Concessions Surf and Snacks at Ala Moana Beach

Concessions Surf and Snacks – Chili Rice Bowl, $3.25

The popular surf spot off Ala Moana beach known as “Concessions” is called that for the simply obvious reason that it’s lined up straight off the concession stand on the Ewa end of the park. So how about the concession stand itself? What get for grind?

Well, upon Diner “E”‘s suggestion, we decided to check it out!

There are actually two concession stands at Ala Moana Beach. The one we visited today located on the Ewa end of the park is named Concessions Surf and Snacks…

Concessions Surf and Snacks @ Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Hawaii

The menu selection is actually quite impressive. One would expect an operation located at a beach park kept more simple, but this place has a quite a variety to offer. Take a look for yourself at a snapshot of the menu board here…

Click on image to view the entire menu

The plate lunch prices are right on par with those found anywhere else around town, which is pretty good considering the convenience for park and beach goers. The add-ons like side orders, snacks and drinks can run up the bill a bit, but isn’t that the case at most concession stands?

Diner “A” chose the Chicken Katsu regular plate…

Concessions Surf and Snacks – Chicken Katsu (Cutlet) plate, $6.50

Wow, that’s a Katsu-fest! Obviously portions are generous, as this plate could easily feed two light-eating adults. Which it did. Diner “A” could only eat about two-thirds of it before throwing in the towel. I happily obliged to help him finish the rest! And I ‘m happy to report this katsu was cooked perfectly. The panko crust was light, delicate, with just enough crisp to it, while the chicken was well cooked, yet still moist and tender, just the way it should be. The sauce was your typical local style adaptation of Ketchup, Worcestershire and sugar. While this ain’t no Bull Dog, the sauce provided here works. The lady working the place was also kind enough to give him a second container of sauce, as it surely needed it in order to accompany all that katsu for dippin’.

The mac salad was just so-so. The rice was also a bit soggy, but it worked. Taking all that into consideration, Diner “A” gives this Chicken Katsu plate a solid 3 Spam Musubi.

Diner “E” chose the Hamburger Steak and Teriyaki Beef mixed plate…

Concessions Surf and Snacks – Hamburger Steak & Teri’ Beef Mixed Plate, $7.50

The grade? Diner “E” gives this a solid 4 Spam Musubi. He notes the gravy was excellent in every way. Deep, rich and meaty. The single, house-made burger had a nice char grilled flavor, and so did the Teriyaki beef, which he also notes was tender. He only wished the Teri’ beef had been marinaded more, or at least had a bit more sauce on it. Otherwise very good. There were visible grill markings on the underside, which indicates they got some flame grillin’ goin’ on that kitchen. Nice! While he still thinks Meg’s is slightly better, this is a formidable contender.

I wanted something a bit smaller, so I went with the Chili Rice Bowl…

Concessions Surf and Snacks – Chili Rice Bowl, $3.25

I was hoping this would be some “sleeper” place for the stuff that would amaze and “Chilify” me, but it ended up a bit disappointing. It tasted like an underseasoned version of the packaged “McCormick’s just add ground beef, beans, tomato sauce and water” stuff. It definitely needed more salt, which was available at the front window. At least it filled me up and didn’t break the bank at just $3.25. Of course, anything would taste awesome after a day out surfing or swimming, even this.

Concessions Surf and Snacks – Service Window

What must be pointed out is that on this visit, the poor gal working there was the ONLY person working there. She took the orders and did the cooking, and confessed this was the first time she ever had to do cooking duty, as the regular cook was out due to what else? A surfing injury! How convenient! lol

Well, considering this was a solo operation here, she did a “SPAM-tastic” job preparing those two plate lunches. Of course I wouldn’t order the Chili again, but I’d certainly return to try other plate lunch items, or perhaps one of the burgers.

On the Diamond Head end of Ala Moana Beach park is Surf and Snack Diamond Head…

Surf and Snack Diamond Head concession stand at Ala Moana Beach Park (near Magic Island)

Here’s a snap shot of their menu…

Click on image to view the entire menu

As you see, they have even more to offer at similar prices. According the the gal working at Concessions Surf and Snacks on the Ewa end, the two used to have the same owner, but now they’re independently operated. Regarldess of that, their menus remain quite similar.

So surf, den’ go grind at Concessions at Ala Moana Beach Park!

Concessions Surf and Snacks
Ala Moana Beach Park – Ewa side (near the Tennis Courts)
Hours: 11am to 4pm Monday-Friday
10am to ? Saturday & Sunday

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The Tasty Island Rating:

(3) Very Good. Considerable of another visit or purchase. (Supah’ Ono!)


16 thoughts on “Concessions Surf and Snacks at Ala Moana Beach

  1. Wow that’s a lot of food and not a bad price but I think it’s a bit too heavy for a day at the beach. When I go to the beach I prefer eating on the lighter side like sandwiches and salad.

  2. Didn’t realize this place served such ono looking food. I gotta try ’em the next time we’re at the park. Awesome blog and great reviews on places to eat around town. Keep up the great work.

  3. My ex coworker owns the concession stand at Ala Moana beach. We used to order lunch from him at work every Sunday.

    The breakfast plate, spicy chicken, and katsu curry are all pretty good 😛

  4. Eh, moah bettah you try post da hours of operation if you can. I sure would like to know when they are open for business cuz now I really hungry…

  5. I would love to try as well but I have found that at least the Ewa end stand seems to be closed whenever I have been there. If anyone one knows the hours of the Ewa end stand please post. Thanks.

  6. I added the hours of operation. It’s at the bottom of the story. Note, if you click on the image of the menu, it expands to show the entire menu, which also includes their hours of operation.

    Mahalo everyone for dropping by!

  7. I don’t understand the pricing of ‘mini’ plates nowdays… you would think that it would be priced 40-50% below the ‘regular’ plate. If its just a $1 less whats the point? might as well spend the dollar extra and get all that extra grub for later munching.

  8. a must go… definitely one of the best local food places… perfect place to grab something on the way home from a weekend morning in the water… miso chicken is amazing… double teri burger with some fries if you need to replace some calories… covered tables on the side are nice and cool on a sunny day.. grab an icee relax and recover from a crazy weekend night…

  9. Garret, I hear you on the “mini” prices. At the same time, that very fact also makes it an obviously wise choice to order the mini and get just almost (as in enough) food and save a buck at the same time!

    Makin it and John, glad to see more recommendations from you guys. I knew this was one of those hidden gems, located in a not-so-hidden place! I’ll be sure to try some of those suggestions on a future visit.

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