Seedless Watermelon from Aloun Farms

Our local supermarkets have recently been bringing in seedless watermelons from Aloun Farms, who operates in Ewa and Kunia.

What appears to be white seeds are actually empty seed coats that are small, soft and edible. The label does indicate, “May contain occasional seeds”, which covers that base.

Flavor-wise, it taste just like your standard watermelon, sans the inedible black seeds. This particular one we had was also quite sweet.

It’s more round in shape than oblong, and comparably smaller, measuring just 9″ in diameter…

They’re currently on sale for $3.50 each (not per pound), at – of all places – KMart. That’s a deal, compared to Costco, who has them for $8 each.

No, this watermelon wasn’t altered in any way after it was cut. The only seeds visible are those small, soft and edible white ones.

It’s best to eat watermelon when it’s chilled, which is how this one was when we cut it for service…

These seedless watermelons are so much easier to eat and deliciously refreshing on a hot summer day. Perfect thing to have at that beach picnic you’ve got planned for the upcoming Independence Day holiday weekend!

From Wikipedia, here’s some information about seedless watermelon…

Although so-called “seedless” watermelons have far fewer seeds than the seeded varieties, they generally contain at least a few soft, pale seeds. They are the product of crossing a female tetraploid plant (itself the product of genetic manipulation, using colchicine) with diploid pollen. The resulting triploid plant is sterile, but will produce the seedless fruit if pollenized by a diploid plant. For this reason, commercially available seedless watermelon seeds actually contain two varieties of seeds; that of the triploid seedless plant itself (recognizable because the seed is larger), and the diploid plant which is needed to pollenize the triploid. Unless both plant types are grown in the same vicinity, no seedless fruit will result.

There’s the Apple computer logo, and then there’s the Watermelon computer logo!..


3 thoughts on “Seedless Watermelon from Aloun Farms

  1. I love seedless watermelons and that one looks pretty tasty. That reminds me, I have yet to buy one this summer. I better get to the market. :0)

  2. I love them, too. When we have too much leftover watermelon (which doesn’t happen offen), I puree them in the blender and make watermelon popsicles. They’re so naturally sweet you don’t have to add any sugar. And they’re so refreshing. My kids love them.

  3. I didn’t have any Watermelon during the 4th of July weekend! I just realized that now. I love your pics! Aloun farm seedless watermelons = thumbs up!

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