McDonald's New Peach Mango Pie

McDonald’s of Hawaii’s new Peach Mango Pie, $1.09 each (or two for $1.49)

Hot on the heels of the Haupia Pie, and preceeding that, the Taro Pie, McDonald’s of Hawaii is at it again – this time offering our market for a limited time an exclusive Peach Mango Pie.

This iteration of their all-time classic Apple Pie has been available since March of this year, yet I only tried it a few days ago (late May) due to someone buying one for me to try it.

Let’s take a closer look…

Close enough? lol

So what’s this “mystery” yellow-colored filling like? Texture-wise, it’s a somewhat loose, gelatinous glob, with very few random chunks of (I think) real peach fruit in it. You can sort of see one of those chunks to the left side of that cross-cut in the photo above. I couldn’t detect any real mango chunks, but here’s the clincher!…

At first bite, my first impression was, “Hey! This taste like a REAL, fresh mango!”, to the likes of the Pirie variety. Then after about the third bite, on down to finishing the entire pie, the palate acclimated the flavors and it then became a taste experience of eating something “peachy-mango-fruity” “something”, all wrapped up in a great tasting, crunch’ety, crisp’ety, deep-fried crust.

I must admit, a spare tire could be filled in that crust and I’d still enjoy it. lol

It’s sweet, but not too sweet, thanks in part to the acidic element the peach offers; the latter mostly playing back-up singer, with the mango taking lead vocals.

I’m guessing the mango fruit used to make it is the imported South American variety, and not some harvest from your aunty’s backyard. lol That bright yellow color surely must be augmented by the addition of food coloring.

Like the Taro Pie and the Haupia Pie, I give much props to “Mickee-Deez” for the effort. But it still hasn’t dethroned the classic Apple Pie – that’s still the best, IMO.

With that, I’ll give this Peach Mango Pie a solid…

The Tasty Island Rating:

(2) Good. I’m glad I tried it. (Ono)

It’s currently available at most McDonald’s of Hawaii locations. I went back and purchased a few more (for someone else to try) at the Aina Haina location, where they were priced at $1.49 for 2, or $1.09 each…

McDonald’s Aina Haina Shopping Center location – the first “Mickee-Deez” in Hawaii!

At that price, there’s not much to lose, and Just like the Haupia and Taro Pies, I’d certainly recommend at least trying this Peach Mango Pie. If not for anything else, for spare change, you get that fabulous deep-fried crust that can even make a spare tire taste fantastic. lol Seriously though, I thought it was pretty good, in a “Pirie Mango/Peach/some-kind-of-fruity” kinda’ way.

As a visual refresher, here again is (was) the McDonald’s of Hawaii Haupia Pie…

and the Taro Pie…

Lastly, some common mangoes, the first of this 2008 summer season, from a coworker’s tree…

Common Mangoes from Ewa Beach

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18 thoughts on “McDonald's New Peach Mango Pie

  1. …but it just looks so….yellow. That haupia pie looks much much better. Like those old fried pies you could get at the Valley Drive-in. Hmmm, coconut.

  2. ho wow! how long more do you think they’ll have it? i’ll be home in two more weeks yet. i really wanna try it!

  3. Howzit Chicago,

    If you look at the start-end date on the bottom of the sign, it says it’s effective March 17 to May 19, 2008. But I purchased a few this past Friday, May 30th, so it looks like they’re carrying it over. Perhaps while supplies last.

    Next time I stop by a McDonald’s here, I’ll ask a manager if they know how long more it will be available.

  4. Danny, for real? I don’t remember seeing any signs or advertising for a Banana Pie. Was that the Hawaii market?

    I wonder if they’ll try other exotic fruits, like Lychee… or Papaya!

  5. Pomai:

    It was the mcdonalds at fort street mall near downtown HPU. i’m not sure if other mcdonalds had it, but i’d assume it was regional. i remember seeing some poster’s outside the mcdonalds advertising it, so i had to try it!!

  6. We had the Banana Pie on Oahu during the holidays, too. I think we got them at the Waikiki (Kalakaua Ave.) one and at least one other McD’s. I thought they were okay but my husband and son went nuts over them. Even now my husband talks about those pies.

