Edible Arrangements

I work with quite a few ladies in our office, and have seen many a flower arrangement delivered come through our doors, but this is absolutely the first time I’ve ever seen one of these Edible Arrangements. How sweet is that!

Diner AC was the lucky girl recipient, with her boyfriend now officially nominated as the “BEST BOYFRIEND IN THE WORLD”! Common ladies, if you’re man had these delivered to you at your workplace, wouldn’t you think he’s the GREATEST?!

What I especially appreciate about this, being the practical-thinking guy that I am, is that not only is it pretty to look at, but you can also eat it! Plus it’s healthy for you to boot. Try eating a dozen roses and baby’s breath then tell me how you feel afterward. lol

Here’s another angle of it…

Diner AC was so kind to share this with us, and I must note, the strawberries, pineapple and grapes selected for this were in prime condition, perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy and delicious. They were also flawless, appearance-wise. How cool is the heart-shaped cut-out of the pineapple. Awe da’ cute! lol

It was actually a little too pretty to eat, and we were all kinda’ reluctant to start picking at it. lol

The first thing I thought when looking at it was that I’d love to throw that all in a blender and make a smoothie! Another thought was to dust Li Hing powder over the whole thing, as you know me how I like to doctor stuff up. Another idea I thought of, is that they should deliver this included with a bowl of chocolate that you pop in the microwave oven to melt, then use to dip the strawberries in. Well you know, the ladies like that kinda’ stuff. For me, nah, the strawberries are fine by itself.

Here’s how they’re stuck in the glazed ceramic (yes, ceramic, not plastic!) planter…

Notice they use Kale as the “greens” at the base. I believe there’s an oasis under it to hold the plastic arrangement spikes in place. Also notice there’s heart on this side of the pot, which was actually the front of the arrangment. I took a photo of the backside. Duh. The arrangement was even all the way around, so no biggie.

Someone in our office reminded Diner AC to make sure she keeps it watered so the fruits don’t die. lol Who knows? It might grow more fruits! lol

Here’s how it arrived all wrapped up…

Click on this photo to see it unwrapped

Here’s the label, so you can see some other styles you can choose…

So ladies, if you’re reading this, here’s an idea: Bookmark this posting. Then, the next time a special occasion rolls around the corner, like say your birthday, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day next February, put this posting up (or at least just the photo of the Edible Arrangement), then put the monitor to sleep. Then stick a Post-It® note on the screen (or frame around it), and simply write on it, “HINT, P.S. I Love You”. Then when he comes home from work he’ll see it and voila, there ya’ go! And he better get it for you, or he’s sleeping in the dog house!

If you’re one of the fellaz, now you’ve got a great gift idea for your lady! I know I’m getting my lady one of these on the next special occasion.



8 thoughts on “Edible Arrangements

  1. We have a few Edible Arrangements shops near us and there arrangements are DA BOMB.

    The first time I tried a pineapple from one of their arrangements, I expected it to be sour and kind of dry, since we’re on the mainland. To my surprise, it was ripe and sweet and juicy. I later learned that the owner of this franchise had her pineapple shipped up from Hawaii. I’m not sure if she still does this now, with the economy being the way it is, but I was very impressed.

    For several years, my husband also bought their gift boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries for special business clients and hand-delivered them. There is nothing more exciting than receiving a beautifully boxed batch of freshly dipped ripe strawberries.

    The arrangements are pretty pricey so they’re probably not an everyday type of gift for most people. However, for special occasions they’re WINNAZ (is that how you spell it, Pomai? LOL). And compared to the high cost of some floral arrangements, at least you can eat these.

  2. A woman at work got a gift from EA, and I have to say, it didn’t look as pretty as the one in your picture. Some of the fruit was dipped in chocolate, which started to get a little mushy, and the fruit was looking a bit tired, but I’m not sure how long it had been sitting around.

    However, I’m sure a little sprinkling of li hing would have perked it right up! 😀

  3. Debbie-chan, I was really impressed with the quality of the fruits on this particular EA bouquet (can we call it that?). Top notch. But you that… Li Hing powder makes even the worst condition fruit taste great!

    Erica, you know what’s ironic is, as soon as I posted this, it seems suddenly they started advertising on TV. Weird. I know I’m not imagining things either.

    Jenny, I’m not sure what AC’s boyfriend paid for this, but we’re estimating it had to have been close $100 including the delivery charge.

    Oh, and WINNAZ has an H in it, like this, “Winnahz!”. But you can spell it however you prefer. lol

  4. Pomai I got an edible fruit basket for my birthday and it was fantastic!! I was so big that we had to freeze alot of it and we are now making smoothies with the frozen fruit. Everything was so fresh. The strawberries were fresh and the pineapple sweet! I saved all the sticks so if you want them let me know! I will fwd you a pic of it

  5. Flower Man, it was.

    Keanu, I’ll check your email on that one. If it looks good, I’ll post it with this one! Weren’t you tempted to pour Li Hing powder on it? I was!

    RobynT, the fruits chosen for this particular arrangement were all cosmetically FLAWLESS, cold, fresh and so sweet! Very, very impressive.

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