Go Warrior Jack!

Limited edition University of Hawaii Warriors’ ‘Warrior Jack’ Antenna Ball from Jack in the Box Hawaii

Every once in a while the national fast food chains in the islands bring in a unique product exclusive to the Hawaii market. A perfect recent example would be McDonald’s Taro and Haupia Pies. Now it’s Jack in the Box with their seasonally-morphing Jack Antenna Ball, this time around sporting a very authentic looking University of Hawaii Warriors Football helmet! How cool is that?!!! Well ok, it’s not edible like a Haupia Pie, but still, very, very cool.

Erika Engle’s The Buzz covers the arrival of ‘Warrior Jack’ in this informative Star Bulletin article on the subject. In there it’s explained that while there have been many NFL and MLB team Jack Antenna Balls offered in the past around the country, this here ‘Warrior Jack’ is the first and only JITB Antenna Ball ever offered that represents a college football team. Which should give these even more collectible value… and yes, Warrior Jacks are already up for sale on eBay, I checked. lol.

Beginning July 10, 2009, Warrior Jack Antenna Balls are currently available for a limited time while supplies last at all Jack in the Box locations in Hawaii. That would include twenty-two restaurants on Oahu, three on Maui and one in Hilo on the Big Island.

They’re free with any large combo meal, such as this Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich and large combo…

Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich and large combo (.90 cents additional) includes a FREE ‘Warrior Jack’ Antenna Ball, total $7.69 (click on image above to view cross cut view of Sourdough Chicken Club Sandwich)

For an additional .90 cents over the “small combo” price, the “large combo” option gets you a mega-sized soft drink and supposedly more fries, although it didn’t look like more to me. Not that it matters, as I can usually only tolerate eating a small handful of curly fries before my stomach’s grease alarm kicks in and stops me from consuming any more.

Greasy curly fries notwithstanding, the Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club sandwich was actually pretty darned good!…

Jack in the Box Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

This is also a somewhat healthier choice (if you can even call it that) compared to the Sourdough Jack Hamburger, with the chicken having 543 calories, 27 grams total fat and 1438 mg of sodium, compared with the Sourdough Jack Hamburger which packs 671 calories, 45 grams of fat, yet surprisingly less sodium at 1174 mg. I wanted to try their Chicken Teriyaki bowl, as that’s one of the few entree items on their menu that fits into the “Healthy Choice” category, but I was told that wasn’t available as a large combo option (to qualify for the free Antenna Jack). Oh well.

If the idea of supersizing your meal, your pants size and your cardiologist’s paycheck doesn’t sound worth the free antenna ball, you can also buy Warrior Jack Antenna Balls separately at $1.49 each.

This is what their ad in the current Midweek looks like (and also the posters on their restaurant windows)…

Obviously, they’re in the business of selling food, not sports memorabilia, so they don’t mention that the ‘Warrior Jack’ is also available separately for $1.49 on the ad. The service counter in the restaurant has a small sign with that information.

On the antenna ball package, it clearly states This Item is Not a Toy!…

Shucks. And here I was ready to create an entire football team with my sister’s collection of headless Barbie And Ken Dolls. lol

As a nice touch and something I don’t remember getting with other JITB Antenna Balls in the past is this handy-dandy color-matched suction cup stand included with each Warrior Jack…

The green stand/stick is made of plastic-covered metal wire, so it’s malleable, meaning it can be bent into any angle, as you see it depicted in their ad. Like most suction cups, this one sticks best on a flat, non-porous surface. The spring that connects the stand to the head gives ‘Warrior Jack’ a bobblehead effect, which gives it some animation while driving when attached somewhere on your car’s dash or window.

As the Tasty Island always like to do with its subjects, let’s take a close look at Warrior Jack from every angle, starting with the front…

Right side…

Left side…

Back view…

Top view…

The underside…

Finally, a profile angle

Here’s a replica of the actual game helmet worn by the players from a past season, which appears to be the one modeled for ‘Warrior Jack’…

As for Warrior Jack, the three stickers that make up the Warriors “H” logo and Warrior stripe down the center of the helmet are made of polyvinyl, with the two Warrior logos on the sides tending to peel a little on the edge as it resists taking to the curvature of the helmet. If that bothers you, you can try gluing it down with a stronger adhesive. As it is out of the package, if you were to affix this to your car’s antenna, the logo stickers will probably eventually peel and blow away in the wind.

The materials of the helmet are made of various densities of pigmented molded foam rubber, while the white-colored faux styrofoam Jack head inside the helmet is standard JITB Antenna Ball size. The helmet is factory-glued to the head, so don’t try removing it without checking/cutting away glue points first.

