I Need a Vacation

Oh yes. Therefore I’m taking one, and will be “away” for about a week, starting today. During this time I will not be posting anything new here (besides this) or replying to comments, although please, by all means, feel free to comment on whatever’s “Tasty” on your mind!

In the mean time, here’s some photos I recently took around Waikiki and Diamond Head Beach. As always, you can click on most images to view it at full size. Enjoy!

Kalakaua Avenue (Waikiki) Aloha gas station on Saturday, May 31, 2008. The first day for Oahu to break the $4/gallon gas price point. This alone makes me wanna’ take a vacation from this madness! Ack!

Seven Eleven on Kapahulu Avenue on June 1, 2008. Notice Rainbow Drive In and Diamond Head in the background. So take your choice: a gallon of gas, or a mini plate lunch!

Speaking plate lunch, Diner E recently tried this Kim Chee Fried Rice with Mandoo and Teriyaki Beef plate special at Zippy’s…

This was about $8. How did he rate it? 1 SPAM Musubi.

Now we’re back at Diamond Head beach, this past Memorial Day weekend…

A day out with ohana and friends

“Rocky” (NOAA #N11), Diamond Head beach’s resident Hawaiian Monk Seal enjoys a lazy afternoon sun tan and “sandy facial” all at the same time…

You can’t see them, but the sand crabs are giving her a manicure and pedicure. lol

A “superfisherman” and a SuperFerry…

Some beach-side Spider Lilies…

The following flowers were taken at Diamond Head Beach’s “Surfers’ Garden”, located between the two lookouts above. Notice the Diamond head surf (and pacific ocean) in the background of each shot…

In this next photo, notice the couple that can faintly be seen enjoying the ocean view in the background…

With that element, this would be a great photo for the cover a romantic greeting card. I’m not sure what these flowers are called, but they resemble a torch.

I’m also not sure what these next flowers are called, but the leaves resemble cactus, and the flowers themselves, while appearing large in the photo (macro), are actually only about the size of a penny. This ground covering is pretty abundant in the area….

A Laua’e fern…

That’s it. See you folks in about a week. Mahalo and aloha!

~ Pomai


8 thoughts on “I Need a Vacation

  1. Pomai, What incredible pictures! I linked to your blog from mine, which I believe is okay, but I wanted to tell you nevertheless and compliment you on your beautiful photography. Thank you so much, Olivia

  2. Fantastic photos Pomai…and yes! Take that vacation!! When I saw the pic of the gas prices (incidentally the not-so-fantastic one), I thought to myself how will I ever get around in the islands without breaking the bank?

    I hope the fares on the bus haven’t gone up too much.

  3. Hi folks. Glad to be back. And glad ya’ all liked the interim photos. In fact, the thought crossed my mind upon returning home to >Hawaii< (from LV) where to some, this the destination of their vacation.

    Olivia, by all means, you’re more than welcome to link to here.

    Gosh, with all your folks enthusiasm for photos on this blog, I think I need to seriously consider investing in a DSLR and get some REAL shots.

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