Persimmons from Kula

Tis’ the season for folks giving us fruits. From the Longan, or Loon Ngan “Dragon Eye” fruit in my last post, to two boxes of Persimmons from Kula, Maui!…

My girlfriend’s mother on Maui sent these to us, which she picked from her friend’s trees in her yard up in Kula. The elevation there is high, which I apparently is an ideal climate for this fruit.

I’d say the flavor and texture is like a cross between a cantaloupe, a pear and an apple, with a firm flesh and thin skin. They say you’re supposed to peel it, but ahh.. too much hassle. I just whack da’ buggah, skin and all. lol They’re pretty sweet, without much acidity.



3 thoughts on “Persimmons from Kula

  1. Ho da ono!! Eh, I get some great recipes using persimmons. Persimmon cookies, persimmon pudding, persimmon bread. Lidat. The pudding recipe is from dh’s mama-san. You probably have plenny already but just thought I’d let you know.

  2. I used to eat lychee, ’cause my grandma has a tree in her front yard. But then–moving, right? Dragon eyes are pretty close, and both are some serious money. Talk about EXPENSIVE.

    There are boxes of persimmons on the counter at the asian store, (good store, btw) maybe I should pick one up. 🙂

  3. My parents have a fuyu tree, so we always have tons. Fuyu makes a good substitute for apples, like in apple crisp or crumble.

    There’s also a place in the San Francisco Ferry Building (it’s the US offshoot of RF1 Sozai from Japan) that has a persimmon and arugula salad in a tofu dressing that’s really good. Not a pairing I would have thought of, but it works!

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