Waipahu Eats: Kristen's Kitchen

The other week our gang decided to sample some plates from Kristen’s Kitchen in Waipahu. They’re located on the ground floor of a duplex business building right across the street from Times Supermarket, nearby the Servo Toyota dealership. Just a few doors over from them is Blazin’ Steaks.

This is a place you can dine-in comfortably…

…or go take-out like we always do.

Kristen’s menu has a wide selection of local favorites and specialties at very competitive prices. Here’s a look at what they’ve got…

Undecided? Don’t worry, I was too.

Diner E already knew what he wanted based on a favorable experience trying theirs in the past, ordering the Kim Chee Fried Rice and Teri Beef Plate…

Kristen’s Kitchen – Kim Chee Fried Rice and Teri Beef Plate, $6.50

Diner A always digs a good bento, and it would only be fitting he choose Bento A from Kristen’s…

Kristen’s Kitchen – Bento A: Chicken Katsu, Teri Beef, Mahi Mahi, SPAM, $6.95

Finally after about 5 minutes of contemplation over that vast menu, yours truly couldn’t resist their “Catch of the Day” daily special, the Monchong with Lemon Caper Butter Sauce…

Kristen’s Kitchen – Monchong with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce, $7.50

First I’ll start with my Monchong. The portion of the filet was generous, having more than I could finish. My big mistake was NOT telling the friendly young lady taking the order that I want my fish RARE. Turned out, they grilled it until it was medium-well, ending up being well-done by the time it reached our office in transit. Here’s a cross-cut look into the monchong filet…

Kristen’s Kitchen – Monchong with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce

There’s no question though that this came from a very fresh cut of Monchong, and not a cover-up fish. The Lemon Butter Caper Sauce was nice. It tasted like they laced it with Shoyu, which made it a bit more savory. Aside of that, I appreciated how simple, clean and light it was (the lemon wedge helped that cause). Their mac was right on. Fresh, smooth, ‘n creamy. Winnah.With that, I give my Monchong with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce 2 SPAM Musubi (good).

Kristen’s Kitchen – Bento A: Chicken Katsu, Teri Beef, Mahi Mahi, SPAM

A similar sentiment to my Monchong, Diner A’s main gripe with his bento was that most items were overcooked. While the right flavors and textures were all there, all it needed to be great was better cooking management on this particular order. With that, he gave Kristen’s Bento A 1 SPAM Musubi (average).

Diner E’s Teri beef on his Kim Chee Fried Rice plate suffered the same overcooked syndrome, so minus points for that. But making it up was that stellar Kim Chee Fried Rice Kristen’s serves…

Kristen’s Kitchen – Kim Chee Fried Rice and Teri Beef Plate

Based off a sample Diner E shared with me, it tastes like not only do they add Won Bok Kim Chee into the rice, but they also add a little (mild, not hot) Kochujang sauce to the mix to add further character of its namesake. An added plus are the generous servings of julienned Kamaboko and omelet, plus chopped green onions. Nice.

Regardless of the overcooked teri beef, the Kim Chee Fried Rice was so good, Diner E polished his plate, outshining Diner A’s “spotless” reputation for the day…

Kristen’s Kitchen – Kim Chee Fried Rice & Teri Beef Plate (polished)… *burp*

Kristen’s Kitchen
94-80 Farrington Hwy
Suite D
Waipahu, HI 96797
(808) 678-2529

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10 thoughts on “Waipahu Eats: Kristen's Kitchen

  1. Pomai, I see the Kristen Special is like Joe Special in San Francisco that served in American Italian Restaurants. Prices is so very good and see NY Steak sound pretty good. I do like spaghetti carbonara very much. Never try kim chee fried rice but will make it at home since it so easy.

  2. White table cloth menu with diner price sound awesome to me. When I saw the pasta conner menu at that price I am heading there for it. Else where the prices would be double for the overhead cost.

  3. Pomai, wow corn chowder is my flavorite when I was in school as a little kid. New York Steak seem like a great deal for me and will ask a friend to go with me to check it out. Any desserts?

  4. Pomai, even when you gave it two musubi people see it a good place for the price and deal. Unlike Libby funny no matter how rude they are people still like going there too. Like San Francisco Chinatown in the early days wait workers were rude yet tourists goes there for they think it funny to see how rude they are.

    Libby may not see it, people want to see how far they go in being rude like some game they play.

  5. Amy, perhaps that’s part of the romance of eating at Chinese restaurants: the “character” of the folks who work there. It at least makes for interesting table conversation. lol

    Erica, like most plate lunch joints, Kristen’s isn’t known for desserts. If you’re in the Waipahu area, you might also wanna’ stop by Valerio’s Tropical Bake Shop or Nanding’s for some ono Pandisal and Filipino style butter rolls. I’ll blog them later.

    Kimo, in retrospect, I kinda’ wish I ordered the Linguine with baby clams. That sounds good.

    Betty, if you make Kim Chee Fried Rice, try adding some Kochujang sauce into the mix. I think that’s Kristen’s “secret”.

    Diner A, proves dining-in has an advantage.

    Paul C, according to the nice gal working the counter, Kristen’s has been in business for around 10 years. They’re owned by Phil and Lynn Elesala.

  6. Wow, that’s a big menu? I would have stood there for a long time with my tongue hanging out trying to decide.

    But no corned beef hash on the breakfast menu? Auwe. Is it just me?

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