'08 Poll Results from Iriko to Burgers

Burgers in various styles and toppings: (left column, top to bottom) Bob’s Bar-B-Que Giant Teriyaki Cheeseburger (deluxe), Forty Niner Teriyaki Burger and W&M’s Hal’s Special; (right column, top to bottom) The Shack Bacon Blues Burger, Islands Fine Swiss and Mushroom Burger and Kiawe Grill Cheeseburger Deluxe

Back in November 2008, Reader Opinion Polls were introduced here at The Tasty Island on various topics relevant to the subject (of food) at hand, and I’ve been meaning to do a retrospective wrap-up of them, but just never got around to it. Well better late than never, so here it goes.

First thing’s first, and that’s to say BIG MAHALO to all the readers here for participating not only in the polls, but also by leaving all your many wonderful and insightful comments to share throughout the more than two years this blog has been online. It’s truly appreciated. Thank you.

While these polls are mostly just for enhanced interactivity and fun, having little if any useful results data for scientific or demographic research, at least it tells us a little more about who the readers here are, what foods or cooking methods you’re familiar with, and most importantly, what you like (and don’t like) to eat!

Launching this new-at-the-time WordPress feature here was the opinion poll on Iriko

The highest amount of votes, 66, or 40% of the total went to those of you who grew up with Iriko, yet today don’t eat it as often, but still love the stuff. That’s what I voted as well.

Fact is, for many of us, the things we grew up eating are no longer in, or less a part of our regular diet due to changes in economics, location, trends, family/social environment, age, health, among a few other factors.

What WAS surprising were the number of you – 24% – who voted saying that while you haven’t tried Iriko yet, it sounded or looked GOOD! Well, if I can sell that much Iriko by showcasing it on a food blog, I surely must be able to sell sand in a dessert or ice cubes to an Eskimo. **Rubs hands together briskly while thinking of a business plan**

The next poll taken was on gourmet plate lunches following the review on Koi Catering & Takeout in Kalihi

Just over a majority of you – 56% – were for progressive, modern “gourmet” plate lunch fare. While well-established local-style comfort foods such as hamburger steak, Teriyaki Beef and Beef Stew paired 2 scoops white rice and and macaroni salad (mac sal’) respectively define the “old school” plate lunch classics, more and more lunch take-out joints are popping up around the islands turning take-out creations that would make a chef at a beachfront luxury resort proud. Actually, some of these establishments’ owners themselves were once cooks and chefs in hotels and other fine dining restaurants. In light of that, places such as Poke Stop (Elmer Guzman @ Sam Choy’s), Kahai Street Kitchen (Nao Iwata @ Hau Tree Lanai & L’Uraku) and Kaka’ako Kitchen (Russell Siu) immediately come to mind.

Next we had the Taste of Waialua Attendance Poll…

Not surprisingly the highest amount of votes – 38% – were made by you folks who couldn’t make it due to time and location. I know it rained that day, which discouraged me from jumping in on H1 traffic on a Saturday (which can be worse than the weekdays) under those conditions.

Thankfully reader Cynsaligia (HT in da’ house!) wrote a thorough review of their experience at the event via comment. So big mahalo once again to her for that!

Then we took a poll on your thoughts about Napoleon Bakery’s Chili Napple

Not surprisingly most of you – 46% – never got to try it, being that the Chili Napple was available only for a limited time in celebration of Napoleon Bakery’s 25th anniversary. What makes that choice surprising at the same time is the fact that you also felt it LOOKED or SOUNDED good enough to want to try one. Again, I need to look into opening up a “Bagged Sand Shop” in the middle of the Sahara Dessert or at the entrance to Polihale Beach on Kauai. lol Or pursue a new career as a professional Food Stylist.

