Maui Manju & Pineapple-Shaped Shortbread Cookies

Maui Crispy Manju Deluxe (Azuki Bean) from Home Maid Bakery

Back in July 2006, I wrote about receiving manju and butter rolls as omiyage (gifts) from Maui. Well, my girlfriend’s mother came to visit us again recently, this time via the Hawaii Superferry, bringing along more manju for us. Not da’ ‘kine “manju” (stingy) amount either, but more like six packs!…

Whoah, tanks’ eh’, aunty! Actually, one pack is missing ’cause we wen’ grind ’em already. lol

Just thought I’d share this with you folks again, as I think I got better photos of them this time. Here’s a view of it cut in half…

Maui Crispy Manju Deluxe – Sweet Azuki Bean

Home Maid Bakery offers a variety of flavors, incuding apple, coconut, peach, pineapple and sweet potato, but my girlfriend only likes the sweet Azuki bean, so that’s all there is to show here. Direct from the bakery in Maui, they used to cost under $3.75 for one of these packs of 5 manju, but the price has gone up recently to a little over $4 per pack.

You can get them here on Oahu at Don Quijote, and I believe I seen them at Long’s. Some other supermarkets may also have it, but I can’t confirm exactly which ones. Of course, the ones here aren’t nearly as crispy and fresh-tasting as the ones that come direct from the bakery, such as is the case here.

Here’s the label…

Personally, I’m not a Manju fan, nor am I an Azuki bean fan. Then again, I’m not really a pastry fan in general, so there you go. lol.


While we’re talking about omiyage, her friend brought us a box of Honolulu Cookie Company’s Gourmet Hawaii Shortbread Cookies…

Left to right: Chocolate Macadamia, Kona Coffee, Pineapple Macadamia

Awwwe, da cute. Can I have a Hello Kitty-shaped cookie, too? lol But seriously, these are somethin’ awesome! The chocolate-dipped one is especially rich and buttery, making you feel like you just put on 50 pounds eating that one cookie. While it still can’t beat Big Island Candies’ chocolate dipped Macadamia Nut Shortbread cookies, it’s withing contention of doing so, depending on your own opinion.

The Pineapple one is, well, very “pineapple-ey”. That’s a chunk of real, dehydrated pineapple in the middle, and when you bite into that, the shortbread cookie surrounding it really amplifies its flavor. I’m not a pineapple fan, but I can see someone who is really getting into this one.

But OMG, that Kona Coffee cookie is the BOMB! Seriously, one of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. That’s a real roasted Kona Coffee bean in the middle, and the shortbread cookie itself is flavored with 100% Kona Coffee. When you bite into the bean, which is crunchy and edible, it’s like POW! Move over Starbucks, this cookie’s got you punked. lol Seriously, if you like coffee-flavored sweets like candy and ice cream, you’ll really dig this Kona Coffee Shortbread Cookie. I could eat a whole case of this stuff. Of course, I’d probably weigh 2000 lbs. afterward, but shoot, it’d be worth it. Plus, I’d have enough caffiene in me to run it off. lol

Here’s the gift box…

and here’s how it’s packed…

This 5.4 oz. box includes nine individually-wrapped cookies which includes three of each flavor mentioned above.

Oh, and no her friend didn’t get this from Maui, but from a gift shop in Aloha Tower after disembarking from the Superferry in Honolulu Harbor. See, the Superferry brings in money from Maui too!


21 thoughts on “Maui Manju & Pineapple-Shaped Shortbread Cookies

  1. After reading it made me want some with nice cup of dark roast coffee. Which bring me to think have you ever try dark roast to Kona Coffee? I guess some people like more robust taste. Dark roast is very robust.

  2. Vickie, you took the word right out my mouth. ROBUST is the perfect way to describe the Kona Coffee cookie. This cookie would so rock with a cup of joe. I’m also thinking it would go good with a cold glass of milk, with the robust flavor of the cookie being contrasted by the silkiness of the milk.

    Howzit Napua. Real ono for sure! I wonder how much this box costs? I bet it ain’t cheap, but it’s worth it!

  3. I think Honolulu Cookie Company also has a little kiosk shop in the Ala Moana food court and I’m not sure if it’s still there but there used to be a shop at Ward Warehouse too. The Ala Moana one always has free samples too so you can see which cookies you really love! 🙂

  4. I LOVE those chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies. So creamy and buttery. Thank goodness they’re individually wrapped or I’d eat the whole box in one sitting. Still, we’ve received those as gifts before and it’s amazing how quickly I can take that darned plastic off. 🙂

    I visited the Honolulu Cookie Company at Ward Warehouse during the holidays and they had some good variety of cookies, but boy were they pricey. They’re definitely a special-occasion or omiyage item.

    I love manju with the azuki bean filling so your photos were pure torture. Keep up the good work!

