Wienermobile Cruises Oahu

Yesterday the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile™ was on display at the Don Quijote Kaheka street location from 2 to 6pm. Following are some photos I took while it was there. Enjoy.

Now we’re inside the Wienermobile, where here is the hot dog colored floor with a squirt of mustard graphic going down the aisle…

There are also 2 more seats in the aft-section behind the gull-wing door.

There’s really not much inside. You’d expect there to be this amazing, mythical, magical hot dog station like no other you’ve ever seen before, but nope. There’s no seemingly-eternal supply of grilled Oscar Mayer wieners, toasty buns and all the condiments your heart desires. Darned it! Really all this is a plain-ole people-mover van in a very loud disguise. lol

They provided these hot dog face cut-outs (put your mug in the puka) for photo ops, though at the time I was there nobody was making use of them…

Can’t forget that famous jingle…

Here’s all the specs, in case you were wondering (like I was)…

It must also be noted according to Ben, one of the “Hotdoggers” on duty, who highlighted that this is one of a fleet of 6 Wienermobiles™ that Oscar Mayer owns, with this being the newest of them, and still a puppy at only 700 miles (I’m too lazy to calculate how many hot dogs equal 700 miles in distance) racked up on the odometer.

Here’s “Hotdogger” Ben, “relishing” having one of the coolest jobs in the world…

They were handing out these coupons and stickers…

and also these Oscar Mayer Wienermobile whistles…

As I mentioned earlier about there not being a magical hot dog station inside the Wienermobile, neither were they handing out Oscar Mayer hot dogs outside in front. Though inside Don Quijote, a sample lady was giving out samples of grilled Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (cut in bite-size pieces)  in the back by the meat department.

Cool ride, That Wienermobile. Cool job, too.


12 thoughts on “Wienermobile Cruises Oahu

  1. I remember it when as a little girl back in Honolulu and see the mobile in San Francisco off and on also. I will email you a easy banana ice cream recipe since that one flavor not easy to find at time in supermarket.

  2. Yoro, thanks for pointing that out. As you now see, I just disabled the “possibly related links” WordPress widget on this blog. That’s very annoying.

    In case that person who wrote that blog post isn’t aware, Oscar Mayer gets their people for the coveted “Hotdogger” job directly from a select pool of recent college graduates, not walk-ins off the street or resume submissions.

    Betty, got your email.

    Jodi, email me your postal mailing address and I’ll be happy to send you your very own, brand new (still in the sealed wrapper) Wienermobile Whistle.

  3. My wife and son had the chance to see the Wiener Mobile in Kailua yesterday. They loved it! I also had a friend from high school who used to drive this thing across the country. She actually brought it to Hawaii that last time it was here. What a fun promotional “vehicle.” I hope to bump into it myself before it leaves the island.

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  5. I saw this bad boy in Salt Lake City about a year ago. It was parked on the street at a hotel not far from the building I live in. I did not get to go in so I liked seeing your pics. Great post and thanks!

  6. I’ve never seen it in person! When my kids found out that Weinermobiles existed, they were intrigued, until they found out that it doesn’t serve you hot dogs. For them, it’s all about the grinds! (Wonder where they get that from?) 😉

  7. I am a local boy here in Madison, WI. Have been here since 1982 and feel like I have become a Wisconsite. Seeing the Wienermobile in HI makes me laugh because of the connection between WI and Hawaii. Note the Wisconsin license plates on the Wienermobile. Also, we have a major Oscar Mayer plant here in Madison, of which I have seen the innerworkings. Also, I’ve been in the Wienermobile. Aloha all, from Madison, WI!

  8. Aloha there, Alan in Madison. Coming where you’re from, you may find it quite amusing to read this news story published today in our daily papers…

    Unbelievable. 😦

    Jenny, yeah, and I’m not sure if a Wiener Whistle adequately compensates for the lack of real hot dogs to eat. Still, gotta’ love the Wienermobile!

    Blake, aloha to you there in Utah.

    Nate, hope you caught my post about the Kulana Blood Sausage. I see someone in your family loves that stuff too.

  9. Thanks, Pomai! That is very funny to me. Here in Madison, billboards are a very regulated industry. But, there has never been a hullabaloo about the beloved Wienermobile! Thanks for the stories!

  10. Alan, glad to hear you enjoyed the articles. Hope you read the (numerous) reader comments following it. That’s even more entertaining than the story itself!

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