Kihei Eats: Alexander's Fish & Chips

A vast expanse of Maui’s east side of the island is made up of Kihei. If you drive down South Kihei Road along the coast, you’ll see property after property of vacation homes, condos and hotels, along with the businesses that cater to Valley Isle visitors.

Among the many restaurants that dot this part of the map is Alexander’s. While I wouldn’t necessarily tag Alexander’s Fish, Chicken ‘n Ribs – simply known as Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips – as a tourist-driven eatery, it has all the makings for that demographic based on its location in Kalama Village Shopping Plaza, as well as the kitschy-fishy decor once you walk inside.

My English blood runs strong (12.5% to be exact) when it comes to Fish ‘n Chips, and I’ve loved the stuff ever since childhood. When my Maui native girlfriend hooked me up with this place years ago, ever since, I’ve longed to return to Alexander’s for their most excellent take on this British classic.

Here’s a look at the menu…

The daily specials…

Next to their fabulous herbed Tempura batter, the absolute BEST feature about Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips is the option given to choose your choice of three types of the most popular freshly-caught fish right from Hawaiian waters: Ahi, Mahimahi or Ono…

Personally, I don’t care for Ahi prepared any other way than RAW, either in Sashimi or Poke form, so that choice here in the form of (fully cooked) fish ‘n chips is always last resort for me.

Between Mahimahi and Ono, I think they’re both equally EXCELLENT choices for Fish ‘n Chips. As the signs describe, they’re both flakey white meat. I think Mahimahi has a bit more flavor and also is a bit more moist, so I’d choose that if you want a little more character. For kids, they’d be safest to go with the Ono, as it’s the least “fishy” of the three.

Whichever you choose, no question you’ll find these three fish from the Pacific ocean an interesting twist versus the more commonly used Fish ‘n Chips fillets sourced from Cod, Haddock, Flounder and Alaskan Pollock

The specials advertised boldly outside on the windows are also worth considering…

Getting right to it, here’s our order…

On this tray is the Ono (the fish) Fish ‘n Chips from the REGULAR MEALS menu section…

Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips – Ono (the fish) Fish ‘n Chips with Cole Slaw, $9.95

As advertised on the front window, this is the Tempura Sweet Potato Combo with Mahimahi…

Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips – Tempura Sweet Potato Combo with Mahimahi, $7.95


Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips – Oysters deep-fried in their Tempura Batter, ala carte price

Hush Puppies…

Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips – Hush Puppies with Honey, $1.95

Along with the option of your choice of fish, Alexander’s also allows you to choose and serve your own dipping sauces and condiments in lidded containers. Sweet! This includes ketchup, cocktail sauce (my favorite), BBQ sauce, tartar sauce, ranch dressing, malt vinegar, lemon wedges and packets of salt and pepper…

Looks like we’re set! Let’s dig in, starting with the oysters…

As you would presume, the best way to dress these are with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and dipped in cocktail sauce. The oysters were very moist, tender and flavorful, with the golden crispy herbed tempura batter complimenting the smooth, silky texture of the oyster meat really well. Fantastic.

Now let’s have a bite of the Mahimahi tempura…

So flakey and moist, and as explained earlier, the mahimahi has a bit more character in its flavor in comparison to the ono. If in doubt which to choose, I’d highly recommend the Mahimahi. Winnahz!

Notice the herbs lacing the tempura-based batter, which I’m guessing is parsley and perhaps oregano, although I’m not positive. The batter itself is light and crispy and not glutenous at all, but more delicate just like traditional Japanese tempura.

Here’s the Ono (Wahoo)…

The Tempura Sweet Potato (along with the oysters)…

The slices of sweet potatoes were tender right through, with the herbed tempura batter complimenting its flavor beautifully. A sprinkle of malt vinegar and a dip in the tartar sauce worked best for me. My girlfriend preferred them in BBQ sauce. Either way, it’s all good.

Then there’s the hush puppies with honey…

Neither of us cared for this. Next.

The crinkle-cut fries (chips) were cooked perfectly GBD and seasoned with salt just right. Personally I’d prefer thicker straight-cut chips (fries) with my fish, but this works.

Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips has been under new ownership for three years now under Ken Randolph who used to work at the Kealani Resort in Wailea.The original owner, Don, moved back to Washington state.

Part of the romance of eating at Alexander’s is enjoying the relaxed, sunny beach-side atmosphere of Kihei, whether you sit out front or under the shade of the surrounding establishment…

Next time you’re in Kihei and are in the mood for seafood, consider Alexander’s Fish ‘n Chips. Service is quick, prices are reasonable and the Fish ‘n Chips and Oysters are an excellent choice to satisfy your hunger and fuel up for more fun under the Maui beach sun.

