Grindz of the Day: K's Bento & Zippy's Teriyaki Meatloaf

K’s Bento, $6 (fundraiser price)

Today our office made a bulk order of this bento from K’s Bento-Ya for a fundraiser held by a coworker’s friend. We paid $6 for it, but I think if you go there and get the same thing, it’s probably around $5.

There’s three generous pieces of Teriyaki fried chicken. The batter itself was excellent, almost tasting like Karaage chicken in style (due to the sweetness), but the boneless chicken underneath it was a bit overcooked and tough.

The hash patty was mostly mash-like potato, with very little corned beef in it. It was no better or worse than St. Louis Okazuya, yet either way, I’m still glad it was there for added variety.

The hot dog was just OK. At first bite, I thought it was a Vienna sausage due to the shape and texture, but after a few bites, it tasted, well, like a really cheap hot dog. lol

I really liked that egg-looking thing, which actually is made out of Tofu, with pieces of Kamaboko (fish cake) mixed in it. It had an almost custard-like texture, which indicates that it’s steam-cooked.

The two musubi were also just OK, and a gripe could be made for the lack of an Ume in the Nori Musubi. Gotta’ have da’ Ume, Aunty! As for the Maki Sushi, I’ve never been into this type, but the one here from from K’s was really good.. one of the best I’ve ever had of this genre.

Regardless of any of those shortcomings, I’d certainly welcome this Bento from K’s with open hands, chopsticks and mouth, if it were waiting for me on my beach towel after a long swim in the ocean. This type of bento tastes just as good at room temperature as it does piping hot, making it the perfect thing to pack for the beach!

Overall, we all gave it a unanimous 2 SPAM Musubi.

Bus’ em out, cuz!

K’s Bento-Ya
94-164 Awalau st. (Waipahu)

Tasty Island Rating:

(2) Good. I’m glad I tried it. (Ono)

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Recently, by highest recommendation from Diner “A”, I tried Zippy’s latest promotion at their take-out counter, the Teriyaki Meatloaf plate…

Zippy’s Teriyaki Meatloaf plate, $5.25

Wow. $5.25 for all that? Are you sure this is from Zippy’s? This dispels their “Jippo’s” nickname we normally give them. lol

Hey, this is ono!

The meatloaf itself has that classic sort of spongee “mystery meat” thing goin’ on, yet very “beefy”, and Zippy’s, a place I must say have perfected the art of brown and teriyaki gravy, does this meatloaf proud with the latter, drizzled generously over the star attraction, which is also smothered with sauteed white onions and green onion for garnish.

The savory-sweet Teriyaki gravy is a fantastic enhancement, and it takes the meatloaf in a whole nother direction, compared to the standard brown gravy, or ketchup, or whatever else you put on yours.

I wonder how Shiitake mushrooms would along with those sauteed onions on top? Hmmm.

Anyhow, this Teriyaki Meatloaf is a winner. Good job, Jippo’s, err, I mean, Zippy’s!


Teriyaki Meatloaf plate, $5.25 (take-out)
The Tasty Island rating:

(3) Very Good. Considerable of another visit or purchase. (Supah’ Ono!)


6 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: K's Bento & Zippy's Teriyaki Meatloaf

  1. The teriyaki meatloaf does look really, really ono and inexpensive! My kind of meal! Special for only a while? I agree with your thoughts on gravy! But still it’s still Jippy’s to me generally.

  2. He comes to our office at around 09:00. The large size somen salad is a big favorite among my co-workers, as is the veggie tempura and the chicken karaage. My personal favorite is the green beans with chicken and the mabo tofu bento. I saw some items that were unfamiliar to me (maybe I’m just not fast enough for my co-workers who stampede down there when he shows up) so I’m going to go down first next time.

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