  5. Ah, manju from Hawaii- sooo natsukashii. I like the majus from Japan but the ones from Hawaii have their own local flavor. I live in Oregon, and the sight of the container of manjus is something I salivate for. Soo natsukashii.

  6. now those friends are definitely keepahs! i always get some manju and or mochi from longs – i love turning my daughter on to all the hawaiian snack foods!

  7. I just readed your blog on manjus and shortbread cookies and this talk of robust joe. I do like strong coffee also and I think Vickie who wrote was refering to cup of coffee. Yes dark roast coffee taste better so will you ever to research if Kona Coffee better dark roast ( if there any out there) is better regular Kona Coffee. A coffee survey.

  8. pomai, i’ve been a long time reader of your blog, and it never ceases to amaze me the tasty stuff you blog about. 🙂 when i get the chance to come back to da islandz, i will have a pretty good idea of what’s good 😀 take care!

  9. The Honolulu Cookie Company shortbread has been my go-to omiyagi for a while (helps that they’re so easy to get in Waikiki). People love them.

    I’m for sure gonna try to get my hands on some of that manju, though!

  10. Howzit Raphael and mahalo for the compliments!

    Shelly, that’s a great idea! In fact, I have an unopened bag of roasted 100% Kona Coffee beans from my cousin’s farm in Kona. It doesn’t specify that it’s dark-roasted, but that it’s “extra fancy”. Next time I’m in the store I’ll look out for the dark-roasted stuff. I’m sure it’s very expensive.

    Deb, yeah, da’ kine friends that bust out ono kine omiyage stuffs is da’ kine friends you be really good to. lol What’s funny is, when I was in Vegas looking for omiyage to bring back home, it crossed my mind that Hawaii has better food snacks to bring to the mainland then they have to bring back here. Well, that’s my opinion.

    Hedonistcat, if Home Maid Bakery were inclined to expand their distribution to the mainland, I think these Manju would make the trip in fairly decent shape. From my experience having them around in the kitchen, we keep them out at room temperature in a sealed container, and they stay good for a couple of days, 3 max. Then we’ll refrigerate any that’s left. So they’re pretty shelf-stable. I’d recommend reheating them in a toaster oven after taking it out of the refrigerator.

    Jenny, I was really tempted to tear through every Kona Coffee cookie in the box (there were 2 left), but kept to my senses and saved them for my girlfriend and her mother to try. lol

    Kasey, according to the company website, the small assorted mix gift box we have here sells for $6.50 online, but after shipping is factored in, the final price might indeed be steep for just 9 cookies. I’m not sure how much she paid for it locally in the store, but it was from a “tourist trap” kinda’ place, so it might have been close to what you’d pay online.

    Big Island Candies Mac Nut Chocolate Dipped cookies are pricey as well, but soooo good, I think it’s worth it.

    Debbie-chan, according to their website, here are all The Honolulu Cookie Company store locations:
    Kalihi Factory Store
    Ala Moana Center (kiosk)
    Beachwalk (Waikiki)
    Hilton Hawaiian Village (Waikiki)
    Hyatt Regency Waikiki
    Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center (Waikiki)
    Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Waikiki)
    Waikiki Beach Marriot
    Ward Warehouse
    Whalers Village – Ka’anapali, Maui
    Front Street – Lahaina Maui

    Good Lord, they have almost as many locations in Waikiki as the ABC Stores!

  11. waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I miss manju. 😦 Last time I was in Maui I had to bring back a suitcase load for my family…

  12. I love those cookies! I brought back a box of all triple chocolate ones when I visited Hawaii back in May. I have about 5 left, and I am putting off finishing them because I never want to run out! I love going in the store too because you can sample every kind. We bought a huge variety pack one day and brought them back on the cruise ship with us and had cookies and champagne as we cruised past the Na Pali Coast. It was perfect.

  13. When I buy for omiyagi, I get the assortment boxes. But when I buy for myself, I get the round container of teeny, fat, pineapple-shaped chocolate chip shortbread. Can’t eat just one, can’t eat just five. Sooo good (but not so good, if you know what I mean)!

  14. Salamat Po for the info on info about the shortbread cookies. Looks good
    better than Big Island Cookie Factory located in Hilo Industrial Park.
    Next year 2009 when you visit MAUI bring some omiyagi, manapua (Libby’s) , pork hash and other goodies for the family coming from the
    mainland for the party. See ya all in 2009. Aloha salamat po. Everything
    looks great… keep up the good work!!

  15. l was wondering if i can order some of those manju cookies? i live here in the mainland my uncle just sent me an order of the manju cookies, there the BOMB!!!!!

  16. Kim (and Amy), yes Oahu’s Longs locations sells Maui’s Home Maid Manju, as well as Safeway, Foodland and Don Quijote. There currently isn’t anyone selling them online. Keep in mind, these are perishable items, with I believe a 1 week shelf life. Kim, if you’re asking about the Kona coffee bean cookie from Honolulu Cookie Company, those are sold exclusively at their retail outlets or online via their website here:

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