The Tasty Island's New Index Page

Kamehameha Bakery Haupia Doughnut

For your convenience, an Index page has been added to this blog site to make it easier to find existing content. The link is located above on the masthead’s main page navigation bar like this:
—-Index—-Bulletin —-About—-Links

The Index page is listed entirely in alphanumeric order, while since there is no Table of Contents page, I decided to partition the listing into several key parent categories as followed:


This breaks down the otherwise long list and should help speed up your search a bit.

The page links are referenced by the date it was posted, as many subjects, events and establishments featured on this blog have already been revisited on multiple occasions at this point in time. Of course, the Index page will be continuously updated as new content are added to this blog.

Sunny Side Inc. in Wahiawa – Apple, Blueberry and Chocolate Cream Pies

FYI – If you use the SEARCH function, keep in mind the resulting page it lands on is the most RECENT entry based on your keyword query and it only displays ONE PAGE of that query result at a time. To find more results of your search, you need to click on: <<Previous Entries at the bottom of that page. Keep clicking on that until you find what you’re looking for (if it exists). I wish it showed more results at a glance, but until I change the CSS template here, that’s the way it is.

Which is why I created the INDEX page, so I hope it helps!

Leonard’s Bakery Malasadas

Established in June 2006, The Tasty Island currently has 358 post entries (including this one) under 43 categories, and a total of 3,889 comments. As of this writing, this site also has a total of 1,492,072 hits, while based on site statistics trends over the past six months, averages nearly 3,000 hits per day; sometimes higher than that.

Liliha Bakery Coco Puffs & Creme Puffs

Just want to say BIG MAHALO to everyone for your loyal readership, wonderful comments, interesting dialogue, and also the many compliments and personal invitations you’ve sent privately via email. I really, really appreciate it!

There’s so much more ono food to eat, so let’s hele!

The Tasty Island

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the pictorial trip down memory lane drooling over some of Oahu’s most famous pastries.


13 thoughts on “The Tasty Island's New Index Page

  1. Oy! I think I gained some weight just looking at those yummy pictures! I really miss the awesome bakeries of Oahu…the ones here on the mainland don’t even compare.

    Also, thanks SO much for creating the Index of your site, I found the search thing wasn’t too cooperative with me. :oD

  2. Pomai – Mahalo to you for keeping such a great blog! We know it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a blog such as this. Just imagine having to bring a camera to wherever you go and at the same time, take awesome pictures, and then you still have to eat! I think if I had to do it, I would forget to take pictures and by the time I remember, the food would be all gone! LOL

    The fact that it’s gotten over 1 million hits is a credit to your wonderful pictures and creative writing; and truly, keeping it interesting for all of us. Most times, it makes me want to rush out and go get some grinds. Keep up the good work!

  3. Your picture of malasadas is killing me in Colorado…Awesome website…I posted it awhile ago to all of my FB friends…

  4. Pomai, always have a sweet tooth for pastries and now got to have some haupia donuts and coco puffs. My flavorite is bread pudding still.

  5. Aaah… look at the chantilly puffs from Liliha. Not good at 6:15am when I’ve been up for two hours and haven’t eaten and have only had a cup of water. That, and I still have to fly over the ocean to get the goods. Torture.

  6. Great addition, Pomai! The Mister and I were just saying last night how we miss Hawaii and need to find a way to get back soon, and to have some malasadas. A fresh haupia would be nice too, hehe.

  7. Pomai,
    I’m such a big fan of your blog. Kamehameha Bakery… that the one on School Street at the base of Alewa Heights/Kam School? Ooooh yeah! I remember this bakery well. Keep up the good work as always.

  8. Mmmm…malasadas from Leonard’s are the best!! We used to live down the street by Rainbow Drive In and would often buy some on the weekends!!!

    Love your blog!

  9. Alicia, I’ve still got a ‘Great Malasada Shootout!” on my Tasty Island backburner. I’m waiting for next year’s Punahou Carnival so I can add them into the competition, along with Leonard’s, Champion and Agnes, 3 of Oahu’s top Malas(s)ada names. And, thanks!

    Paki, yup, that’s Kamehameha Bakery, exactly where you pinpointed its location. Also, thanks!

    Debbie-chan, it seems desserts and sweets always inflict the most cravings here. I’m gonna’ have to concentrate more on that side of the food world. So far I’ve leaned more heavily on main entrees and pupus.

    Garrett, the only one I wouldn’t be sure of is the brand of Malasada.

    CAB, hope you can make it. You got family here?

    John B., I thought you lived here.

    Erica, I miss my grandma’s bread pudding. It was the bomb. Rich ‘n gooey, with plenty of cinnamon and raisins in it.

    Cheryl, glad you like the site. I always said, if there’s one place on the mainland I’d like to live, it would be Colorado. Another would be Oregon, but still, I don’t think I could live away from the ocean. It’s in my veins.

    Deanna, as far as the camera thing, I commented thoroughly on that in a reply to Tony in the ‘Pan de Sal Burger’ thread. See there.

    Glad to hear you think my writing is creative, as I don’t want this blog to seem like just a photo gallery of food, but also a source to learn about the interesting stories behind it, a sense of place in where the food comes from, as well as sharing a little lighthearted humor to boot. So mahalo for pointing that out.

    Howzit Raph’, and thanks!

    Fallstar, the Search function isn’t cooperative with myself, neither. Which is why I created the Index page. It not only helps visitors out, it also helps myself find old posts that I use to refer to when writing new entries. It’s a win-win deal!

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