Then upon discussion over a plate from Yummy’s at the Kaheka Don Quijote we wanted to find out what your favorite Korean veggies were…

Fittingly, the leader of the Korean veggie selections – currently at 78 votes – was Kim Chee. I mean really, eating a Korean plate without Kim Chee is like eating a hamburger without fries. With spuds in mind, right behind Kim Chee in popularity, Korean style potatoes garnered the third highest amount of votes at 56, right behind Korean Bean Sprouts at 58. I think it was Sam Choy or some other local cooking show where an owner of a Korean restaurant demonstrated how to make authentic Korean Potatoes the RIGHT way. That’s always my second choice after Kim Chee. From there, I usually teeter between the bean sprouts, Sigumchi Namul, Cucumber Salad, Seasoned Tofu or Seasoned Seaweed. I wish had more than 4 choices sometimes!

Then with the introduction of fundraiser Manapua, we had the favorite fundraiser grindz poll…

Huli Huli Chicken outpaced all else with 23% of the total at 79 votes to date, not surprisingly followed by Zippy’s Chili being the second most popular with 49 votes to date. I recently overheard someone saying they run a Huli Huli Chicken fundraiser operation somewhere in Salt Lake every Sunday. I think for a church. Anyone know about that? If so, let me know exactly where. I like check ’em out. Or any other location where you know they always get REAL charcoal-fired Huli Huli Chicken.

Then in “Turkey Talk“, we asked your thoughts on brining…

Almost a majority of you said brining the bird is a MUST, regardless of whether its frozen or fresh and/or pre-treated at the factory with a solution or not. The photo alone showing a brined compared to unbrined cut of breast reveals why this simple, yet so effective preparation step is so worth it. 38% of the rest of you haven’t tried it, yet said you’re encouraged to give it a shot next time turkey’s on the menu. So hopefully you folks who do try it will come back and report your results!

Finally for 2008, after reviewing W&M Burger in Kaimuki, we took a multiple-choice poll on your favorite burger toppings…

Thankfully the readers here are on the same page I’m on, making cheese the #1 ichiban no ka oi favorite! Oh yeah, when it comes to burgers for me, no scade da’ cheese… load ’em!

Speaking of which, I wonder how that Spinach & Artichoke PARMESAN Dip would taste slathered on a big ‘ole honkin’ juicy burger begging for even more attention? I think I’ll try it out! I’ll get back to on that for sure. Speaking of which, I don’t recall ever seeing an artichoke burger anywhere. Have you? Gotta’ try that too!

Continuing to sit in the same boat I’m rowing, many of you chose the core veggies (lettuce, tomato & onions) as your next most desirable toppings.Oh yes, gotta’ have the balance and that all-important, “I think this is healthy, although it really isn’t” psychologically-encouraging ingredients.

Although I just might have to push a few of you overboard for choosing bacon more than mushrooms as a favorite. How dare you not like mushrooms! Off to the sharks you go! lol j/k

It was a bit surprising how poorly Teriyaki style did in this poll, considering, at least outside of this poll, Teriyaki ANYTHING (including Hibachi Geckos) is very popular in Hawaii.

The first poll for 2009 was on your opinion of SPAM® Spread, which again not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority said LOOKED and SOUNDED “sketchy”. lol

Oh, and in case you haven’t voted yet, the polls reposted here are still open, so feel free to participate!

I’ll close this by adding another poll on polls itself…


One thought on “'08 Poll Results from Iriko to Burgers

  1. Amy, I accidentally deleted your comment here about hamburger condiments while I was deleting “pingback” comments from my new post. My bad. Sorry. You said: “Well I always like hamburger with lettuce and tomato in it and ketcup and mustard. Teri burgers not bad also.”

    The only thing I don’t care for in a hamburger you mentioned is mustard. For me it doesn’t match. Only for hot dogs.

    Anyhow, the votes are currently at 52 total, with 87% (45 votes) in favor of continuing the inclusion of polls here, 8% (4 votes) in the middle and 6% (3 votes) not in favor of it.

    I’m just not sure whether those 3 people not in favor of it rather reserve polls for serious issues like Rail Transit, or whether they’d rather I only include polls if its about Britney Spears’ bald head. lol

    Well, unless the votes start taking a drastic change in trend towards ‘NO’, it looks like we’ll continue using Polls here in 2009. Sounds great!

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