Kalihi Eats: Kamehameha Bakery

Kamehameha Bakery’s claim to fame: the Haupia Doughnut, 60 cents each

Hope you all had a great Christmas. Hey, but it’s just the day after, so while still basking in the moment, let’s continue sharing what’s been landing on the dining table in celebration of the holiday spirit. Which brings us now to two full-sized boxes of a variety of pastries from Kamehameha Bakery, courtesy of Diner E…

while most of what you see here are pretty much what you could get at most other bakeries around the island, What sets Kamehameha Bakery apart besides that fantastic signature Haupia-filled Doughnut is their PRICES.

According to Diner E, both these boxes packed full with a variety of pastries came out to well under $20. Try doing the same from the bakery at your favorite supermarket. Need some for that presentation you got scheduled for the first week of January? At just $6 for a dozen glazed doughnuts (or 50 cents each), that’s one of, if not THE lowest going rate in town. The twisted glazed are not much more at just 6.60 per dozen (or 55 cents each). Or get your custard on, with size to boot with a few Long Johns thrown in the mix at just 75 cents each.

Really though, if you ask my opinion, the Haupia Doughnut, at just 60 cents each, are the ones to impress the recipients or guests. If you look at the filling in the first photo shown, you can see there’s actual minced shreds of coconut in the sweetened gelatinous filling. The dough is light and fluffy, yet chewy enough to have substance. It’s basically a shortened, rounded, yet oblong version of the Long John, including being topped with confectioners sugar, sans the custard in exchange for that delicious, slightly lighter Coconut “haupia” filling.

I haven’t been there personally recently, but do remember there being ample parking behind the building. They’re open very early in the morning during the week at 2am. If you get there during the peak morning rush hour, expect to wait in line. Of course for large orders, phone them in.

So for a “winnah” Haupia Doughnut, plus many other ono, fresh-baked pastries at one of the best prices in town, with the early hours to accommodate your pick-up schedule, check out Kamehameha Bakery. Another one of Kalihi’s decades-old institutional eateries.

Kamehameha Bakery
1339 N School St (and Houghtailing)
Honolulu, HI 96817
Tel. 845-5831


9 thoughts on “Kalihi Eats: Kamehameha Bakery

  1. Pomai, This entry is torture to me. Since can’t get it in San Francisco so I will try to make it myself since have baking skill from college. When I do get to Honolulu again will check this bakery out.

  2. That’s a great box of goodies, and really good price for them all. The fact that they have real coconut in the filling is also impressive.

    Which do you prefer – a haupia donut or a haupia malasada?

  3. I always head on to New Aala Bakery on 1425 Liliha St. 808 533-6988. They also make haupia donut and other things. Now Kimuraya Bakery been gone for a year which I miss still for their haupia donut too but New Aala is near to my home. I will check your bakery out too and may the best donut win.

  4. yo , lots good, da kine bakeries in islands! I like all your post’s… Please keep it up, Iam in florida and It’s like coming home. I especially like the lunch wagan posts…You could do way much betta bro!…rj

  5. Now that I now live in Kalihi, I go to this bakery 4-5 times a week.
    My family loves the pastries, and I just love the prices!!!!

  6. pomai, my friends use to attended HCC to major in baking later to KCC in cooking now working somewhere in neighbor islands hotels. Boy the baked good was awesome and such a good deal. I always buy from Kamehameha Bakery. They open at 3:00 AM so I able to grab some pastries to go . Not sure of the poi donuts never saw any but web said they make it too.

  7. Pomai, I have great respect for bakers for they worked hard and get up early in morning to make breads and other pastries for us to enjoyed. While many people still in beds sleeping they at it with doors open for all to shopped for their pastries. 2:00 in morning is very early but I think they use to sell to Woolworth in downtown and other areas too.

  8. The bestestestestestest Glazed doughnut on theeee PLANET..of Hawaii…got 7 lucky Glazed Doughnuts today…5-10-11…7 for me only and Imma eat em alllll by meself…been craving it for sooo long..finally had time to get me SOME>..Thank You Kamehameha Bakery for many a years of BAKED GOODS!!..specially the GLAZED DOUGHNUTS!!!…wooohoooooo

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