Grindz of the Day: Blvd Snacks, Dole & Maunakea Market Place

Just a few lunchtime goodies picked up from various places, including this here set of cucumber and crab Futomaki from Blvd Snack, a small shop on Dillingham Boulevard, across the street from Honolulu Community College.

Also from Blvd Snacks, this Shrimp Tempura and rice bowl for $4.25…

Diner E gave both items above from Blvd Snacks a solid 3 SPAM Musubi.

On another day, from the Dole Cannery Snack Shop, he sampled their Chili Dog mini plate for $4.25…

Notice they use Redondo’s red-colored Winner. I also see carrots in the chili. Looks “oh so sloppy”, but oh so good! He said it was good, giving it 3 SPAM Musubi.

Also from the Dole Cannery Snack Shop, on another day Diner E tried their curry mini plate…

Looks like the curry I remember from elementary school lunch. lol Looks good too, though. It SMELLED good. I like the corn in it. He said it was just like home-cooked comfort food. Again he gave it 3 SPAM Musubi.

Next we head to Chinatown, where we have some things from various vendors in the Maunakea Market Place Food Court, starting with this plate of Pinakbet…

The one on the left looks almost like Goya Champuru, but it was flavored more Filipino style with Patis and/or bagoong. Pretty good, but I’ve had better Pinakbet.

From a Vietnamese food concession in the same place, a Bahn Mi Sandwich…

Back to that Filipino concession, some Banana Lumpia…

and suman…

The kakanin-like suman was ok, but still not as good as Alicia’s. The banana lumpia was really good, especially with the caramelized sugar glazing it. A scoop of vanilla ice cream along with that would have really hit the spot!


15 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: Blvd Snacks, Dole & Maunakea Market Place

  1. Argh, you need to list the price for the Banh Mi! I live relatively close to Dillingham, I should check that place out soon, but I’m real curious about the sandwich, it looks great!

  2. Argh, I wish you listed the price for the Banh Mi.. It looks pretty good, but the only vietnamese sandwiches I’ve ever had are from Bale.

  3. It been a while at Dillingham Blvd at HCC for their fresh baked good at rock bottom price made by students of HCC. I use to had haircut and a shirt sewed there too. By then orders place ahead for large amount of baked good or special cakes and auto body shop dept was not bad too.

  4. Pomai, all people at work talking of of youtube blog on rats in Chinatown. Now I am freak out of going to Chinatown for a while. Must all be careful in all places also. Glad blogger inform people but it a never ending problem since the 1900 in Honolulu Chinatown. Still some people will not admit there is a problem closing their eyes at it. The Chamber of Commerce in Chinatown.

    Need a mast contract to rid of problem by all business of pest problems every few months works.

  5. Pomai, for public safety that blogger did the right thing. Wen Lin of Chinese Chamber of Commerce knew it bad of problems in Chinatown. But denying it is sign of dishonest tactic from chamber. All merchants must do a mass extermination from major company this problem. Done every few months. I seen the youtube video and it bad indeed.

    Buy certain meats seafoods, canned food.

  6. Pomai, mom is now careful shopping in Chinatown due news from newspapers and youtube. Yes it bad Chamber of Commerce said no problem in Chinatown and now trying to clean up what happen.

  7. Yep, the curry totally looks like school lunch curry. It was delicious with the corn kernels. LOL! Come to think of it the red hotdog was also a elementary school staple! Love strolling down memory school lunch lane!


  8. hapabento, your site has BEAUTIFUL photography and great content. Yeah, I suppose those two mini-plates were like a stroll down memory lane of what we remember having for school lunch!

    Tony, still waiting for your next “gourmetscapade”!

    Kelike, Patty and Vickie, how ironic that a day after I post some grinds from a Chinatown eatery, that this story breaks. It’s a serious problem there that needs to be dealt with.

    Still, how safe are you, no matter where you get your food from. Look how often lately that we’ve had e.coli and other contamination scares on a NATIONAL level found in common food items such as ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes. Situations where there have been CASUALTIES. Unless it’s been covered up, I haven’t heard of any deaths or serious illnesses related to someone buying food from Chinatown. At least not yet.

    Wasabi Prime, I think Redondo’s red-colored Winners are good with Chili and rice like this, but I don’t care for them on a bun in hot dog form. To me they taste pretty weird and “mystery meatish” like that, if you will. What I really like is Redondo’s Teriyaki Hot Dogs. Those are really good! Next time you visit Hawaii, pick up a pack and try it.

    Marie, yeah, a Coke is probably the best “pairing” with a Chili Dog plate I must agree.

    Calvin, I should actually call it a convenience store, as there’s a little of everything in this shop, from foods to designer hand bags. I kid you not! It’s located on the ground floor of Dole Cannery Office Building (across the street from Regal movie cineplex), to the right of the escalator. Can’t miss it.

    Ricky Cheung, the Bahn Mi sandwich isn’t from Blvd Snack, it’s from (the now infamous) Maunakea Market Place Food Court. Diner E said it was about $4.50. Did you ever try that Vietnamese/local grinds place on Dillingham where Spot’s used to be? They probably have Bahn Mi sandwiches there as well. The former place (after Spot’s) did.

    Kat, they sure were piled to the rim.

  9. ah i think i know where it is. thanks
    the pho dillingham and grill whatever it is changed its name to “mixed plate”
    and i think spots is going to open up in pucks alley so ive heard

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