Pat's Spicy Garlic Boiled Peanuts

But not just Spicy Garlic. What it doesn’t say out loud on the label is that these are also TERIYAKI flavored! Yes, teriyaki fans, rejoice, as you can now get your sweetened shoyu groove on in the form of boiled peanuts. Who would have thought? Well, Pat did. This certainly is the first I’ve tried boiled peanuts flavored with shoyu and sugar, and you know what? It’s excellent!

Here’s a look at them outside the package, with a couple of ’em shelled open…

Notice the distinctive pieces of minced chili pepper and garlic coating the shells. Also notice how juicy they are on the inside, yet the peanut still has that much desired “crunch”, as advertised on their label.

What you can’t visually see is the sweetened shoyu that’s also adding to the spicy garlic party. This “teriyaki” accent is subtle, yet you know it’s there, giving it a twist that’s a little hard to pinpoint by the casual observer, yet if you read the ingredients, you realized, “ah, it’s the shoyu and sugar!”. The level of salt, garlic, chili pepper, shoyu and sugar are all in perfect balance here, making one fantastic, and very unique boiled peanut experience. I all this needs to be the perfect boiled peanut is if Pat used the large Virginia peanuts like Alicia’s does. That would put these at very top of my list of best boiled peanut on Oahu.

You can find Pat’s Peanut’s at KCC & Mililani Farmers’ Market, where you’ll meet Pat herself!…

Pat offers 4 boiled peanut varieties, including original, garlic, spicy and garlic spicy…

and roasted…

They’re priced at $3.50 per 1 lb. bag or $6.00 for 2 lbs.

Next time you go Farmers’ Market, sample some. If you like boiled peanuts, and you like teriyaki flavored stuffs, gauranz you’ll find Pat’s Spicy Garlic (Teriyaki) Boiled Peanuts (the ones that go CRUNCH!) broke da’ mout’ winnahs! Easy 4 SPAM Musubi (5 if was da’ biggah’ Virginia peanuts).


7 thoughts on “Pat's Spicy Garlic Boiled Peanuts

  1. Pomai, my mom love to make boiled peanuts. This year I getting her a pressure cooker and a conair cooker which you heat it up and turn off stove and pot still kept on cooking. I like garlic and spicy peanuts at KCC that if able to get parking space. There when the roster crow yet have circle around to find one.

    Now I buy enough things to enjoy a while. Try to freeze dry many things to last longer and for rainy day.

  2. That’s a genius idea to do up all those different flavors with boiled peanuts. Kinda similar to how plenty folks are putting flavors with edamame. 8 Fat Fat 8 get one mean shoyu edamame. Are they still open?

  3. One thing I miss about living in the south is fresh boiled peanuts. I generally buy a case and have it shipped to me. Pat’s look delicious and she should sell them online!

  4. Pat’s Peanuts are the best around. So ono! All the flavors. They are juicy but got the “crunch” still. She makes them for events like BBQ’s and parties too. I love them with a case of beer and a bunch of friends.

  5. Hooo. First coco puffs now BOIL PEANUT! I going move back Hawaii. You guys, stop threatening me! My mouth all wattah. Excellent idea Pat K “LHS”. Do you send orders to any establishments in LV. Try hooking up with Calif. Hotel.
    I thought the Anise made the peanut ono…look now laulau! I coming home the last week in May for little while, where you going B Pat or where can I buy so I can bring some back? Mmmmm..M!!! Awesome!! I like eat!

  6. Pam, sounds like you went school with Pat. Pat is usually at the KCC Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 7:30 to 11:00am. Also at the Mililani Farmers’ Market. Don’t know where else, but there’s a phone number there on her banner (see photo) that you can call her to ask.

    ilikegrind, 8 Fat Fat 8 on Beretania is still there. Never ate there, but just passed by a week ago.

    I’llbuythat, I agree these are one of the best I’ve had yet. I only wish they were the bigger Virginia peanuts like Alicia’s uses.

    Scab, would be difficult (expensive) to sell boiled peanuts online, as they require refrigeration. That’d be nice though!

    Kimo, I never tried freezing boiled peanuts. Do they retain the same texture and flavor when you defrost and eat them later?

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