Pan de Sal Fried Chicken Sandwich & Mechado

Diner E’s latest creation: Valerio’s Whole Wheat Pan de Sal “bun”, encasing a whole boneless fried chicken, topped with chopped cabbage, Best Food’s (gotta’ be!) mayonnaise and Banana Ketchup

Diner E’s recent Pan de Sal Burger “invention-turned-enlightenment”  concept had him once again experimenting this novel east-meets-west idea.

In this take he decided to try using fried chicken, while continuing to use the simply brilliant slaw-like topping of roughly-chopped fresh, raw cabbage and Best Food’s Mayonnaise…

(Valerio’s) wheat Pan de Sal Fried Chicken Sandwich – with fresh chopped cabbage (vs. lettuce) and Best Foods Mayo’ topping

The chopped cabbage and Best Food’s Mayo’ topping blend makes all the difference in the world, while sealing the deal is the addition of this interesting and fitting Filipino twist, the addition of a drizzle or two of Banana “ketchup” sauce…

(Valerio’s) wheat Pan de Sal Fried Chicken Sandwich – with fresh chopped cabbage (vs. lettuce) and Best Foods Mayo’ topping and Jaffron Banana “ketchup” sauce

Particularly, the ideal Banana “ketchup” Sauce of choice according to P.I. native Diner C is this  brand by Jufran…

Juffran Banana Sauce (ketchup), less than $1.00 in most supermarkets

Here’s a package of Valerio’s  Pan de Sal rolls, where in this case it’s the healthier whole wheat variety…

Wrapping this up, here we have a cross-cut look at Diner E’s Pan de Sal Fried Chicken Sandwich with Filipino Banana Ketchup/sauce invention…

Diner E invents: Valerio’s Pan de Sal Fried Chicken Sandwich topped with fresh chopped cabbage, Best Food’s Mayo’ and Filipino Banana Ketchup/sauce topping.

Summing it up, Diner E and yours truly gives his OTHER new Pan de Sal creation here a very SOLID 3 SPAM Musubi. Potential four or five if the fried chicken was deep-fried-fresh. Make that, GAURANZ.

On that note, here’s another one of them Burger Machine commercials…


Ummm, sarap sarap!

This next dish is up there in the top three most sought-after queries searched for on this site, which would be Mechado Filipino Beef Stew

Mechado, as prepared by Diner C

Mechado is very similar to your typical tomato-based “Hawaiian” beef stew, with the difference being that it gets a significant contribution of its core flavor from the red bell peppers, which you can readily see here.

The beef shortbribs are fall-apart tender, while the low-level gravy is just enough to provide plenty of moisture and shoyu, garlic and red pepper-infused flavor. Umm. SARAP SARAP! (I just learned that word from Diner C, which translates to REALLY, REALLY DELICIOUS in Tagalog).

I’ll feature a retake demonstration of the recipe in a future installment, done next time (unlike the last time), 100% in accordance to Diner C’s method. My take was good, but hers rocks! 5-SPAM Musubi.

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