SPAM® Spread Wonton Min

SPAM® Spread Wonton Min (left) and Libby’s Potted Meat Wonton Min (right)

In this final segment of a three-part series covering more than what many might find it’s worth, we have here SPAM® Spread Wonton Min! ***Cough, cough. Glug, glug. Hack Hack. Cough, cough.***

What’s nice about wontons is its pasta-like versatility, including the ability to not only deep-fry it ’til crisp ‘n GBD, but also to prepare it from the same original form in al dente mode like every great noodle should. After about 8 minutes in the rapidly-boiling drink, it turns out looking like this…

SPAM® Spread wontons (left) and Libby’s Potted Meat Wontons (right) in boiled-to-al dente perfection “min mode”

Instead of dropping the wontons you just formed into hot oil, you simply drop them in rapidly-boiling water, to which they turn out like that you see above. Then, with the same boiling water, make your saimin. Then garnish your saimin with them, along with whatever else your hungry heart desires…

SPAM® Spread Wonton Min

Libby’s Potted Meat Wonton Min

So how does the “min” version of these potted meat wontons work out? Meh.

On the positive side, at least it didn’t melt away as much as it did in the crispy, deep-fried version…

The SPAM® Spread beat out the Libby’s Potted Meat once again thanks to its more porky-meaty flavor profile.

But on the negative side, I could taste that funky cat food-like aftertaste they both have even more than the crispy, deep-fried versions. Meoew. REEEEEERR! Spttthhhh. Hissssss. Meow. For better or worse, boiled wontons brings out the filling ingredients’ flavor much more than deep-fried crispy ones; here being the latter.

That said, I’ve pretty much had all me can takes on this stuff. Even after 40 or more times of re-reinforcement listening to Anthony Robbin’s motivational CDs, and five attempted serving options using it as the main ingredient, SPAM® Spread and Libby’s Potted Meat Food Product still hasn’t turned into the beautiful-both-inside-and-out Gwyneth Paltrow incarnation of Rosemary. While I won’t quite say Balut is better (it is actually delicious in a chicken soup kinda’ way if you can get over a few psychological and visual obstacles), it is something I might consider first before diving into potted meats while in survival mode.

Wait, hold on, my cel phone is ringing. “Hello?”. SHALLOW HAL NEEDS A GAL. “What?” SHALLOW HAL NEEDS A GAL!

Don’t miss part I and II of this three-part series!…

SPAM® Spread on Rice ‘n Crackers

SPAM® Spread Crispy Wontons


5 thoughts on “SPAM® Spread Wonton Min

  1. Sorry Pomai…but the raw SPAM won ton mix just took my appetite away. I’ll bet Andrew Zimmern could take a crack at that. Oh wait, he said one of the things he couldn’t tolerate was SPAM! Go figure? Worms, ants, frog hearts, sheep brains…but not SPAM? Hm-m-m-m…does kinda resembles the latter, doesn’t it?
    I’ll think I’ll just stick to plain ground pork for my won ton mix instead of using SPAM as a filler. Somehow SPAM and rice is the basic perfect marriage but SPAM in wontons…bleah! Get a rope!

  2. Pomai, Well I will try it and with regular spam in it also. One time I had leftover shrimps and wrap it in wonton wrapers for quick wonton with noodle not bad. Now always keep wonton wrapers in freezer for cooking on a rainy day. Like spread roll up like sushi to eat .

  3. I wonder what Anthony Bourdain would make of this? Remember the episode in which he visited Hawaii and decided that he DID like Spam after all? This might be the thing to change his mind, LOL.

  4. Jenny, I spoke with Dave Choo, the guy who did the SPAM segment when Bourdain visited Hawaii. He said half the stuff they brought to the table they didn’t even touch, as there was too much food. One of the more “extreme” dishes Uptown Fountain brought out for them was the SPAM Fried Rice with omelet and curry stew poured over it, then topped with Kim Chee. THAT sounds nasty. Maybe it tastes good though! I ain’t knockin’ it till I try it! Dave said Anthony really, truly LOVED the SPAM Musubi, and that really was the first time he ever tried it. So much he ate Dave’s SPAM Musubi too! Not sure what Bourdain would make of my potted meat wontons though.

    Amy, please don’t hate me if you don’t like it. OK? lol I too was thinking of trying some wontons using regular SPAM Classic all chopped up, but too much work. Perhaps some other time. If I do, the way I’d make it is mixed with Teriyaki sauce instead of oyster sauce. Then I’d sprinkle furikake on the shell right after it comes out of the deep fryer. Kinda’ like duplicating the Musubi version. What ya’ think?

    Clinton, I haven’t tried SPAM classic in wontons yet, only this spreadable stuff, which is a totally different beast (pun intended). Like Amy, I’m kinda’ confident regular SPAM will work. But this spreadable stuff? Nope. I need to see the Hawaii episode of Bizarre Foods again. IIRC, I only seen it once or twice a while ago. I really don’t think Hawaii has that many bizarre foods. Especially when you see his other travels to asia and south america. Now THAT’s where the bizarre stuff is at! To me, the most horrifying one was the roasted Guinea Pig they eat in Ecaudor. Also the Nutria in New Orleans. Crazy. I’d like to find out for myself what Durian smells like. Sounds like it’s really bad.

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