Catered Luncheon from Chun Wah Kam

As you may have read in past postings here, our company rewards us periodically for a job well done via the stomach with ono kine grindz. And this past week was no exception, as we were rewarded yet again with another fabulous luncheon from Chun Wah Kam.

Actually, not just Chun Wah Kam (Kalihi street location), but also, as somewhat of a paradox (being that Chun Wah Kam is known for this), Manapua from Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown. Plus a cake from the Iwilei Costco. Yeah, we’re picky eaters, aren’t we. lol

Here’s the spread…

Let’s start from the beginning, including the utensils (lol)…

My, my, aren’t we fancy. lol

As mentioned earlier, the Manapua we ordered were the “mini” type, which are about 2/3 the size (not quite 1/2) of a regular manapua from Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant in Honolulu Chinatown. Here’s the steamed Manapua from Happy Garden…

Not surprisingly, the baked manapua here went faster than the steamed ones…

Of course gotta’ get rice…

The rice, as well as the rest of the following entrees are from Chun Wah Kam (Kalihi street location).

Rounding out the starch is a pan of Chow Mein noodles…

Crispy Gau Gee…

Or as a waitress I remember way back when at Kin Wah in Kaneohe used to call it, “Kee-Pee Gau”. lol

Of course, with “Kee-Pee Gau”, gotta’ get da’ hot mustard and shoyu fo’ dip ’em…

Roast Chicken with Oyster Sauce…

Sweet & Sour Pork Spare Ribs…

Or as the Kin Wah waitress would call it, “Shee-Show Poh”. lol

Rounding it out is a pan of, my favorite, Beef Broccoli…

Or as the Kin Wah waitress would call it, “Bee Boh”. lol

Eh brah, where’s da’ Abalone Soup (“Abonee-su”), Salted Duck Egg (“Duh Ay”), Sweet & Sour Shrimp (“Shee-Show Shih”) and Egg Fu Yung (“Ay Fu-yah”)? Nah, just kidding, this is plenty good eats as is.

Here’s sample plate exhibit A…

Sample plate exhibit B…

Diner A enjoyed it so much, he once again, polished his plate…


In fact, he enjoyed it so much, he went back for seconds!…

Here’s a look inside the baked and steamed manapua from Happy Garden…

The steamed manapua from Happy Garden are winnahz. The bun is sweet, with a tender, yet glutenous texture to it, and nice and golden brown, crunchy crust. The charsiu filling is kinda’ “syrupy”, thanks to what appears to be it being thickened with cornstarch, with very pronounced sweet charsiu flavor to it. Just fantastic. They’re cheap too, at three for $2, which is why we got them from there (lol). J/K. Nah, but seriously, if you’re looking for a really ono baked manapua, check out these mini baked manapua from Happy Garden. Winnahz!

Here’s a look inside Chun Wah Kam’s massive Crispy Gau Gee (“Kee-Pee Gau”)…

Brah, these buggahz had CHOKE ground pork in it. Was ono. Me, I choke da’ Coleman’s Mustard and Shoyu sauce. Drown da’ buggah in da’ stuffs.

For dessert, a congratulatory cake from Costco…

Insert >your department name< in blank area below the candle.

The price per person for the pans of items from Chun Wah Kam came out to a economic crisis-busting $7 each. Now that is very “un-Pake”. lol The mini steamed and baked Manapua from Happy Garden were also an AIG executives’ bonus-busting three for $2. Oh-right!

That was a FANTASIC, back to basics Chinese lunch. Great job by Chun Wah Kam and Happy Garden.

Solid 4-SPAM Musubi rating.


14 thoughts on “Catered Luncheon from Chun Wah Kam

  1. Pomai, major spread made me drove out to get some also. Pork buns baked and steamed was the number one thing for me first. I head on to Patti at Pearlridge Mall for a nice lunch.

  2. Looks yummy. May I suggest that if your office hosts lunches often, you do as the Germans (I lived there for 12 years) do and invest in an inexpensive set of dishes and cutlery. More environmentally friendly than all that paper and plastic, and it makes the food look and taste great too! It always felt so classy (and like the place really cared) when we’d go to Kindergarten or sports team events and have even the simplest pot-luck dished up on real dishes. Even the car repair shop had china cups next to the coffee machine! 🙂

  3. I’m jealous. You kamaaina know how to get it right. Me hungry.

    Have you tried the manapua at Hamura’s on Kauai at 11AM. Broke da mouth.

    Manapua, a bowl of “the special” and a cool shave ice = happy nap time. Good luck finishing all da fine grinds.


  4. Holy bajeezes! That’s a lot of food. And only $7 per person is unreal reasonable. Those mini steamed baos look awesome…never tried Happy Garden…thanks for the tip. Congrats on your accomplishment.

