Shakin' It at The Shack Waikiki

The Shack Waikiki opened their doors on August 6th, becoming the new hot spot for locals and tourists to hang out. The man behind it all is General Manager and owner Brendan Burchfiel, who also owns the popular Shack in Hawaii Kai. He’s actually a partner with an investor who owns several other Shack restaurants besides these two. One look inside this new establishment, and you can tell some serious cash went into transforming that space, which was formerly Legend Seafood Restaurant. The same Ohia Wood and thatched awning treatment from the Other Shack locations are applied here as well…

The Shack Waikiki’s centerpiece is the massive wrap-around bar. Here you see patrons enjoy watching the Warriors take on the Spartans…

Here the lovely Angie does bartending duty for the evening, where behind her you see just a part of the 24 beer taps on hand…

Angie also works at the Mililani Shack location. Also on hand as one of the servers for the evening was the lovely Joni…

You can tell the morale here is high based on the positive and genuine attitude the staff has…

To keep everyone entertained, there’s over 20 big screen LCD HDTVs showing live sports all day and night. They’re subscribed with the top tier NFL package, as well as digital satellite cable service, so EVERY game is played there. They also subscribe to all the UH Pay-Per-View football games, as you seen earlier.

If you’re more the interactive type, there’s a billiards table…

If you’re more into music, a live band plays just about every night there…

After the band finishes playing (usually by midnight), the place transforms into a beach-style nightclub, including live DJs mixing it up. This is the Vertical Junkies’ DJ Durtie Rice spinnin’ it up…

Vertical Junkies’ DJ Durtie Rice in the mix

There’s also a large dance floor where you can really shake up The Shack.

With the oceanside at its heart, The Shack Waikiki doesn’t have a dress code policy, unlike the more strict nightclubs surrounding it, which might also appeal to some folks.

Here, Brendan and his lovely wife Maria relax after a long day running the joint…

and here in that same spot at another time, these beautiful young ladies hang out and talk story…

Notice there are video games behind them – 3 total – which is nice to have if you have children with you. The menu also includes a Children’s section.

Which is where we now get to… the FOOD!

One of their most popular items, especially by the ladies, is their Oriental Chicken Salad…

The Shack Waikiki – Oriental Chicken Salad, $8.95

Also popular is their Chicken Caesar Salad…

The Shack Waikiki – Chicken Caesar Salad, $7.95

There’s also the Chef’s Salad…

The Shack Waikiki – Chef Salad, $8.25

You can also order a smaller-portion dinner salad…

The Shack Waikiki – Dinner Salad, $2.99

This is also what’s included with some of the entree plates such as the grilled ribeye steak.

Being a sports bar, it’s not surprising the Buffalo Wings are also one of their top seller…

The Shack – Buffalo Wings, $8.50/basket, $15.50/bucket

At first I didn’t care for their sauce, but it grew on me.

One of my favorites on the appetizer menu is their Potato Skins…

The Shack Waikiki – Potato Skins, $8.25

It’s covered in Jack and Cheddar cheese, with Bacon Bits, served with Sour Cream and topped with Green Onion. Yum.

Nothing like a double bypass with the Deep Fried Mozza Sticks…

The Shack – Deep Fried Mozza, $8.25

The Shack – Chicken Strips, $8.25

Exclusive to the Waikiki location are new Chef’s Specialties, created by Chef Michael Leslie, former Executive Chef at Roy’s Hawaii Kai restaurant. One of those items is the fresh Ahi Poke…

The Shack Waikiki – Hawaiian Style Ahi Sashimi, market price

and the Ahi Sashimi….

The Shack Waikiki – Island Fresh Sashimi, market price

and Angus Sliders…

The Shack Waikiki – Angus “Sliders”, $11.00

The sliders feature 3 different toppings, Bacon, Swiss’N’Shroom and Cheese. It includes fries. Hey, look over there… it’s Harold and Kumar! lol

Another new item is the wraps, including this Caesar Wrap…

The Shack Waikiki – Caesar Wrap, $7.95

This is basically their Chicken Caesar Salad wrapped up in a flour tortilla. I haven’t tried it yet, but it was evidently popular, as many of these orders were going out the kitchen.

and the Ahi Wrap…

The Shack Waikiki – Ahi Wrap, $7.95

This is made with fresh seared Ahi, Nalo Greens and Oriental dressing, wrapped in a tomato-infused tortilla. Oh man, I’m so getting this one on my next visit!

