Grindz of the Day: Palama Market

Palama Market (Dillingham location) – Meat Jun, BBQ Chicken and Mandoo plate, $7.50

While I spent this past Friday fasting, Diner A, AC and E enjoyed taunting me while digging into these GINORMOUS Korean plate lunches from Palama Market on Dillingham boulevard.

Just look at all that food for only $7.50!!! Unbelievable. Like most asians, Koreans are fit and trim folks, so they must have a really good metabolism if places like Palama Market – a Korean grocery imports store – are feeding their regular customers this well. We’re talking layers upon layers of meat jun piled on that plate above. And not just one big piece of BBQ Chicken, but two!…

Palama Market (Dillingham location) – Meat Jun, BBQ Chicken and Mandoo plate, $7.50

Brah! That’s choke grinds right there. So much that Diner A, who’s plate this is, couldn’t even come close to polishing all of it in one sitting like he often does.

Also coming in at a thrifty $7.50 for enough food to satisfy anyone with a truck driver’s appetite, or shared between two adults, is Diner AC’s Meat Jun, Kalbi and Mandoo combo plate…

Palama Market (Dillingham location) – Meat Jun, Kalbi and Mandoo plate, $7.50

Good Lord! That’s a TON of food. I almost got a “Kanak-Attack” just looking at it. lol

Here’s the beautifully char-grilled Kalbi that was buried under the seemingly endless layers of Meat Jun…

Here’s a close look at the Mandoo…

Palama Market – Fried Mandoo

Then we have Diner E’s Stir-fried Shrimp Plate, cranking the cost meter down even further to just $7.00…

Palama Market – Stir-fried Shrimp, $7.00

Notice this one doesn’t include Mandoo, yet still an incredible bang for the buck.

Finally, Diner E also bought a tray to share of these absolutely delicious Korean Seafood Pancakes…

Palama Market – Korean Seafood Pancakes (Pajeon), $4.00

Here’s a slice..

Palama Market – Korean Seafood Pancake (Pajeon)

With that, Diner A and AC gave their plates a solid 3-SPAM Musubi rating, while super-critical Diner E, who we now have a new nickname as “Simon Kaukau” (a spin-off from American Idol’s Simon Cowell) gives his plate 2-SPAM Musubi.

Zzzzzzzz. Snore. Zzzzzzzz. Snore. Zzzzzzzz. Snore.


14 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: Palama Market

  1. Pomai, now everybody will try to get entries to you and my friends is also planning what subjects to submit to you. This place not bad deal but I am die hard for Korean Sushi when I there. As you know I am also a Lum big familiy tree and Lum goes all the way back to 1800 in Hawaii. So yes those people are indeed my family too.

    My friends are hammy of what entries to submit for they think themselves as beauty queens. Oh Boy! I was also former Prom Queen too and voted Best Looking.

  2. No way you know the Lums from Sun Chong Grocery? Were you at the Lum Picnic late time too? Hey I was also voted Handsome Island Guy in high school too. I always head to Palama for their shortribs meal yummy. I do also like Yummy for their deal not bad at all .

  3. Looking at your blog is just torture when it’s close to dinner. So many familiar lovely things! I’ll be back in Hawaii for a cousin’s wedding very soon, and I think I’m going to gain ten pounds having all the local food I can get my hands on. I can’t wait!!

  4. Pomai I am so mad at you. jk
    The Dillingham location has been my secret stash spot to eat for many years. I find it is bigger, better, and slightly cheaper than their other location near Kaheka Street. Plus you never know what combination of vegtables you will find on your plate as it constantly changes.
    Oh, plus NO TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Palama beats everyone else hands down in size and price.

  5. PLUS their bbq chicken plate is only $5.50, Bulgogi is only $6.50.
    My wife and I usually end up splitting ONE plate, it that big!
    And I am 6 foot, 240 lbs.
    Palama No Ka Oi!

  6. Yoro, wow, a 6 ft., 240 lb. guy can’t polish a plate like this himself? No ways… I know you can! lol

    Actually, I’m not the only one to let the “secret” out about Palama Market. Honolulu Advertiser’s Metromix recently did a very thorough job on the cheap eats at Palama Market here:

    wasabi prime, don’t worry, we have plenty of beautiful beaches to walk, run, swim and surf off the extra calories and fats you’ll surely take in while here.

    Kelike, Yummy’s makes darned great fast-food Korean, but they’ve been raising their prices quite a bit lately. A Chicken Katsu plate at Yummy’s is now over $9. Same for Kalbi. The same thing at Palama Market costs $2-3 less and just as good if not better. Only shortfall with Palama is you can’t pick and choose your Banchan (Korean side dishes), but they give you several varieties of whatever they prepared for the day.

    Amy, looking forward to your “Beauty Queen’ friends’ guest entry submissions. Sound like it’ll be VERY interesting… just like the Fried Dace comments thread! 😛

    I too love Korean Sushi (Kimbap), yet funny, the folks at Metromix said the one they had from Palama Market was really lacking. Must have been a bad batch, because I’ve tried their Kimbap and it was excellent.

  7. Pomai:

    Yes, Palama Market’s Kim Bap is THE BEST!

    I wouldn’t trust METROMIX reviews, particularly those written by folks who are more photographer than foodie.

    I’ve tried Kim Bap from all over and I continue to rate theirs the best!

  8. Pomai, is there something called a Korean Musubi or do they have a mix rice kimbap? Thanks Amy for saying I one of the Beauties Queens in your groups. Now thinking of having my hair done for photo shoots.

  9. Kimbap is something I never try yet now I will head out to Palama Market for some. Boy, Beauties Queens must be some special Dishes.

  10. I love Palama Market! I also agree that their kim bap (Korean sushi) is excellent. This is the main thing I go there for. By coincidence, I just tried their pajun last week too–I like it a lot, especially the huge mushrooms and the kim chee, but be careful for toothpicks inside.

  11. Palama lunch counter is all good (value), and so is the Market’s self-serve goodie bins where you can create lots of fine accoutrements to your pokey that you purchase from the Don Quixote. (Referring to the Kapiolani/Ala Moana-area Palama Market.)

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