Hana Hou!

Hana hou means to repeat, do again or encore in Hawaiian. It’s often used at live music concerts as crowds repeatedly cheer on the band “Hana Hou!” to request an encore song set.

In the case here, I’ve added “Hana Hou” to the category list. This will be used to identify posts that have been modified with added photos due to return visits, or updated information, such as if the establishment has moved, closed, etc..

I recently returned to Makino Chaya at Aloha Tower Marketplace and have quite a few additional photos added to that set. You can check them out here.

Also added are a photo of some Kiawe wood logs at the Kalua Pig BBQ grill entry here.

Photos and commentary were also added to the Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Waikiki entry here.

Finally for today, several more photos have been added to the Char Hung Sut entry here.


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