Is this enough Ahi for you?…

Fresh Ahi fillets

The prep cook filleting this fish also works at Roy’s Hawaii Kai restaurant, so you know he’s got the fish cutting skills.

You can also order fish (whatever is available that day (usually Marlin, Mahimahi and Ahi, sometimes Ono) sauteed in Sandwich form…

Fresh Fish Sandwich, $8.50

Or get your fish Brit’ groove on with the Fish ‘N Chips…

The Shack Waikiki – Fish ‘N Chips, $9.25

Or you can opt for Shrimp ‘N Chips…

The Shack Waikiki – Shrimp ‘N Chips, $9.25

Notice the shrimp are breaded in panko, while the fish version is the more traditional style.

I don’t see this listed on the menu, but it looks like a classic BLT…


Not hefty enough you say? Then dive into the Phily Cheesesteak Sandwich…

The Shack Waikiki – Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, $7.50

That’s made with a 1/4 pound of grilled ribeye, smothered with mushrooms, onion and swiss, served with mayo on a french roll. Then call the doctor in the morning. lol

Beef lovers continue to rejoice, as they also serve up a fantastic Pastrami Reuben…

The Shack Waikiki – Pastrami Reuben, $6.95

That’s made with a 1/4 pound of grilled pastrami, sauer kraut, 1000 island dressing and swiss on grilled rye bread. I drooled just writing that. lol

All that said, the lead guitarist of their menu’s band is still the BURGER. Here’s the Bacon Blues Burger…

The Shack Waikiki – Bacon Blues Burger, 7.25

A 1/4 angus patty, grilled to perfection and topped with bacon and bleu cheese.

Speaking of grill, all the burgers and meats and fish are FLAME grilled here!…

Those scorching-hot, solid cast-iron grates give the burgers and whatever else that goes on it those flavorful and characteristic sear markings. Gotta’ love that!

One of my all-time favorite burgers on this island is The Shack’s very own Swiss ‘N Shroom burger…

The Shack Waikiki – Swiss & Shroom burger, $7.25

What makes theirs so EXCELLENT is that flame-grilled burger, along with the super-buttery grilled mushrooms. This is one of the best burgers on the island for sure. If you’re a swiss ‘n shroom burger fan, The Shack’s take on it will certainly win your approval. For sure!

A Bacon Burger…

The Shack Waikiki – Bacon Burger, $7.25

If you prefer your burger served-up more “local style”, I highly recommend the Hamburger Steak….

Hamburger Steak plate, $8.25

I tell you, as much as you’d least expect a great plate lunch to come out of a place like The Shack, these guys rock it the stuff! Their mac salad is up there with some of the best I’ve had from “traditional” plate lunch places. That brown gravy is thick, deep, rich and savory, while the burger patties have that awesome flame-grilled taste. I’m still waiting for Diner E to try theirs and give me his opinion.

Chicken Katsu Plate…

Chicken Katsu Plate, $8.25

What’s the deal with the way they plated this? I see they use the local style ketchup and worcestershire sauce for dipping. I need to try and convince Brendan to start serving the Katsu with Bull Dog brand sauce! At least they got the shredded cabbage underneath. Whew.

The Teriyaki Chicken plate…

Oriental Chicken plate, $8.25

This isn’t how the ribs are served off the menu, but probably a special request…

The Shack Waikiki – BBQ Baby Back Ribs

That looks like Chili in the bowl, not baked beans, which are what comes with the menu item. Anyhow, the baby back ribs are smoked in-house in a smoker they have right in the kitchen. Awesome! They’re slow-smoked until fall-off-the-bone tender, then flame grilled with the “Howlin’ Coyote” BBQ sauce to order. Excellent ribs. Their baked beans and cole slaw is pretty good too! Fantastic combo in the sum of its parts.

Speaking of Chili, here’s a bowl of their 4-star Chili…

Bowl O’Chili & Rice, $5.50

With the cheese melted on top, and the sweet red onions adding extra zest, this is also up there with the best Chili on the island. Try a bowl and see for yourself. I can almost guarantee you’ll agree!

