Grindz of the Day: October Plates

Yankee Pot Roast from the Kapiolani Medical Center cafeteria, $5.50

This is a compilation entry of grindz from several places visited over the course of the past month. As you see, it’s entirely an onslaught of meat and starch piled high on white styrofoam take-out plates, sticking with the healthy, elegant, glamorous reputation The Tasty Island is known for. lol

First up is that plate above from Kapiolani Medical Center’s cafeteria. I don’t know what it is, but something about hospital cafeterias are so appealing to me! It’s especially delicious when you’re a visitor and not a patient. lol Ironically, while there’s healthy options for sure, like fruit and salad bowls, the gist of their food line-up usually includes mostly comfort foods leaning on the hefty side, such as fried chicken, meatloaf, lasagna and burgers and fries. Seeing MDs and nurses eating foods like fried chicken or burgers and fries is a bit baffling, but hey, under that professional health care skin, they’re folks just like you and me!

I’d say the Yankee Pot Roast shown above lies in the middle-ground, health-wise, as it’s somewhat balanced off by the green beans (very institutional, I might add). The pot roast and gravy was AWESOME. I’lll easily grant that plate a solid 4 SPAM Musubi rating. It tasted like they had just refilled the tray with a new batch. That gravy doesn’t just look good, it WAS good. Deep, rich ‘n beefy thick, good. So ono!

What’s funny was, the food and beverage director of the hospital happened to be in the dining room when I snapped that photo, and she came up to me introducing herself, then asking why I was taking a picture of the food (suspecting I was a health inspector, as is often the case), to which I told her I had this food blog. She laughed and said she’d check it out. So, HI!

Next up we have some plates from a recent (re-re-re) visit to Bob’s Bar-B-Que in Kalihi (Kapalama area)…

Being a barbecue joint, this time I decided on a GIANT char-grilled teriyaki cheeseburger…

Bob’s Bar-B-Que – Giant Teriyaki Cheeseburger (deluxe), $3.75

What’s a burger without fries? Make that Bob’s GIANT FRIES…

Bob’s Bar-B-Que – Giant Fries, $2.90

What’s a burger and fries without a chocolate malt? A THICK chocolate malt!…

Bob’s Bar-B-Que – Chocolate Malt, $2.55 (small)

I give the chocolate malt 4 SPAMs, and the burger and fries 2 SPAMs. Very good, except the burger had too much filler (breading) and the Giant Fries, while have EXCELLENT seasoning, were undercooked just a tad on this occasion. Still 2-SPAM musubi good though!

Diner E went for his usual combo plate, this time opting for Teri Beef (instead of Kal Bi) and fried shrimp…

Bob’s Bar-B-Que – Teriyaki Beef and Fried Shrimp combo plate, $7.85

Solid 3-SPAM Musubi rating from him on it.

Diner A was in the mood for a barbecued teriyaki chicken and beef plate…

Bob’s Bar-B-Que – Teriyaki Chicken and Teriyaki Beef combo, $7.85

Diner A also gave his a solid 3-SPAM Musubi rating.

You might notice they serve their mac salad in a separate container instead of balled out of a scooper next to the rice…

I don’t understand this practice, as that only increases cost (the container). The mac salad had enough body to hold up as a scooped ball. Perhaps it’s a “thing” the owner has about it. Whatevahz.

Next we have some grindz from YOU HUNGRY lunchwagon, located on the corner of South and Halekauwila street in Kaka’ako…

YOU HUNGRY Lunchwagon is the same operation that has a restaurant on the corner of Kapiolani Blvd. and Atkinson, across the Hawaii Convention Center.

Here’s the menu selections on that day we visited…

Diner E was ono for da’ Garlic Chicken and Hamburger Steak (his gauge plate!)…

YOU HUNGRY Lunchwagon – Hamburger Steak & Garlic Chicken combo, $7.50

Diner A was ono for the Roast Pork and Hamburger Steak combo…

YOU HUNGRY Lunchwagon – Roast Pork and Hamburger Steak combo, $7.50

Upon seeing the menu description as “Chopped Steak with mushroom, onions, bellpeppers and tomatoes”, I told the guy, “Is that Beef Tomato? It sounds like it”, to which he concurred it was. Shoots! My favorite! Hook me up!…

YOU HUNGRY Lunchwagon – Chopped Steak with Mushrooms, Onions, Bellpeppers and Tomatoes, $6.00

How was all this stuff from YOU HUNGRY Lunchwagon? Everything turned out pretty average, without anything standing out as spectacular. Portions and price are great for sure, but taste and texture was just average. 1 SPAM Musubi.

Finally, Diner C shared with us a couple of plates a friend brought for her for lunch the other day…

Pancit Canton (noodles), fried chicken and Redondo’s dinner frank with rice (free)

This is good beach food.

Good Lord, just writing and looking at all of this, I gotta’ go run a few laps and work it off!


12 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: October Plates

  1. Hey Pomai, You’re the meanest and cruelest Dude ever! You enjoy torturing us with all this ONO Foods. Now see what you done I got to run out to these places and get some SOOO ALOHAAAAA!

  2. Wicked and evil that who you are. Diet killer Pomai. Now I have to go to Bob bar b q and later run extras 2 miles to burn it off.

  3. That it! Back with box lunch after looking at your picture. Now on treadmill first and see meal afterward. Unusual punishment done to weight watchers.

  4. Another awesome post!

    I love this blog, lol. That garlic chicken/hamburger steak looks particularly good, I haven’t eaten a plate lunch in a while; although I eat rice daily lol.

    Keep the posts comin!

  5. * burp * I think I gained a few pounds just looking at your photos. Those are some delicious looking mutant fries. I love steak fries, but only if they’re done properly so that they’re crispy on the outside and tender (and fully-cooked) on the inside.

    I’m really craving a chocolate malt now.

  6. Darn! I have wait a while to wear that size 4 outfit. Pomai push me back on my diet too. Will try that Hibachi Chicken first and Teri beef and shrimp combo. After put that scale in front of me and back low cal. food and workout.

  7. Oh man, you are putting a serious hurt on me! I don’t know why I keep coming back to be tortured by your delicious photos of down home Hawaii food.

    Spock you later!

  8. It time for an entry on low cal foods and what kind . Since the holidays is getting near with many get together many like to diet now to be ready and I also one of them.

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