Meadow Gold Tropical Fruit Yogurts

Meadow Gold Low Fat Yogurt: Papaya, Pineapple, Lychee & Haupia, 66 cents each, sale price

I’m not sure if these are new flavors from Meadow Gold, but they sure stood out on the shelf at Marukai this past week as I passed by. Perhaps just colorful new labeling? Dunno. Meadow Gold Hawaii’s ( website lists the entire line-up, but it says nothing about it being new. This must be a product line exclusive to Hawaii, because Meadow Gold’s national website doesn’t include it.

Well, except for the Pineapple, these other flavors are all new to me, so I decided to pick up a few and give them a try.

Of course what sold me was the fact that real fruit is used – no candy-like, artificial flavoring stuff here.

Let’s take a look at how it appears when you first open it…

Meadow Gold Papaya Lowfat Yogurt, 66 cents each, sale price.

As the label says “fruit on bottom”, so you must stir it well to incorporate with the plain, sweetened yogurt on top.

So here I’ve dug up some of the pureed Papaya fruit on the bottom…

And here, I’ve thoroughly mixed the papaya puree into the yogurt…

So how is it? The consistency is a bit thin, which I’m not sure if it’s because where I had them in my refrigerator (top shelf), or if that’s just how it is. Almost “soupy”. This would probably work great as the liquid component in making a smoothie.

As for the fruit, It seems the Papaya is pureed into a cornstarch-based sauce. There’s very small, sparse chunks of actual fruit that is somewhat convincing, but it’s still more sauce-like. In fact, they could probably market that alone as a condiment for ice cream and other desserts. Hey, good idea!

The first few bites tastes somewhat like you’re eating genuine Papaya-flavored yogurt, but after your palate acclimates to it, it tastes more like “some kinda’ fruit”, sweetened yogurt. Speaking of which, the balance of sweet-to-acidic/tart strikes a good balance. I’m pretty sure kids would have no qualms eating this without protest.

Here’s the Haupia flavor, thoroughly mixed…

This Haupia flavor is somethin’ good. Yum. Because of the yogurt’s gelatinous texture, it has a strong resemblance to the actual Haupia dessert. The only difference of course is that tang accent. There aren’t any chunks of coconut, but more like thickened tiny globs of a coconut-flavored “something”. As the ingredients indicate, there’s COCONUT MILK in it. Not COCONUT. I’d say of all four in this taste test, this Haupia is my favorite.

Next up we have the fully mixed Lychee flavor…

As you can see, there’s a nice chunk of Lychee meat on the spoon. Unfortunately, overall it didn’t scream “LYCHEE” in taste. Perhaps this is because they also put Pineapple and pear juice in it, which seems to have complicated the flavor. Too bad. I love lychee, but this one didn’t convince me enough. Next.

Finally we have Pineapple..

Of course, Pineapple is a bold flavor, and this one shouted loud and proud “I’M PINEAPPLE YOGURT!” lol Very good.

Now you did see I had a coconut-based Haupia flavor above, right? And you know what Coconut + Pineapple =’s, right? PINA COLADA!

Yes Dr. FrankenYogurtStein has combined half a container of the Pineapple with half a container of the Haupia and whipped up a PINA COLADA YOGURT! How does this custom-flavored concoction taste? Awesome! Shoots, I just might add a jigger of rum in there! lol

Here are all the flavors available from Meadow Gold Hawaii’s lowfat yogurt product line: Plain, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Blueberry, Pineapple, Passion Orange, Mango, Papaya, Lychee, Haupia, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Kiwi, Vanilla, Green Apple, Watermelon and Guava.

If you see them in the market, give a few flavors a try. Now it’s off to let Meadow Gold in on this Pina Colada idea!

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12 thoughts on “Meadow Gold Tropical Fruit Yogurts

  1. I think these flavors are a few years old already. I remember they were promoted at one of the baby expos at the Blaisdell and the “baby” we were there for is going to be three years old soon. I really like the Pina Colada idea though, perhaps I should pick some up next time we go shopping (along with a bottle of rum).

  2. Yeah, they have been around for a little while — I first saw them maybe two years ago. I generally like plain yogurt, because the fruit ones are too sweet, but I really like the haupia and get a couple to keep in the hotel fridge for breakfast.

    A long, looong time ago Meadow Gold used to be available in the SF Bay Area, so I also get a nostalgia hit from the label (kind of like when I see Foremost Blue Seal ice cream in Okinawa).

  3. Funny, I never really noticed these before either – but they also really stood out to me last week at Foodland. I picked up a guava flavor to try out with a baking recipe. But after your review on the haupia flavor, I think I should go back and pick that one up too!

  4. I wish they had Meadow Gold in New Jersey. I would clear out their entire stock of Haupia flavor ice cream. Definitely gotta try this out next time I get back.

  5. I got a reply from the RD department at Meadow Gold, and they loved the Pina Colada idea, saying they may utilize it in future store demos. Cool! So if you see a “Pina Colada” or “Pineapple Haupia” flavored Meadow Gold yogurt on the store shelf in the future, remember where you seen first!

    Bakopi5, you’d probably like Roselani’s Haupia Ice Cream. That’s also my favorite flavor in their product line.

    DDL and Asian Random, not sure if you’ll really like the Lychee flavor. At least the one I had, it wasn’t that authentic or distinctive. They need to work on that one.

    Debbie and Fran, thanks for the info. I forgot to ask MG when this line came out. Now I know. Lori, you must have had the same impression when you noticed it in Foodland. Must admit, I’m a sucker for fancy packaging. Ha!

  6. They get an A+ for flavors, but an F- for using High Fructose Corn Syrup!

    There has been a lot of study about how this highly processed sugar is linked to obesity.

    Outside of the US they use cane sugar for sweeteners which Hawai’i grows or can grow more of.

  7. I don’t know about the overall quality control at Meadowgold here in the Islands. Sometimes the fruit yougurts are perfect and nice and firm so that you can stir the fruit up from the bottom just like a ice cream sundae. Most of the time though recentally they have been foamy and runny and not appealing at all. In the past few months I have even had tropical fruit yougurts that had no fruit in them!!! Just like nobody is watching the fruit levels in the dispensers that add the fruits to the container before the yogurt is added. I had very serious digestive tract surgery 5 times about 10 years ago and have mostly lived on yougurt to keep my diet up since then. I don’t care for artifically flavored yogurt such as Boston Cream Pie flavor so I stick with Meadowgold. I eat from 6-9 carton servings each day and have been doing so for the past 10 years. Recently I have noticed a huge downturn in Meadowgold Yogurt here in Hawaii as far as quality goes, I throw as much in the rubbish as I now eat because of poor quality. I really hope they get their act together because I enjoyed their yogurt so much in the past.

  8. Randy, I know exactly what you’re talking about, as I’ve come across a few Meadow Gold fruit-flavored Yogurts where the yogurt itself was too runny, and the “fruit” was just fruit flavored sugar-based syrup, with no solid pieces of actual fruit in it.

    B-T-W, I fixed the broken picture links. You can see the images in this post now.

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