Alexander’s Fish & Chips
Kalama Village Kihei (near Foodland)
1913 S Kihei Rd
Kihei, HI 96753

Tel. (808) 874-0788

The Tasty Island Rating:

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13 thoughts on “Kihei Eats: Alexander's Fish & Chips

  1. Your timing is great! We’re going on an interisland cruise at the end of the month, so thanks to you, we can steer our off-ship eating in the right direction. If we get to Kihei, Alexander’s will definitely be a stop. Guri-Guri is fo shure!

  2. Fish and Chip my flavorite with malt vinegar would’nt have any other way. Oysters look very tasty too. How long it take from Laihaina to there? Where the lot of people? Did they heard you were comming? Ha Ha

  3. Pomai, been checking and Alexander and they do have one on Lahaina after all. Great for me when I back on the islands. Planing to be there for business. Never try ono fish before it the reason to have some fish and chip.

  4. There a Long John Silver fish and chip in Mililani. 95-656 Lanikuhana Ave.
    They got all over the states and Taiwan. Hush puppies not my thing but it ok should gotten honey on it. Love fish and chips with malt vinegar. In Calif. Long John Silver is alway together with KFC. Chicken and fish and chips. Surf and turf.

  5. That did it! I am heading to 1014 Valkenburgh St. Long John Silver Fish & Chips is the nearest . Never had hush puppies but they got them and lobster bites also.

  6. Kimo, I think there’s a Long John Silver in the Moanalua Shopping Center near the airport as well. I was always curious how their fish ‘n chips are. I’ll have to stop by and try it since both you and Erica vouch for them.

    Betty, yes there’s another Alexander’s location in Lahaina, but the one Kihei is the original. Either way, I think you’ll really like their seasoned Tempura batter. It’s fantastic. You can’t go wrong with either the Ono or Mahimahi. As you seen in the photos, they provide malt vinegar in packets, as well as lemon for that acidic bite.

    Kristin L, the cruise ship port is in Kahului harbor, so Guri Guri is just a 5 minute drive from there. When you get to Maui, if you have online access, keep us posted on your culinary ventures there! For sure you’re gonna’ have a blast.

  7. Weird, I just went to their Kaahumanu location earlier today! Only had a mahi combo, which was pretty good and not oily at all. The oysters and sweet potato look good too. Maybe I’ll try the original Kihei location to see if it’s better.

  8. Guarantee get good grinds on fish & chips here…batter is great and good when it’s fresh…

    Right next door to Alexander’s in Kihei is one Foodland shopping center, get one new restaurant called ‘Cuatro’ that is part-owned by DK Kodama. Just recently opened a couple months ago. It is a Mexican-Latin fusion type place. Coincidentally, Cuatro is located right next door in the same shopping center to DK’s popular sushi place “Sansei”. My bruddah Brad (real bruddah) runs Cuatro, he’s the restaurant manager. Too bad you neva get to go try that place out when you was there!

  9. George, I think the “atmosphere” has a lot to do with enjoying fish & chips. Somehow I think it’s better when you’re near the ocean like it is in Kihei, versus being landlocked in a mall more inland. Perhaps those negative ions have something to do with it!

    C, I didn’t notice any restaurant named ‘Cuatro’ near Foodland, and believe me, we did a lot of shopping for hotel room “supplies” while there at the Kihei Foodland! We did notice the former Tony Roma’s location in Kihei is now a Sansei Restaurant. And there was quite a line to get in one evening during dinner time! My girlfriend and I were both highly impressed with DK’s restaurants here in Waikiki, so I have no doubt Cuatro is a place worth checking out. Mahalo for the tip!

  10. Ken,
    Not sure if you remember me but I spent long days doing tablesides and nights just chillin with you and Dion. In case you don’t remember it’s Ken Hutchinson. Hit me back with an e-mail if you remember.


  11. Alexander’s makes some of the most “ono” ono and chips in the islands. Their fish and chip combo platter (fried, of course), with grilled veggies and mushrooms, plus coleslaw used to be a really good deal, because of the quality vs. price. The fish is top quality, and the light, tasty batter is uniquely delicious. All the necessary condiments are present, and are very good. I have to say, I ate there for years, and in the past couple years, I gave up on them since their 2 or 3- “piece” meals, turned into 2 or 3 “nugget” meals. It just wasn’t worth it anymore. The fish is supposed to be the star–and it has been, and could be again, but it’s not right now. Not when each piece of fish is gone in 2-bites, or should I say, “gone in 2-seconds. . . ” Seriously. You’ll see. Fish nuggets and chips. Hope they turn around–like they used to be. Eskimo Candy’s fish and chip platter is a very good value, very fresh, but–honestly–Alexander’s batter is better. In this case, I choose the fish over the batter, since I’d rather eat the fish than a couple paltry bites of crust, at the end of the day.

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