Grindz of the Day: Huge Hamburger Steak Plate

Brandi’s Lunch Wagon – Hamburger Steak Plate (click on image to enlarge)

Here’s another filler post, digging deep into the archives of the past.

Actually, “filling” may be an understatement! Because of the outrageous size of the two burger patties on this Hamburger Steak plate lunch, we nicknamed this lunch wagon properly known as Brandi’s, “Hockey Pucks”.

Just look at the scale of those gravy-smothered ground beef delights in comparison to those standard-sized scoops of rice. Outrageous! And they were thick like hockey pucks as well. Both of ’em. How about adding a fried egg or two on it? Then we’d have to name it the “Godzilloco Moco”. Or, “The Angioplasty Plate”.

You’re probably going to either say “That’s so wrong”, or “Bring it on!”

Going back in memory, I remember all their plates practically required two hands to carry, which easily had to have weighed in over a pound each. Choke, CHOKE grindz. IIRC, they were also good enough in flavor that we returned for an encore or two. So gladly they didn’t get smacked across the ice (or sand on the beach in this case) like a hockey puck.

Brandi’s Lunch Wagon used to be located on an access road behind Office Max in Kaka’ako. This was perhaps approximately 8 years ago. If you know of this lunch wagon, leave a comment on their whereabouts, either past or present.

Imagine the impending “Kanakattack” after “pounding” this poundage of a Hamburger Steak plate. ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ


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