Grindz of the Day: Reuben & Mahimahi

Matters of Taste – “The Reuben”: Corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, &1000 island dressing on toasted rye bread, $7.75

This is the first of what will become many more installments titled “Grindz of the Day”. A random brief of simply what myself and/or those around me have enjoyed eating for the day, with, or without going into details about the establishment or preparation method at hand. The creed being “Have Food. Have Camera. Have Keyboard. Will Blog It.”

Pictured above is “The Reuben” that Diner “E” sampled yesterday from Matters of Taste in Gentry Pacific Design Center on Nimitz highway, located just inside the main entrance. While he enjoyed it, he felt the price was a bit steep and stands by Kenny’s as having the best Reuben yet.

Lately for me, Friday’s have been all about fish, so I went with the Mahimahi plate from Zippy’s…

Zippy’s – Mahimahi plate (fries instead of rice), $7.00

Notice how I substituted fries instead of rice, which you can do by request at no extra charge. I do this to convert it from a plate lunch into a unique version of Fish ‘N Chips. Cool, huh?

It was very moist, tender and flavorful. Only thing I didn’t care for was that the panko crust was too crunchy and thick, which kinda’ defeated the delicate texture of the Mahi’.

It includes two packets of Kraft brand Tartar sauce, which is inferior to house-made sauce, but it works.. Actually, I’d much rather have Cocktail sauce, with that tomato-based Horseradish kick.

I’m also not a fan of shoe-string fries like those Zippy’s serves, but at least they’re cooked and seasoned perfectly and not overdone, which many places often do with this kind of cut.

Lastly, I opted for the tossed greens instead of Mac’ to offset the all that deep-fried goodness and keep the health factor in check. At least psychologically it feels so.


8 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: Reuben & Mahimahi

  1. That Reuben looks toasted rather than grilled. What’s up with that? They do it at A Taste of New York Deli in Kaimuki too. It’s just not a Reuben unless it’s buttered up and put on the flat top grill.

    I’m going to have to try that Mahi, I love crunchy.

  2. I have become utterly addicted to your blog. I now blame you for all my midnight cravings, morning tummy rumblings, and afternoon longings. You are not helping with my campus dining experience, and I love you for it. 🙂

  3. Robyn, Diner “E” feels Kenny’s corned beef taste more like the fresh stuff vs. the one at Matters of Taste tasted like it was packaged.

    Scott, you probably have a point to about the bread not being buttered and grilled. Sounds like that would add a huge extra burst of flavor.

    I must say, Matters of Taste has a fantastic Char Grilled Burger, and up there with the best on the island. They also make a great French Dip Sandwich.

    TB, thanks for the compliments, in an almost sinful kind of way. lol I’ll have to head over to your “Campus Eats” blog and see what kinds of food you’ve got for thought.

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