made patties were also seasoned and cooked just right, while he was favorable of the teriyaki beef, and raved about their excellent mac salad, giving the overall plate a very solid 3 SPAM Musubi.

Also sticking with “tradition”, Diner A went with their Teriyaki Beef  plate…

According to Diner A, this hefty plate weighed in at almost 2 pounds of grub on the postal scale. Holy Jenny Craig! lol  I like that they include both Mac Salad AND Kim Chee. Nice touch.

He said the moist and tender teriyaki beef had a well-balanced shoyu-sugar marinade with a hint of ginger….

While the macaroni salad was just like how we always say it should be…

Cool, creamy and simple. Juss’ right.

Bonus points for the Kim Chee…

With that, Diner A gives his Teriyaki Beef plate from this no-name lunch wagon on Mapunapuna road (across from Joe’s Lunch Wagon) a very solid, “I’d go back for more” 3 SPAM Musubi.


13 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: Alicia's Ahi Sashimi & Tofu Poke

  1. Pomai, tofu poke sound good to me and now make wonder next time get the Ahi Sashimi Sample head home make some hot rice pour hot tea in it to go with the Ahi Sashimi and Tofu poke.

  2. Sound so good I must try it too. Hot tea over rice with what ever I like over it make me want it now. Head out to get some poke to go and check out what people are talking about in Chinatown now.

  3. Bonus points for being a “lefty”! Or did you switch hands to take the photo? =^)

    Being a vegetarian, I love to eat tofu poke while my omnivorous hubby dines on fish and limu. Thanks for showing both options.

  4. The past entry on poke with hot rice the best ever. Now when I buy some got have hot rice with it. Never had it the way Kimo mention with hot tea but sound good also. Yes it buzzing all over in Chinatown and people are more careful what they purchase now.

  5. Aaron, you must be referring to The Poke Bowl, who has since moved across the street to Ward Warehouse under the name ‘Paina Cafe’. Now there are many imitators around town offering Poke on hot rice. Biters. lol

    hapabento, very observant. I am indeed a lefty! We’re a special bunch. lol

    Kimo and Michael, I never thought of having poke with rice and hot tea. Sounds interesting and something I’d like to try. How exactly do you prepare it and with what kind of tea?

    Gwynn, before we get “Taste-O-Vision”, science still needs to figure out “Smell-O-Vision”. 🙂

  6. It from Shinya Shokudo serial where 3 women order hot tea over rice and what ever they like on top. It green tea. Fishermen in Japan eat it that way too their fresh catch slice up over hot rice and hot tea pour over it. I went in store and ended up coming out with two big bags of food for family.

  7. Yay, hapabento about mentioning being a lefty. I am also. Pomai, we are truly different in that respect. *L* Simple things when postioning at the table…uh, I have to sit here because I’m left-handed and all that, etc… We have to accomodate. *L*

  8. Pomai and Gwynn,

    Full disclosure… I am both a lefty and righty, and my hubby is 90% lefty! We’re oddballs and so I notice things like lefty photos and such. Sorry if I misled.

  9. I’d be curious to know if Alicia uses CO treated Ahi for her sashimi. The photo makes it look like she does. CO certainly keeps the price down, but I think CO treated Ahi has a very different mouth feel than fresh Ahi. What do you guys think?

  10. Another lefty here. Born and raised on ochazuke. It’s like comfort food for me. Ochazuke with a dish of dried opelu grilled or fried fish or any other stir fried dish with a side dish of japanese tsukemono. So ono.
    The ahi sashimi at Alice’s looked fresh frozen, so I asked the guy behind the fish counter and he said their sashimi is fresh frozen ahi. More readily available. So sad. Ke’eamoku Seafood – fresh from the auction block. Pricey though. But so ono and fresh.

  11. If the Ahi is “fresh frozen” it is most likely CO treated. Most of the Ahi poke served by Safeway and Foodland is CO treated then flash frozen and comes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand or the PI. That is not to say it is bad, but I do think there is a difference. I like the poke at Tamura’s in Kaimuki. thanks for answering my question Lance.

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