Local 'Kine Fun & Grindz on Hawaiian Grown TV


I recently caught a couple of episodes on OC-16’s (Oceanic Cable) “Hawaiian Grown TV”, and I gotta’ say, host Grant Kawasaki is a riot! He’s also a chef and very knowledgeable about the industry. “Oh nah?!!!!” seems to be his favorite punch line. Kinda’ like how Sam Choy likes to say “Unbelievable” and of course, Emeril’s “Bam!”.

Hawaiian Grown TV is produced by Ikaika Kimura of Local Kine Grindz fame, taking you on a culinary island journey, visiting local farms, retailers, manufacturers and much more. This really is a fun, feel-good show, with very informative content, including detailed cooking demonstrations and excursions to visit the suppliers of the ingredients used in the dishes presented.

Their website includes all? the show’s TV segments, presented at a good resolution and stream rate, so if you don’t have access to Oceanic cable, you can still watch Hawaiian Grown TV online, or subscribe to their video Podcast!

What I’d really like to try is Chef Ernesto Limcaco’s Braised Beef Short Ribs, which uses a restaurant-quality beef broth available exclusively at Y. Hata, who is one of the show’s sponsors. Looks really ono!


Go check ’em now, go.


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