  7. I saw them all over and finally tried one at the Wailuku, Maui McDonald’s. I really liked it! Yeah, it was a bit too yellow but who cares, if I’m eating deep fried then I just throw caution out the window already! haha. I really liked the haupia pie too but I’m sad I never tried the taro pie that everyone I know raved about. Sigh…maybe next time I go home taro pie might be back…

  8. Rick, but keep in mind, Jollibee is answering to McDonald’s Apple Pie, so you really can’t say Jollibee stole the idea. It just might be the other way around. Especially if Jollibee’s pie uses the same type of deep-fried crust.

    Jenny, I’d think the tourists here would probably have more “novelty” in things like this vs. the locals who sometimes feel it’s “gimicky”. Personally, like I said in my write-up, I think all their efforts are noble and at least they’re trying!

    Hi Michelle, so you’re a Wailuku gal, huh? “Wassap” to the Maui peepz!

  9. the thing i like most of macdonalds hawai’i pies is the fried crust. here on the mainland (at least in cali) they use a cinammon non fried bake crust (like the type you would find in a regular pan pie), which is really dissapointing when in comparison. damn all these health and weight conscious people in LA!!!

  10. I LIKE BOTH (mango and taro pies)!! Equally ono!!

    btw, can I have some of your co-worker’s mangoes? LOOK GOOD!!!!! Are they Hayden mango?? Oh MY, Hayden mango is super duper tasty, sooo sweet!

  11. Hey Pomai, sorry to disappoint but I’m not a Wailuku gal, I’m an Oahu gal (McCully-Moilili now live in Australia) but was in Maui for two days! In fact, I was trying to find that bakery that does the crispy manju and ended up stopping at McDonald’s for an iced coffee and that’s when I tried the pie.

    By the way, I love your spam musubi rating system – so cute and creative!!

    Danny, I feel you! I remember being so irritated when they got rid of the fried pie crust on the mainland (they never got rid of it overseas). I cracked up in the beginning because seriously, if you want to eat healthy, don’t go to McDonald’s…the reason for going there is because I want to indulge in the fat! haha…

    I really miss the CHERRY PIES that McDonald’s used to have when I was a kid. Do they still do pumpkin around the holidays? (I wouldn’t know because all we have is apple here in OZ).

  12. MIchelle. i feel ya! mcdonalds in australia is great! (i was born there and lived there for 10 years. i still go back there to visit friends and fam every few years). every time i head back, i have to have macker’s pies with its fried crust. i still have midnight cravings for kfc’s extreme pack, donna kebabs, meat pies. Lucky you!

    Maybe you should start making a blog of australian food! i’ll be sure to visit that site.

  13. Hey Danny! I do have a blog (you can click on my name) but I write about food in general and haven’t written solely on Aussie food yet. It all depends on what I have done recently. As far as McDonald’s in Australia, I think there is more variety here but it is definitely more expensive.

    Meat pies are great here but you really have to get the good old-fashioned bakery kind. We in South Australia have “pie floaters” – meat pie that is swimming in a bowl of pea soup topped with ketchup! Looks like someone got sick on a plate but it is awesome after drinking late night.

  14. Hey Michelle, thanks for pointing that out. So, is there any interesting items specific to the Aussie market at the McDonald’s down under? Like a Kangaroo or Kaola Bear Burger perhaps? lol Just kidding!

    Now that you mention McD’s Cherry Pie, I forgot about that. I never cared for them though, as that tart bite never appealed to me as a kid. Perhaps now I’d like them more.

    Danny, now that you mention meat pies, there’s a place in New York that features Australian meat pies called Down Under Bakery. I learned about that place from the Food Network’s show “Unwrapped”.

    Here’s their website:

    g0dd3ss_b4l1, I thought my coworker’s mangoes were a Pirie/Common hybrid, but come to find out they are indeed Hayden. Now that it’s June, the mango trees here in the islands are beginning to flourish with fully-grown, ready-to-pick fruit. Mom’s Shibata tree is already dropping quite a few on the ground due to wind. Many are bruised and lost that way. Such is nature.

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