  5. Pomai, I will keep that spam wellington recipe for a later date in entering a contest so sorry I can’t give it to you for now. I also tasted the new spam turkey and bacon flavors and hickory one they are great for more recipes I have created for contest. Some are Asians other are Americans.

    The chow mein in Hawaii are not as oily as San Francisco which Hong Kong style here. Kam Wah Chun make it more Jungshan style the way I like it. No where in San Francisco sell fried gau gee (wonton) at all which is easy to make at home still. Not like big size one in your photo just small size folded type.

  6. Betty, I’m sure looking forward to more about your SPAM Wellington recipe, although I must admit, am so NOT a fan of Pate (or anything made with liver for that matter). Bleck! lol What if you coated it with SPAM Spread? The stuff almost tastes like Pate if you ask me.

    ilikegrind, I see you folks already covered Manapua in your blind taste test roster. The results were VERY interesting coming from a somewhat “experienced” Oahu Manapua grinder here. Funniest part is that you guys included 7-11’s take on it. lol Seriously though, gotta’ try the baked mini manapua from Happy Garden. EXCELLENT. Cheap too, at $2 bucks for three of ’em.

    The BravoC, I did not know Hamura Saimin on Kauai specialized in Manapua as well (as saimin). Which obviously seems odd being that they’re Japanese. I’ll ask my GF’s mom (Kauai native) about that. No doubt Manapua and a shave ice go hand-in-hand, along with a sand chair on Poipu Beach!

    KristinL, how ironic you suggest that, as I also thought of a suggestion the very same day when we were setting everything up. Ha! My suggestion was that we invest in Sterno warmers and cartridges to keep our food hot, which you can get at the local warehouse club at very reasonable prices. Reason being that we all know Chinese food has got to be piping HOT in order to taste its best. The suggestion about eliminating disposable dishware and utensils is certainly an admirable idea which I hope everyone will eventually embrace for the sake of a greener planet. Realistically and unfortunately, we’re so caught-up on convenience, that the idea of washing dishes vs. turn-and-burn disposable wares makes the former the “easiest” choice for busy folks such as we are at work. Yet I’m totally with you on that idea. I personally would do it, but not sure if the masses would agree. We’ll see.

    Nate, have you ever been to Happy Garden in Chinatown? I heard the place really packs a crowd.

    Michael, I still find it rather perplexing that Patti’s Chinese Kitchen gave up their original Ala Moana location and yet remain in Pearlridge. Seems kinda’ like grandma’s house, but not where grandma’s house should be located. Ya’ know?

  7. Pomai, you have mention pate did you? I already thought of a spam pate also. It so easy and I won’t write much now for contest but it have unflavor gelatin in it to hold shape and grind up spam. Hope you can figure most of it out .
    I am into food researching thinking outside of the box and package. Made a ramein noodle pancake with frozen vegetable for topping.

  8. Hi there, Pomai. Just discovered your site. Made me so hungry…and I just finished my lunch! I’d like to add you to my blogroll so I can make all my mainland friends drool as well. Hope you don’t mind!

  9. Cool, awesome post dude. I love the Chinese food posts, seeing as I’m 100% Chinese myself.

    Anyway, speaking about Kin Wah, you should go eat there for a review. My dad works there as a cook, and hes said that business was on the down low in these hard times, so a good review would probably boost business with them.

    Looking forward to another post!

  10. Betty, I got your recipe. Sounds VERY interesting. Hope you win!

    Claire, by all means, it’d be an honor to be added to your blog roll. On a side note, try giving fresh slices of mango with mayonnaise on it a taste. Good stuff! See:

    Ricky, is the original owners of Kin Wah still running the place, or are there new owners? I remember when Mui Kwai was THE Chinese restaurant to go to in Kaneohe. Then the head cook from Mui Kwai branched off and started Kin Wah (I think he owned it, or did he just change workplaces?), then EVERYONE in Kaneohe followed him there. You couldn’t get in the door without a reservation, and even then, you still had to wait for the next table to open up. That’s how busy they were.

    I’ll take you up on the Kin Wah suggestion on my next visit to the windward side.

  11. I’m not sure if his boss has changed, but when I ate there a year ago, it was packed, it was really busy. Like, we had to actually wait about 10 minutes to sit down, but if my dad’s boss has changed, I guess he’d be talking about it.

    Otherwise, no complaints for him, and hes an overworked kind of guy.

  12. You should try the crispy gau gee at Hung Won in kaimuki (on Waialae Ave). You’ll be amazed at how stuffed they are! They also have the most tender, meatiest kau yuk, and awesome noodles. BTW – you have one of the best food blogs – keep it up and happy eating!

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