Maru Persimmons & Home-Made Guri-Guri

(Kula, Maui) Matsui Farms’ Maru Persimmons – 2009 season

Here we have several Maru Persimmons from Matsui Farms in Kula, Maui. According to the grower, this year’s Persimmons season in Maui, which lasts from September through December, was more ideal for the Maru variety than the Fuyu.

While the more yellow-colored Maru Persimmon isn’t as appealing in appearance as the reddish-orange Fuyu, it’s said to be much sweeter.

(Kula, Maui) Matsui Farms’ Maru Persimmons – 2009 season

Before even busting out the “Google-fu”, I thought of some culinary applications Persimmons might be good for, from pie, to ice cream, to salads, and not surprisingly, it turns out it’s just about all been done before.

In fact, Hashimoto Farms, another Persimmons grower in Kula, Maui has their own line of Persimmon-based products, including salad dressing, butter, jam and scone mix. That Persimmon scone mix sure sounds good!

Here’s the Fuyu Persimmons “Maui Mom” brought for us several seasons ago…

Fuyu Persimmons from Kula, Maui

Just like the Fuyu variety, these Maru Persimmons have the flavor and texture similar to a combination of a cantaloupe, a pear and an apple, with a firm flesh and thin, edible, yet slightly tough skin. Most of the flesh is edible, and there aren’t any seeds, except for thin tough membrane in the center, which I prefer to cut out. These Maru variety are indeed, as far as I can remember, much sweeter than the Fuyu variety. Like candy sweet.

Mahalo once again to “Maui Mom” for the Matsui Farms’ Maru Persimmons!


Speaking of specialties from Maui, Diner A’s wife whipped up a batch of home-made Guri-Guri this past weekend for a family gathering.

As you know, Guri-Guri is that delicious plantation-style “sherbert” made famous by Maui’s own Tasaka Guri-Guri shop in Kahului in the Maui Mall.

Here’s how their home-made Guri-Guri turned out…

Diner CY’s ono home-made Strawberry Guri-Guri.  Photo courtesy of Diner A’s iPhone.

Looks good!

There’s a number of home-made Guri-Guri recipes floating around the web, all using pretty much the same or similar ingredients in varying ratios.

Reid over at Ono Kine suggests using two 12 oz. cans strawberry guava juice, one 12 oz. can 7 UP and one 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk.

While one guy on YouTube makes Guri-Guri using one 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk, one 12 oz. can of sprite (or 7 UP), and just one 12 oz. serving of your favorite juice; where in his demo’, he used POG (Passion Orange Guava juice).

Of course, the condensed milk is the key ingredient in what makes this frozen dessert unique and oh so good.

Here’s Diner A’s wife’s recipe:

Home-made Guri-Guri
One 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
One 12 oz. can 7 Up (highly recommended; don’t use diet 7 Up or Sprite)
Two 12 oz. cans Strawberry Soda (any brand; note, she INSISTS on using Strawberry and no other flavor)

Combine all ingredients thoroughly in a sturdy mixing bowl that will fit in your freezer. Place in freezer for approx. 2-3 hours, or however long it takes to reach the point that it’s semi-frozen. Remove, stir thoroughly, then place back in freezer overnight. Remove and stir again until Guri-Guri reaches a “scoopable” consistency. Place back in freezer until ready for service.

Diner CY’s ono home-made Strawberry Guri-Guri.  Photo courtesy of Diner A’s iPhone.

I have tasted Diner A’s wife’s home-made Guri-Guri before and have to say, while not exactly like the original Tasaka Guri-Guri, it’s pretty darned close and really ono. Certainly passable for being home-made, with a very similar type of creamy/icy texture and also creamy-fruity, strawberry-good flavor.

Diner A noted that everytime they bring this to their family gatherings, the kids as well the adults quickly wipe the entire bowl out. So there you go, a guaranteed pot lock favorite right here with this home-made Guri-Guri.

Reid of Ono Kine Grindz suggested in his notes that an automatic ice cream maker could be used to prepare home-made Guri-Guri, which I think is a really good idea!

If you look at Tasaka’s original Guri-Guri, you see how airy and ice cream-meets-sorbet-smooth the texture is …

Tasaka Guri-Guri

Tasaka Guri-Guri

I’m quite confident an automatic ice cream maker (churner) will yield the same ideal texture as Tasaka’s using those same ingredients in the recipes listed above.

Well, looks like I’ll soon be hunting for an automatic ice cream maker to test out my Guri-Guri theory. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Maru Persimmons & Home-Made Guri-Guri

  1. I saw persimmons in the market today and this is one of several posts I’ve seen mentioning them. I’m curious to give them a try, as they’re just beautiful to look at! And thank you for doing a guri-guri post. I have so many memories of my grandparents taking all us cousins into Kahului from Makawao so we could get ice cream. I admit, guri-guri wasn’t my favorite, but the flavor is so distinctive, just one bite and I’m back to those days. By the way, I linked to your blog on the latest post; I did a very basic listing of local foods on my last visit, and said to check out your site for the real-deal meals!

  2. Wasabi Prime, “Real Deal Meals”.. lol Sounds like a good name for another Blog! “Real Deal Meals Around Hawaii”. 🙂

    Ricky, give the recipe(s) above a try. You’ll be amazed how close it is in flavor and texture to Tasaka’s original Guri-Guri.

  3. Pomai, I glad you’re getting a ice cream maker. It great for Thankgiving with pies. The Guri Guri I use just a little more soda in it but it up to the cook. You’ll be most popular in party in bringing the Guri Guri ice cream. I will also brine the turkey and beef and pork for now for it moist and tender doing so.

    I had a wonderful time at T.O.W. Order steak dinner with lobster and dessert. Someone paid for it with other people that came along. We dressed up in formal aloha wears. It was a FAD night indeed.

  4. My parents have a fuyu tree in their backyard which yielded an insane amount of fruit this year. Given their crunchy texture, fuyu can be substituted for apple in probably any recipe. A few years ago I made a fuyu crisp that came out really well. Delica rf1, the San Francisco outpost of Japan’s rf1 Sozai chain, has a seasonal salad of sliced fuyu with argula in a tofu-based dressing. It’s quite good. In fact, I better get down there pretty soon and see if it’s back!

    Are maru crisp like fuyu?

  5. Oh man, I so want Guri Guri. I wonder why they’ve never expanded to open a shop here on Oahu. I think they would do well. I say get rid of the junk Waiola Shave Ice 2 on Kapahulu and replace it with a Guri Guri 2.

  6. Marvo, just imagine how many offers the Tasaka family has gotten to either buy their company or to franchise it. . A GOLD MINE just waiting to happen. Yet they continue to operate just one tiny little shop in Maui Mall, still with just 2 flavors of Guri-Guri: Strawberry and Pineapple. They don’t even offer Azuki beans anymore, yet look at how successful continue to be. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    Debbie-chan, the Maru Persimmons are very crisp, though I wouldn’t say “Apple-crisp”. More like just-ripe Cantaloupe crisp. They are substantially sweeter than the Fuyu. That Fuyu Persimmon salad from Sozai sounds oishii.

    Amy, wow, I never thought of making pie filling in an ice cream maker. Can it also make turkey stuffing and gravy? lol Glad to hear you enjoyed Top of Waikiki.

  7. Pomai, Nooo! I don’t think so in turkey stuffing but maybe the ice cream for ice cream pie is not bad. At T.O.W. some people at my table kidding said they must had too much to drink the room looked like it spining!

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