Leonard's Li Hing Malasada

…while it sounds promising on paper, didn’t really work as much as we had hoped in taste.

Notice the slightly tinted pink color mixed within the granulated sugar?

There’s barely the flavor of Li Hing Mui (Chinese preserved plum), even though the powder is generously dusted on it.  All you taste is the sugar (thank goodness). Whatever tangy, complex accents that was afforded by the Li Hing powder didn’t compliment the otherwise stellar deep-fried, sweetened mini-bread-ball delight that Leonard’s is famous for at all.

Still, Leonard’s Malasadas could probably be covered with motor oil and still taste great, thanks to its consistently wonderful, glutenous-meets-puffy texture inside…

We’ll just reserve Li Hing powder for acidic fruits and other culinary applications, while we continue enjoying Leonard’s Malasadas dusted with granulated sugar and injected with pudding ‘n custard. Yum!

Mahalo to Diner A for sharing it.

The Tasty Island rating:

(1) Average.


11 thoughts on “Leonard's Li Hing Malasada

  1. Pomai, I was shocked when you wrote this entry. Li Hing Malasada is sure so far out for me. I like it on mango, and Chex rice cereal snack. Now I need to try it out at Leonard to see how good it will be. I like the taro burger at Dean Drive Inn but all depend on one taste too.

  2. Kelike, Li Hing powder is AWESOME on Fuji Apples. Dust ’em on and throw ’em in the freezer until almost frozen, then enjoy. So ono. Try that. Also great on Pineapple. Never tried it on mangoes, but I imagine it would be better when the mango is semi-ripe and still a little tart.

    On my next visit to Dean’s I’ll have to try the Taro Burger. I’ll get the Teriyaki Beef Steak plate and save it for dinner.


  3. Pomai, I now hook on getting this taro burger too. Since there not many places make it. While I was Dean’s someone kick me and run off. I now can’t sit down for very long.

  4. Aaron, what? Someone kicked you and ran off? As in an assault? Unbelievable. Everyone that was there when I went was really nice and friendly. I sat down and had a nice conversation with this couple while I waited for my food.

  5. Ouch! That must hurt. Hope she didn’t wore platform shoes that day. That why guys must treat their women with TLC. The li hing malasada made me want to try it out too. After reading of taro burger got try that too. I heard it well known on Maui. Pomai checked out last entry on Dean Drive Inn and you know why it happen to Aaron.

  6. li-hing on shave ice is a winnah…..malasada i could nee as not too good….maybe if dey wen add li hing to some custard and filled da malasada…hhmmm…or even baked in da dough.

  7. In September I went to the weekly farmers market in Kailua and had corn on the cob with butter and li hing. Delicious, if a little garish!

    My all-time favorite li hing item may be a li hing margarita I had at Blaisdell Center. It was just a slushy machine margarita with li hing powder sprinkled on it, but it was a perfect match!

  8. Debbie-chan (and everyone else interested in Li Hing applications), with Thankgiving Day knocking on our doorstep, I highly recommend you folks try making Li Hing Cranberry Sauce. You can use the store bought canned stuff, and simply add Li Hing Powder to it. Or better yet, make it from scratch using fresh or frozen cranberries. AWESOME with the turkey. I learned that from a Turkey-to-Go meal we ordered a few years ago from the Pacific Beach Hotel.

    Kelly, that idea of flavoring the custard, then injecting it sounds like a better idea. Good one!

    Michael, I’m still clueless on why Aaron was on the receiving end of a “kick and run”. lol

    Erica, you must know Aaron personally.

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