Forget Sizzlin', These Steaks are Blazin'!

Tender slices of beef sirloin, flame-grilled to perfection

Most of us Oahu folks are already familiar with those “$6 steak plate” operations popping up all over the island. You’ll often find them at vendor carts or parking lot grill-outs fronting the neighborhood supermarkets.

Well, the “steaks” have now been raised up a notch in the form of what we have here as Blazin’ Steaks restaurant. Yes, a restaurant. Or should we call it a “Steakhouse”?

Blazin’ Steaks is located on the mauka side of N. King st., across the Kalihi post office, next to the new Honolulu Ford dealership. It’s in what was originally a Pizza Hut restaurant (obvious by the architecture), then superceded by several Filipino restaurants, among other tenants.

Blazin’ Steaks, located at 1314 N. King St., across the Kalihi post office

But don’t walk in expecting to compare them to the likes of Hy’s, Ruths Chris or Morton’s. You won’t find “high maka maka” white table cloths or tableside Caesar salad preparations here. At its core, this is really a take-out operation that just happens to have a nicely appointed dining room with cool air conditioning to sit down and enjoy your meal.

There’s also no wait staff. You simply walk in, order at the front counter, wait for your food, then grab a seat and enjoy, or take it to go.

Here’s the front counter…

The kitchen is in back and out of sight.

The decor is elegantly simple and contemporary, very clean, and even includes a large flat screen TV…

Blazin’ Steaks’ dining room

I’m guessin’ Richard put that TV in not only to entertain his guests, but also so he doesn’t have to call in sick on the day of the Sugarbowl and Superbowl. Ha ha! busted! I tell you, das’ one smart buggah! lol

The menu is simple and streamlined, with everything on it (excluding the 10 oz. steak) running an easy-to-breath (and still have mula for Christmas shopping) $6 bucks!…

Blazin’ Steaks menu board

The steaks are simply seasoned with salt and pepper and flame-grilled to order, which you’re asked how you want it done: rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, or well done. There’s also grilled chicken with a variety of sauces to choose, and catch-of-the-day grilled fish. Everything grilled. Love that! It doesn’t mention a combo’ plate, but you can order that for just a bit more, as you’ll see.

My friend and coworker diner “E” took us here not only to try for the first time, but also as a Christmas present “treat”. Big mahalo braddah “E”!

Time to hit it. I ordered the standard $6 steak plate, which includes 2 scoops rice, green salad and medium drink. Medium-rare steak and ranch dessing on the salad…

8 oz. steak plate (medium-rare) with rice and green salad (Ranch dressing) with drink, $6.00.

Diner “A” ordered also ordered the $6 plate, his opting for medium-well doneness (you’re killing it!) and Thousand Island dressing…

8 oz. steak plate (medium-well) with rice and green salad (Thousand Islands dressing) with drink, $6.00.

Diner “E” ordered a steak and chicken combo plate, which costed just a $1 more…

Steak (medium-rare) and Chicken (Korean BBQ) combo plate with rice and green salad (Italian dressing) with drink, $7.00.

Regardless of chicken, swoon over and witness the steak.. the steak! Back to it, he ordered his chicken in the style of Korean BBQ, which involves the application of a sweetened shoyu and sesame-flavored sauce. He commented that the chicken was tender and moist with nice char-grill markings adding punch, and overall, “oishii desu”! Hoo ha! With the combo, you get half the quantity of each, meaning 4 oz. of steak and half the amount of a regular chicken plate.

All our plates were made to order, which took all about a leisurely 8 or so minutes for pick-up, so when they arrived at the front counter, they were piping hot. What’s helpful not only to the cooks in back, but also to the patron, is that they clearly mark the top of each clamshell plate what is what…

As you see, the top left says the item: (left to right) mr=medium-rare, kc=Korean chicken, mix; 8 oz. steak; 8 oz. steak. And the top right indicates the dressing: (left to right) Italian, Ranch & Thousand Islands. So surely our order can’t be messed up. And it wasn’t.

Also take note of the black color of the plate, providing that much more elegance and presentation value…

In fact, all three of us savored every tender slice of the steak (and diner “E” the chicken). The beef sirloin cut is simply seasoned with just salt and pepper. That’s all we could taste, and it’s perfect that way. Not like Teriyaki meat or Cajun this or that, but STEAK in all its beefy, meaty glory. And they slice it thin, which not only makes it look like more, but makes it easier to chew.

In the top photo macro shot of my plate, you can see how perfectly it was cooked to medium-rare, with a char on the outside, and slightly pink inside. And so, so tender. Just perfect.