What’s funny is my friend said he seen a car with a ‘Warrior Jack’ on the antenna driving on the freeway, and apparently the helmet design isn’t very aerodynamic, as ‘Warrior Jack’ was fluttering violently side to side in the oncoming wind, threatening to get blown off at any second. lol

Speaking of standard JITB Antenna Balls, I was able to dig up some older ones I had collected that was stashed away, including the original Jack Antenna Ball and ‘Reindeer Jack’. Here they are proudly posing with ‘Warrior Jack’…

Jack, Warrior Jack and Reindeer Jack JITB Antenna Balls

If these antenna balls could talk, what do you think they would say to each other? Perhaps Warrior Jack would suggest to Original Jack (the president), “Our coach needs a big fat raise and improved facilities for us to practice.” Reindeer Jack’ would then sing to Warrior Jack, “You better be play good. You better score high. You better win every game and I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town.” Original Jack would then simply nod his head to Reindeer Jack in agreement of what he just sang to Warrior Jack, while his usual excessive smiley facial expression would quickly change to a stern grin as Warrior Jack glances at Original Jack for a reaction. lol

As for supply, the counter person at the Kaneohe location I visited said they still had a lot left. I bought a few extra that I’ll be offering as a prize giveaway in a future contest here. I’ll wait until Jack in the Box no longer has them available before I do that in order to make them more appealing.

In the mean time, if this looks like something you’d like to proudly display or add to your collection of whatever it is you collect (or sell on eBay if that’s your thang), head on over to your local Hawaii Jack in the Box and get some before they’re all gone.

Go Warrior Jack! Go Warriors!

What? ‘Warrior Jack’ Antenna Ball
Where did you buy it and how much did it cost? Jack in the Box (Kaneohe location), FREE with a large combo meal. Also $1.49 each sold separately.
Big shaka to: Almost as cool as UH’s epic winning 2007 Warrior football season. Genuine UH Warriors logo and color scheme. Includes a handy-dandy suction cup/bobblehead malleable stand. The first and only JITB antenna ball to represent a college football team. Available for sale separately. Limited Hawaii edition should make it highly sought after by collectors in the future.
No shaka to: Warriors logo stickers tend to peel a little at the edges. “Large combo” is way more greasy fries and soft drink than I wish to consume in one meal.
SPAM Musubi rating: 4

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P.S. Here’s ‘Warrior Jack’ in a true-to-scale “jersey”, which is actually a Koozie to keep bottled beverages cold…

On the other side of this “Warrior Green” neoprene Koozie is the logo of the entity giving them out, the Honolulu Advertiser. This was from a past season (not sure exactly which year).


11 thoughts on “Go Warrior Jack!

  1. Check out the surprising attention to detail: the helmet not only has the UH Warrior logo on the side, but it also has the same design running in the middle of the helmet that an actual UH Warrior helmet has! Nice!

    (By the way, how was the sandwich? It looked pretty tasty.)

  2. Had to go back to JITB to buy several more as “backup” since my first one was stolen from my F-150 several days ago.
    Just put a new one on tonight. Lets see how long this second one lasts. LOL

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  4. Well I used to buy at Jack In The Box when attending college for price was good deal. Their french fry recipe was taken by Burger King which people knew about it. It never get soggy when cold for special coating on potatos before it frozen. That why it extras crispy too.

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  6. I guess I’m going to have to settle for buying this warrior jack on eBay or something. Not going to back home until October.

  7. Hugh, don’t you know anyone here (in Hawaii) that can buy some for you in the mean time? Otherwise email me and I’ll be happy to hook you up. CAB, you too.

    Betty, , if not for anything else, I think McDonald’s has the best fries of the major fast food chains, a must-have order whenever I’m there, damned what the doctor says.

    YORO, you sure yours was stolen? It may have blown off while you were driving. My friend said he seen one on a car on the freeway, and it was VERY UNSTABLE in the oncoming wind. Along with the “This is not a toy” disclaimer on the package, they might wanna’ add, “This is not an antenna ball. Not for use on operating vehicles”. lol

    Molly, the Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club was ono! First time trying it, but I’d order it again if not for the still-high 27 grams of fat it’s packing.

  8. Thanks for your offer Pomai, but I just found out my grandma recently moved to a new place within walking distance from a jack-in-the-box. I don’t have to feel guilty about asking my 92-year old grandma to drive somewhere.

  9. Thanks, Pomai, you’re so sweet to offer! I think I have a couple of options I’m looking into. Like Hugh, my only source is an Auntie in her mid 80’s that has a hard time getting around and I just don’t want to bother her with something so small like this. I’ll figure a way out 🙂

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