Coffee, Chocolate & More at the Taste of Waialua

Press release courtesy of Watermark Publishing:

Support Local Agriculture and Help Keep the Country Country!
Experience a Taste of Waialua

Island X Hawaii and Coffea Consulting will host a gourmet tasting event at the Old Sugar Mill in Waialua on November 22, 2008.

Shawn Steiman, author of The Hawai‘i Coffee Book: A Gourmet’s Guide from Kona to Kaua‘i and owner of Coffee Consulting will lead a coffee cupping (professional tasting), followed by a book signing.  Together with Bill Martin of Island X Hawaii, Steiman has also arranged for a gourmet sampling of food items produced in Waialua.

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The coffee cupping kicks off at 10:30AM, the tasting event at 11:30AM.  Tickets to each event are $10, or purchase admission to both for $15.  Seating is limited, so reservations are a must.  The cupping event can accommodate 15 people, and the tasting seats 30.  Tickets are available through Island X Hawaii, (808) 637-2624 or

The event will feature:

  • Waialua coffee
  • Waialua-grown chocolate
  • Waialua chocolate-covered macadamia nuts
  • Waialua Soda Works sodas
  • Hawaii ’s Special Papaya Seed salad dressing
  • North Shore Naturals organic snacks
  • Francis’ Huli-Huli Kiawe BBQ chicken
  • Kai’s Thai “Karma Free” green papaya salad
  • Waialua Farmers’ Market fresh fruit & veggies
  • Waialua-grown mango and coffee shave ices

Island X Hawaii is a family-owned and operated business with a storefront in the historic Waialua Sugar Mill, offering clothing, furniture and Hawai‘i-made food products.

Shawn Steiman is a coffee scientist whose business, Coffea Consulting, provides consulting services to coffee farmers and individuals seeking to learn more about coffee.  Steiman’s book, The Hawai‘i Coffee Book, includes information about all of Hawai‘i’s coffees, listings of farms, cafés and roaster-retailers and 20 recipes incorporating coffee, ranging from appetizers and entrées to desserts and drinks.  It is available at Island X, local bookstores or at online retailers.

For further information, contact:

  • Bill Martin, (808) 637-2624 or islandxhawaii at msn dot com or
  • Shawn Steiman, (808) 223-0982 or coffeaconsulting at gmail dot com

Waialua, Oahu (North Shore) Google Map:


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8 thoughts on “Coffee, Chocolate & More at the Taste of Waialua

  1. Pomai, I live in Calif. so would like to know if Waialua Coffee have dark roast coffee. People in Calif. like more robust taste in their coffee and I do also.

  2. Betty, go ahead and email (Dr.) Shawn Steiman at the contact provided following that press release above (coffeaconsulting at gmail dot com). He’ll gladly answer your question in its entirety and then some. Nice guy.

    Amy, here’s a link to Waialua Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles…

    SD and Jenny, I tried the Mango flavored Waialua Soda. Not bad. Reminded me of Jones Soda pop line, fitting in with that “experimental flavors” genre of sodas, if you will. At least my opinion based on that one flavor.

    Raph’, yeah, chocolate and coffee does have a nice ring to it (and real-life marriage), hence why I used that for the posting title.

  3. aloha, pomai–

    stumbled upon this two-month old post of yours via google. i’m in the middle of posting on HT re the soap factory on the north shore and how we discovered it while going to the tasting you posted about above. i can answer from personal experience the questions from your readers re the coffee and chocolate because eric and i went to the tasting and spent several hours there.

    first, the coffee: the shop carries coffees from maui, kona, and of course, waialua. the waialua coffees came in medium and dark roast and are packaged, whole bean, very quaintly in those plastic milk pints. if you pick up coffee there and you do not have a burr grinder at home (don’t use the other kind–it will burn the coffee and alter its taste), waialua coffee will happily grind it for you. i think the little pints are about $8, if i remember correctly. taste-wise, i really enjoy the dark roast, which i find nicely smokey and chocolately, but those who like something lighter will enjoy the medium roast.

    the chocolate is available at tamura’s and foodland, and comes in variations of milk and dark along with flavors. in other words, they have a plain milk, a plain dark, and milks and darks with flavors. unfortunately, the only one that comes to mind is the kona cappucino dark flavor.

    if there is ever again another tasting, i certainly suggest you go if you haven’t. for about $35 for both eric and me, we not only got the coffee tasting, but free samples of (take deep breath here): waialua soda (all varieties), waialua coffee, green papaya salad, spicy wings, green salad with hawaii’s special brand dressing, waialua chocolates, waialua shave ice (mango flavored or waialua coffee flavored), spirulina popcorn in regular spirulina flavor and in red hot lava with ginseng flavor, plus waialua sugar sticks. we each got to take home goody bags with some of the stuff i named above.

    by the way, waialua’s sodas, are better than jones. the creme and root beer flavors are more nuanced, and i really enjoyed their newest flavor, which is lilikoi.

    another nice thing about the tasting is that we were able to speak with the owners of waialua coffee company and waialua soda. they’re wonderful, salt of the earth folk who have a deep love for what they do and the community in which they live. it really makes you want to support them, especially in economic times like now. buy local!

  4. Howzit Cynsaligia, mahalo for taking your time providing such a thorough guide for the readers here regarding Taste of Waialua. Really appreciate it!

    Regarding soaps, I finally made it over into Whole Foods in Kahala Mall this past weekend and was fascinated by the fragrant soaps in the nutrition department. Some smelled so good I was tempted to bite into them! Kid you not! lol

    I bought a couple (glass!) bottles of Waialua brand soda before (I think from Foodland), and it was pretty good. Nothing outstanding, but good! I believe Mango was the flavor. Cool label design, that’s for sure.

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