There’s just two dessert items: The Shack Sunday and Mama’s Mud Pie…

The Shack Waikiki – Mama’s Mud Pie, $6.25

Oops, the cherry fell off. lol

There you have it. The all new Shack Waikiki. Fun place, great food and very friendly, courteous staff. Next time you’re in Waikiki, check it out!

The Shack Waikiki is located at 2255 Kuhio avenue (and Seaside) on the ground floor of the Waikiki Trade Center, right next to Zanzabar Nightclub.

The Shack Waikiki
2255 Kuhio avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Tel. 808-921-2255

Open 11am to 2am daily


14 thoughts on “Shakin' It at The Shack Waikiki

  1. wow dude. very nice. Did you have a back stage pass to the kitchen? you couldn’t of possibly ordered all that food!

    You’ve sold me. i definitely am going to try this place when i drop by in a couple of weeks. thanks pomai!

  2. This place is not really good for family but for me and my friends is super. Dating and chilling there for a drinks and with a date dancing and a dinner. I see parents would go somewhere more quite for band and pool table , bar are the reason feel not for children.

  3. I feel it more for young people going there dating not fit for family. With bar, and pool table and band it still place I would bring a date or hang out with my guys friends. Family like more of quiet setting just eating out thing.

  4. Where’s the Shack burger? Do they not make it anymore? I don’t usually comment on blogs, but leaving that out, if it is still available, is insane! I fell in love with it at first bite, with the Portuguese sausage… oh man! Delish!

  5. Pomai, have to say it OK but with my kids they rather go to a regular restaurants where is more quiet. I think my wife does also due pool table and video games and bar. Have you ever try Kit N Kitchen on Univerity Ave? Prices not bad for oxtail soup at 4.95 many other dishes at fairly good deal.

  6. oh i thought everything went great until our evening broke into a fight, then Staff began to tell each other to get involved…..i seen Staff with phone cams, as while as Staff actully calling others to come check out this rumble! Before i knew it police reports were made and those sevral Staff disappeared! this NEW SHACK , should follow up in those hrt because people blogged pictures on MYSPACE…….What about this Resturant,wheres the CLASS! positive Staff? who was in charge 10/15/08

  7. Has anyone ever gotten the crap beat out of them while dining at this place? Heard security beat one of the customers resulting in two black eyes, broken tooth and 30 stitches to sew his ear back on. Three Security employees jumped this customer from behind. I would not bring my family to eat in a place like that.

  8. This was the first time I have been kicked out of a bar… club… whatever this place is. I live in Waikiki and have been to many of the bars, clubs and restaurants in the area, and have either enjoyed or denounced them, but have not formally reviewed any of them (Positively or negatively). The ridiculous circumstances of my eviction are what is prompting me to write this review. I would accept being evicted / banned were it for legitimate reasons, but the justification for my being removed from the club was COMPLETELY unwarranted. I asked one of the girls on the dance floor if she would dance with one of my friends because he was shy and didn’t want to ask her himself. Evidently, she was a girlfriend of one of the bouncers, so I was promptly escorted from the bar and had my wristband and cover charge voided. Up until this point, I was having a good time dancing with my friends, but the completely unprofessional behavior of the bouncers here has convinced me NEVER to visit this location again! I would give this bar ZERO stars, were it a rating, and will FOREVER discourage my friends from going there. In addition, I WILL be taking this up with the management at “The Shack,” and hopefully the persons responsible will be held accountable for their deplorable behavior.

  9. I would not recommend anyone going there due to the fact the owners wife assaulted a model and on top of that there is 7 lawsuit pending.
    I have found information on the net that brings me to believe this place is not safe and the owner does not care for the customers.
    Regardless what the circumstance is.. the owner should have stopped any fight.. called the police but failed to do so. He even told his employee not to touch his wife and let the fight finish off. The owners wife Maria was sitting for 3 min on top of the victim while she has lost consciousness..
    when I hear that.. I would rather go somewhereelse than eating here..
    you never know who will be the next victim.

  10. I currently work for the Shack Waikiki, and I have to say that even as an employee I have seen and experienced some of its negative ends. However, I do have to admit that the lack of professionalism is surely diminishing. Believe me when I tell you. I am sorry that certain individuals had to deal with others lack of sense and sanity.

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