And they got all our requested levels of steak doneness correct. High-five to the grill mastah’!

The only thing we noticed was that the rice had too much water, making it soggy. But no biggy. At least it was piping hot, like they just finished cooking it. Perhaps that’s why. It didn’t have time to steam out.

The salad is simply shreds of Iceberg lettuce, with your choice Ranch, Italian or Thousand Islands. While that alone isn’t going to win any awards, it does its job well: to compliment and complete the meal.

Keeping with the streamlined, cost-cutting approach, there’s only one condiment station at a table in front. That includes A-1 steak sauce (my favorite!), Korean BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Thai Sweet & Sour sauce, Worcestershire sauce, shoyu, tobasco, salt & pepper. Eh brah, where da’ chili pepper water? Nah, joke. Da’ A-1 nuff!

I met Richard, the owner and man at the helm. Nice guy. He said he’ll be opening another location in Windward City Shopping Center and also in Kapolei. Smart buggah. He said Blazin’ Steaks is a franchise, so if you see another “Blazin’ Steaks” other than the locations mentioned above, those have different owners.

When we arrived, there were only folks ordering plates to take out, but there were also TONS of orders coming in by phone, as was evident while we waited for our order. Within a few minutes at least 20 plates stacked in plastic bags were brought out atop the counter awaiting their hungry owners to pick them up. By the time we left around noon, the place began to fill up.

At a time when plate lunches are breaking the magic $5 price point, it’s refreshing to know for just a buck more you can have this carnivore’s dream plate. As you chow away at every tender morsel, the bargain-basement price, along with the rather nicely-appointed restaurant interior makes you wonder how you’d ever again want to fork-over easily 3 to 10 times the price at some “fancy-shmancy” joint for essentially the same thing.

$6 steak plates is great, further sweetening the deal with a nice, clean place to sit down with family and friends to enjoy it. By all means stop by Blazin’ Steaks in Kalihi, where it’s not just sizzlin’, but totally blazin’ and highly recommended!!!

Blazin’ Steaks
1314 N. King St.
(next to Honolulu Ford)
Phone orders welcome

More on this: Staking out some great steaks (Honolulu Star Bulletin)

*Date and time of visit: 12.27.07 @ 11:30am.

The Tasty Island Rating:

(3) Very Good. Considerable of another visit or purchase. (Supah’ Ono!)


16 thoughts on “Forget Sizzlin', These Steaks are Blazin'!

  1. Well worth da money!
    Would go back again soon.
    I think I’m going to blaze a few myself this weekend.
    I’ll hold the Montreal this time and use just salt n’peppa.

  2. This the hub of all the steak kiosks around town, so cheap you have to try it. I tried the Thai Peanut Chicken…very interesting, probably wouldn’t order it again, sauce is like a spicy peanut butter. Just stick to what their known for…STEAK!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Blazin Steaks!!!!. One of the best meals you can get for so cheap. $10 for16 oz of delicious steak??! y go anywhere else? Let’s just say I’ve been to Ruth Chris and ad an ok steak for about 10 times more money.. I’m officially addicted. Can never get enough. haven’t tried the chicken or fish yet but I’m sure they’re good too.

  4. Just how I like to eat. Good tasting for the right price. Nothing fancy something different to what Im use to. But delivered right. Really, Ive dined in Outback, Roy’s, Buzzs even the Cattle Company which is my all time fave. But really the steaks here is just as good. Tender juicey and tasty. Why pay a rediculous 39.99 for something I can get for 6 bux with the drink ? Its a no brainer. I waited 8 minutes tops and bang it was served. Left feeling content unlike other resturants that leave you yerning for more meat to drown with A-1. I like this simple diner. And will be returning soon. You have four stars from me …

  5. Place is kinda hidden on Koa st, just follow the good smells from the meat being grilled. You won’t find a steak dinner for this price anywhere else in Waikiki. It’s only a block away from King’s Alley. Steak is tender and juicy, what more could you ask for?

  6. Gary Wong, I know exactly which Blazin’ Steaks you’re talking about. They at the bottom of that gaudy Mexican Restaurant above them, kitty-corner to the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

  7. A lot of people like them for what they are: a great value. Take a Big Mac, an extra bun, FF, and coke–or, you could take in some good, filling tri-tip grinds/ flavorful beef, two-scoop, and a little doled out Dole Lettuce. It works for what it is, and I’m impressed with the hard-charging entrepreneur who created the concept, who is making it work financially–and who makes it work for his loyal customers. He’s growing his business. Gotta love it. He’s the Baskin-Robbins of the Steak Plate Lunch. Very admirable, and impressive.

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